How to install MB Star C3, C4 software?

Here take 2014.1 software for example:

1. Install Windows XP SP3 preferably OEM disc since MB Star C4 and C3 software  are better installed on Windows XP system. For newer PCs you will need one with SATA drivers integrated.

2. During Windows XP install, partition your HDD as follows:

C: STAR approx. 25GB

D: RECOVER approx. 20GB

E: WIS approx. 35GB

F: DAS approx. 30GB

3. Create two user accounts Star and Owner and log in into both.

4. Install all the necessary drivers based on your computer model.

5. Disable the internal DVD-ROM from device manager.

6. Install basic apps such as Daemon Tools to create virtual drive G and WinRAR.

7. Disable screen saver and change power options to Never from the control panel.

8. Copy “Newguide2i” to desktop and run “WFPSwitch” and restart PC, this will remove “keep unwanted files” error during install.

9. Copy VBoxService to Startup folder to enable AppID 253.

10. Run “prepare.bat” from “Newguide2i” and follow the simple onscreen instructions.

11. Set system date approx. to one month after Star DVD release.

12. After restart, open “StarUtilities” and enter DAS and Xentry key, with AppID 252.

13. Mount SD_DVD_01_2014_1 to drive G: and run setup from “SDSwitch”.

14. To bypass hardware check for non ADSTEC C4TT13 systems, as soon as the install begins, quickly navigate to “E:ServiceSKCstandaloneSDStartKeyCenter” and DELETE “DeviceDetect.dll” to avoid the infamous “non-Star Diagnosis system” error.

15. Setup continues and you get an error prompting you to enter Xentry key as no valid key was found. Click OK and “StartKey Centre” opens, apply keys and move on.

16. System will restart and if setup doesn’t, re-run again from drive G: by clicking “SDSwitch”.

17. Patiently wait as it installs SD_DVD_01_2014_1.

18. System restart and gives you an error, “No valid CD found! Errorcode=102” ignore by clicking OK.

19. Navigate to “C:ProgrammeTemp” and DELETE “ComputerModel.vbs” script, this will allow you to install SD_DVD_01_2014_2 without the “non-Star Diagnosis system” error.

20. Mount SD_DVD_01_2014_2 to drive G: and run setup from “SDSwitch”.

21. Patience is key as the very lengthy procedure begins.

22. You get the message “Setup Complete” Click to restart your system, but hold up do not restart, run “after installation.bat” and click on to restart system.

23. Systems come on and hotfix install begins, approx. 91 of them so wait as they finish.

24. Hotfix install completes and system is ready to start and viola you’ve got a full SD 01.2014 on a machine of your choice!

25. Install ADD ONS manually. Then your MB Star C3/C4 software installation will be finished.

products follow here:

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