GM Trouble Repair

Setting up VCxMDITech2win

I found this very good description of getting things setup and running, and thought I should share. I make no claim of writing it! Just re-formatted for easier reading. 🙂 ——————– Before you begin, make sure you do NOT have…
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How to Use the GM Tech2 with the TIS2000 Software to Program the PCM

You need: GM Tech2 scan tool (Original $2000 -$3000, $224 in obd2tool) A laptop or pc running windows xp home TIS 2000 software CD and USB key (GM Tech2 alone is a scanner, with TIS2000 CD, you are able to…
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Autel MS906 Reset ISC System for 2009 GM Daewoo

How to use Autel MaxiSys MS906 Diagnostic Scanner to do ISC system reset? This post is performing a 2009 GM Daewoo for an example. Insert Autel MS906 connector into OBD2 port of the vehicle, Diagnostics >> GM >> Manual selection…
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