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CG Pro 9S12 FAQs


CG Pro 9S12 FAQs 1. How to install the cgpro new device? Download the latest software from the official website, then connect the device, and plug 12v power cable, the device will automatically be activated. 2. CG pro 35160WT…
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How to Read ISN on make key by CG FC-200 for bmw


CG FC-200 read out the ISN fast and it was able to make the key for my bmw. CG FC-200 Read ISN on BMW All Keys Lost Tutorials: Vehicle: 2016 BMW 328I F30 N26 Purpose:All key lost key programming Device: CG…
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Guide to install PCMtuner Software


Welcome to the PCMtuner installation guide Preparation before installation: 1.Connect the device to the computer with power cable and USB cable, and plug the smart lock dongle into computer,like what I show you here . 2.Close all anti-virus software and…
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CG FC200 Failed to Open Device Solution


Problem: I just received one new CG FC200 ECU Programmer last week. After installing the FC200 software, I started to run the software, but I encountered three errors. Error 1: e126: Failed to open the device, please check the device connection…
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How to get S-Sport mode & Launch Control on Ralliart using Mitsubishi MUT 3


Well, risking a $10k transmission is a daring feat when mixing different code with different models. We would never have made it to the moon if we didn’t take the risk. I promise, you will be as excited as I…
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FAQ Autel MaxiSys Elite Diagnostic Tool with J2534

FAQ-Autel-MaxiSys-Elite-Diagnostic-Tool-with-J2534 (2)

Q:  What is the difference between Autel Maxisys Elite and maxisys pro? A: MaxiSys elite comes with upgraded Hardware, Docking station, Better resolution screen, overall quicker unit.. The elite model offers more features than the pro version. You can check detail…
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How to free download & install Xprog V6.12 Software on win 7 8


This article is available with Xprog V6.12 software free download link, win7 8 installation guide, full chip list etc. Read: Xprog V6.12 software vs Xprog 5.84 Free download Xprog V6.12 ECU programmer: Password: fxo5qz How to quickly download: click on…
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