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How to Pay and Get the Autel Update Service

Why You Need Autel Software Subscription (TCP) ? Stay current with the latest Autel software versions and increase the value of your investment with the Autel Total Care Program (TCP). When you subscribe to an Autel TCP, you’ll get to…
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Mercedes-Benz How to Reset a Check Engine Light

Whether you drive a Mercedes-Benz or a model from another make, you can reset the check engine light by using an appropriate scanner or by disconnecting the negative battery cable. However, if you don’t resolve the underlying issue, you’ll see…
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Fixed! Ford VCM2 Clone IDS Unable to Connect to Ford Mondeo

Problem: I bought a VCM2 IDS, it works with ids 101.01 in VMware 10 with XP SP3. But, although it connects well to ids and VCI Manager (V101.01), it can’t detect or connect to my ford mondeo PCM. Finally Fixed!…
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Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 18 Mercedes-Benz DMEISM Refresh Operation Guide

Update: Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 18 Mercedes-Benz DME/ISM refresh, no soldering, no risk. Module 18 function: 1. Support Mercedes Benz DME refresh for: CR3.XX/CR4.XX/CR5/CR6/CR60.XX/SIM271DE2.0/SIM4LKE/SIM271KE2.0/CRD.11/CRD2.XX/ME9.7/MED17.7.X/SIM266 etc. 2. Support Mercedes-Benz ISM refresh This is module accessories And overall connection diagram. 1) Module identification…
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How to solve the problem of incorrect Renault Can Clip code?

Recently, many customers stated that they failed to activate the Renault Can Clip software. As shown below, an error message “Code incorrect, verifiez votre saisie (please check the input)” is displayed. For this problem, technicians provide related solutions. The reason…
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How To Activate “Flight Recorder” For Micropod 2 & VCI Pod

Look here: built a trigger and activate “Flight Recorder” for Micropod 2 & VCI Pod I know the micropod 2 and Witech has a “Flight Recorder” mode. This would be great to use for datalogging as most aftermarket OBD scan tools…
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