How Does Xtool X100 PAD2 Read Security Code For Citroen C-Quatre 2009

X-100 PAD 2 is a dealer level key programmer. It provides customers with professional key programming and some special functions. This article records how uobdii engineers use X100 PAD2 to read security code for Citroen.

Vehicle model: Citroen C-Quarte 2009
Device: XTOOL Diagnostic Tool X100 PAD2 Special Functions Expert

Here is detailed steps:
Connect to vehicle directly with cable (picture shown below)

Go to the main menu and click the icon

Then select [DITROEN]

Choose [Read Security Code]

Then switch ignition off and press OK to continue

After press OK, switch on ignition immediately

It is reading password

Switch ignition off and press OK
Follow the prompts
-press OK, switch on ignition
-Switch ignition off, press OK for several times
Finally the security code read successfully!

In the final step, be patient!

Read Security Code function is just a small part of XTOOL X100 PAD2, if you want to learn more about this tablet key programmer, click here:

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