BMW Trouble Repair

How to Read ISN on make key by CG FC-200 for bmw


CG FC-200 read out the ISN fast and it was able to make the key for my bmw. CG FC-200 Read ISN on BMW All Keys Lost Tutorials: Vehicle: 2016 BMW 328I F30 N26 Purpose:All key lost key programming Device: CG…
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how to add a key for BMW CAS4 mask 5M48H1N35H via OBD


This article is going to show you how to add a key for BMW CAS4 mask 5M48H/1N35H via OBD. Tools: XTool A80Pro KC501 Key Programmer Procedure: Connect A80Pro, VCI, KC501 and OBD port. Special Function>>Key Programming>>BMW>>Immobilizer>>Manual select>>CAS4/CAS4+>>Keys Matching Then we…
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CGDI BMW Add Key for BMW Mini Cooper


This article show a guide on how to use CGDI BMW to add key for BMW Mini Cooper. Procedures: Connect the CGDI BMW Programmer to Mini Cooper via OBD port. Then run the CGDI BMW software,and select “BMW OBD Key Match”…
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How to setup ICOM Next A WLAN connection


ICOM Next Wireless diagnostic 1.Set router wireless, wireless SSID name:ISAP,password:autosvs12345 2.Set ICOM NEXT A wireless, connected to the router, wireless SSID name:ISAP,password:autosvs12345, (Same as router setting, After setting the ICOM NEXT need to reconnect to vehicle) 3.BMW diagnostic PC connect to…
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Vvdi Key Tool Plus Bmw Cas3++ Istap Key Programming


Vvdi Key Tool Plus Bmw Cas3++ Istap Key Programming 1. 20min in bench easy without problems: Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus add keyless go BMW e92 cas3++ista-p. Open cas for full back-up and generate from eeprom. Personal experience: I have…
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How to Get BMW ICOM Next Activation Key


I recently bought a BMW ICOM Next emulator with latest HDD.  It asks me to enter activation key when run ISTA-P 3.67.1. Where can i get this activation key? solution: Open TOOLS folder on desktop Open ISTAP key folder Open…
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How to Sovle BMW ICOM NEXT not connecting to ISTA


Got BMW ICOM NEXT not connecting to ISTA because it need firmware update I try to login with internet explorer but I didn’t get the setup page. I don’t know if it’s IP problem or what. Here is the itool…
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