Piwis tester 2 VCI selfcheck not work, hard disk data lost?

Piwis tester 2 (power-on password is porsche2018) including ALLSCANNER VCX-PLUG users, attention please: If you got VCI selfcheck error or hard disk data lost? Please do take my tips as follows:

Tip 1, actually Piwis tester 2 selfcheck function is not working, do not click [Settings] – [VCI Configuration], otherwise you will get error.

Tip 2, Piwis hard disk is not compatible with other computer, but only CF30 packed with Piwis tester 2.Do not take outthe hard disk from the CF30 laptop and install it on other computers, otherwise the data maybe get lost and hard to recover.


obd2tool engineer advises piwis users follow his instructions step by step as shown below, improper operation will cause error:

Step 1.Start the car or turn on ignition.

Step 2.Connect PIWIS ii to the car, wait until the indicator light flashes then connect USB cable to the computer.

Step 3.Choose car model you want to test.


Step 4.Enter PIWIS TESTER 2 diagnostics.



Step 5.When the system appears “Control unit selection: Loading control unit selection”, it means PIWIS TESTER 2 is working. NOTE: you won’t see control unit list if piwis not connect properly or piwis has something wrong.


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