Kess V2 v4.036 Truck Car List Free Download

Here comes the newest multi-language Kess V2 v4.036 truck ECU chip tuning tool at, which has been tested better/ more stable on more trucks and motorcycles.

Top reasons to get kess v2 fw v4.036:

Kess V2 Online Version Truck version, support more truck and motorcycle models than any version.
* 2. Kess v2 firmware V4.036 is more stable than fw 4.024.
* 3. Software: Ksuite V2.22/V2.08 (V2.22 version can not connect internet, V2.08 can works with internet)
* Multi-language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French
* Tokens can be recharged when used up.

Kess V2 v4.036 Truck Car List

Kess v2 v4.036 support trucks, motorcycle, cars, bikes.

This kess v2 (SE87-CK) support more trucks and motorcycle than any other kess v2 versions.

picture download  here


KESS V2 WARNING the tool is not updated

Useful tips of truck kess v2 ksuite warning “the tool is not updated”.


Kess v2 ksuite warning: the tool is not updated. Connect the PC to the Internet and run again the software.


Optional solution:

1.Try different USB cable. Some users with the same problem fixed the problem by a new USB cable .

2.Reflash with J-Link …

1. Do not update this tool online, or It will get damaged
2. Do remember disconnect internet when you use it

If you connect to internet with this clone kess v2 at, or make online update. The interface is destroy/broken.

1.–Buy a new NPX chip with 60 tokens inside. Desolder the old NPX and change it with new. It cost 14-20

2.–or you have to weld a connector on backside of interface ,and plug the J-link programmer.
You can reset the ECU Chip Tuning Kess v2 to virgin.


Our customers feedback some problem about kess v2,we sovled it and have written below,if you have same problems,it will help you.

SKP1000 tablet key programmer User manual


1. Product description


1.1 Supported protocol:

1.2 Package Includes:
1* Main unit
1* touch pen
1* main cable
1* Honda 3pin adapter
1* Kia 20pin adapter
1* Hyundai / Kia 10pin adapter
1* Haima 7pin adapter
1* power adapter
1* TF card
1* TF card reader
1* USB cable
1* CD with user manual

2. Menu Instruction


2.10 Main menu basic functions
Car functions
Choose ” Car functions” to perform immobilizer, mileage adjustment, remote controller,
Oil/service Reset, throttle body adjustment,?EPB, pin code calculation, personalized settings and special function


2.11 immobilizer function:
Clear key memory;
Program keys, proximity keys, smart key, flip keys;
Program after-market and OEM keys;
Read keys from immobilizer memory
New mechanical key number programming;
Vehicle identification key programming;
Reset ECU& Reset immobilizer;

2.12 Mileage adjustment via OBD

2.13 New remote controller programming
2.14  Oil/Service reset

2.15 throttle body adjustment

2.16 EPB(Electric park brake)

2.17 Immo PINCODE reading
.Immo PINCODE reader?for many vehicles?and no need pincode when programming keys for many vehicles.


2.18 Personalized settings

2.19 Special functions
Plug into the adapter that paid extra money to perform special functions.

2.20 System settings
Choose ” System settings” to read the machine basic info.

2.21 Firmware upgrade
Choose ” Firmware upgrade” to update the machine firmware.





2.22 User program test
Choose “User program test” to reset the SKP1000 machine at to collect corresponding data.

3. How to use SKP1000 to program key on specific car model?
Step-by-step procedure:
For example, to operate Hyundai SONATA 8 smart remote controller, firstly connect the main cable to the machine, then plug the OBDII adapter to the car.
Power on the SKP1000 tablet key programmer machine, until you see the LOGO, press [YES] to main menu, Choose “Immobilizer”, press “Confirm” to vehicle list.




Choose model: Hyundai, press “Confirm” to enter.
Choose “Smart card”, press “Yes” to enter.
Choose ” by car model”, press “Yes” to enter.
Choose “SONATA 8 (with card slot), press “Yes” to enter.
Choose “Smart card (with card slot), press “Yes” to enter.
Follow the tip to turn off ignition, press “Yes”
Follow the tip to open the door and close for one time, press “Yes”.
Choose smart card to match, press “Yes”
Follow the tip, insert the smart card into the slot, and you can hear alarm sound, turn off the ignition, press “Yes”.
Input the password
Check if the password is correct, press “Yes” to confirm.
The first smart card program successfully, and it will ask you if you program the next one, press “Yes” to confirm.
Insert the second smart card into the slot, you can hear the alarm sound, press “Yes”.
Program successfully, press “No” to back.
With two new smart card keys, you could start the car, if you need to add more keys, just repeat the above steps.

4. Firmware update
Before update firmware, please take out the TF card and insert it into the card reader, then plug into the computer USB port. Double click “My Computer”, find out ” local Disk (H:), right click to choose “Format”.


Tip: Tick on the “Quick format” and click “Start.
After complete format, go to the official site to download the update file, then copy and paste the file into the TF card, after finish, plug the TF card into the machine, power on the machine to the main interface.

Click on “Firmware update”.


Firstly choose “System firmware update”, press “Yes”, the procedure shown as below:

Update successfully shown as below.


Press “No” to back.

Choose ” Adapter firmware update”, after finish, reboot the machine to go on use Auto Key Programmer SKP1000.


Any question, please contact your supplier.


SKP1000 key pro OK to program 2014 Maserati Ghibli smart key

This post is on how to use SKP1000 programmer to program smart key on 2014 Maserati Ghibli.

Let’s go.

1. Choose the last option “Smart key (New)”

Immo system

It displays instruction “Please choose: OBDII Port and turn on ignition, press “Yes” to continue and “No” to back.
Note: SKP1000 can program key when all key lost and add new key, if all key lost you do not need to turn on ignition.

Choose “Pincode read”

Read out Pin code, click “No” to back to choose “Add smart key”

Please turn on “Emergency light” and turn off ignition, click “Yes” to continue.

Leave the smart keys you want to program in the car and take the other keys out of car.
Choose “Yes” to continue, and “No” to back.
Input the pin code.
Configuring the system, please wait

In 30 seconds, close the SKP1000 to the start button on the car and press the “Unlock” button on the machine, press “Yes” to continue.

Complete program smart key with Automotive Key Programmer SKP1000 tablet key pro.



Download 2017.5 Xentry DAS for MB SD Connect (Good source, 100% works)

Multilanguage 2017.5 Xentry is confirmed to work with MB SD Connect C4 to cover the latest 12V/24V Mercedes Benz cars, buses, trucks, Sprints, Smart
(from 1989 to the 2017 year).

2017.5 Benz diagnostic tool Xentry DAS free download:
Not available yet, if yes, would like to share here.

Good source to download 2017.5 Xentry DAS:
Xentry 2017.5 in 256GB SSD running onDELL D630 (Win7 works)
Xentry 2017.5 in 500GB HDD running onDELL D630 (Win7 works)
1) Don’t download anything to the software, don’t update anything of the software, otherwise the software will break down.
2) WIN7 does not support HHT-WIN! Post-2015.12 software cannot support HHT-WIN!
So far, Mercedes bus diagnosis & programming can be done via DAS only, NOT Xentry.
3)Once you take out software from laptop, it needs re-activation even if  you install it onto the same laptop.

The tested working APP with newest version and features (Confirmed)
D-A-S / Xentry 2017.05: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System
Concise interface and straightforward operation with IB M high-quality computer can realize the quick and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing
W-I-S net 2017.01: Workshop Information System
Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car,component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail. 2017.01: Electronic Parts Catalog
ST Finder: Part Location Finder options: 2008 and 2016
STARUTILITIES: the movement management system and self-test
PL71: 2016 Mercedes software with PL70

D-A-S / Xentry 2017.05 functions works:
All electric system Diagnostic
Reading trouble code
Erasing trouble code
Component testing
Information consultation
Component location diagram
Wiring diagram
Flash code- not work

D-A-S / Xentry 2017.05 works on multi-systems:

Seeing is believing, here attach operating pictures:





How to save ISTA-D BMW Diagnostic Operations and Tests?

I have installed New BMW ICOM software ISTA-D (3.48) on my laptop. It works well and could read the error codes and perform tests.

It seems though that the readings and the tests results (i.e. the operations) are not saved anywhere on my laptop so they cannot be reviewed at a later date. In operation list, when I chose and click on a finished one I get the message: “order data processed on a different device and could not be downloaded from the IPS service”. So my question is:

1: Are these actually saved somewhere else and I could not find them?

2: If they were not saved, is there any setting change to be done is in ISTA-D so that these operations can be saved?

Around the two questions I search answer on forums and I do find a solution which was surprisingly worked for me. Here I would like to share with you.

Solution: You have to enable FASTA in ISTAGUI.exe.config file – see first key value set to true, leave everything else as is. This should enable Operations Logs in ISTA. Not 100% sure that this is the reason the operations report populates, but it never did before and also saves the progress of actions so that it can be started again (Once vehicle is ID’d, click on Finished). Try and see. To be successful in saving, I think you will need at least one action performed (either FUB or ABL, doesn’t really matter). Because its Standalone, the Transfer part of my ISTA will stay “In Progress” and doesn’t go anywhere.

Below is my PHP code:

They’re saved in FASTAOut folder. To read them outside of ISTA you need OrderDataViewer.


Some friends told me it seems that the newer Rheingold 3.56 can save the error codes and the Auto Scanner Tool. I find some information in this blog, hope it helps someone.

Feedback on BMW F22 M235i Coding Adventure with E-sys cable


Days ago, I used the new ENET cable to manage to do some coding on BMW F22 M235i. Then, i share my coding adventure on forums. And here is one of useful feedback. Put them here and it works.

My post:

“Finally had enough time off work to get all the software installed onto my laptop (over 7GB of files). Once installed I took my new E-SYS cable and connected to the OBD II port in the car. Note, if you haven’t found this connection yet it took me a while. My old E92 had a little plastic door right above the hood release, not on the F22. Everything being black I had to take a flashlight up under the driver side before I found it. No cover on it, just sits along the side kick panel above and back from the trunk release button.

Fired up the car (you can put your car on battery tender instead) and connected my new cable to the port and into the laptop. Fired up my new software (without the needed token files) and hit “connect” and prayed it would work. After two or so minutes of files loading and the bmw diagnostic scanner connection establishing communication with the car I had an active connection

Not having all the software fully licensed for use yet I did some simple looking around and check to see if my car was supported with the default F20 file set. I was able to the read my cars VIN and populate all the internal settings in the software configuration. Really cool! I now have access to all the internal data settings stored in my ECU. Save a copy of the original settings (will back them up to be safe) and shutdown. Once i get the token files I will begin finding and coding the different settings.

Pretty exciting stuff that I get to be my normal computer geek self and play with my favorite toy at the same time. Will keep this thread updated with my experience as I proceed.”

Useful feedback:

“You don’t need to be a computer software developer to install and use the software, but that won’t hurt either. The reason you are finding it difficult to find all the required information and setup in one location, as best I can tell, is that a lot of what is being done could be consider in violation of warranty and/or software rights. I think the people who have ventured into this are vary worried about being exposed to the powers to be, or worst held in some legal contempt for helping others change computer settings in someone else’s vehicle.

I had to make contact with no less than 3 individuals who have experience with the process and access to the software before I could even get it started. Now that I made it pass the initial issues I feel pretty good about performing these changes to my own car. I guess we will see shortly as I now have my token to perform

How To Modify VO (Vehicle Order) with ICOM NCS Expert


This is the instruction on how to change vehicle order (VO) with NCS Expert, on BMW vehicles except F series.

VO modify tools:

ICOM A2 NCS Expert

(for BMW F series, you need ENET cable + E-sys)

steps to modify VO:

1.In NCS Expert, load the Expertmode profile.

2.Press F1 or the VIN/ZCS/FA button.

3.Press F3 or the ZCS/FA f. ECU button.

4.In the Choose CHASSIS pop-up window, choose the E89 chassis and press the OK button.

5.In the Choose ECU pop-up window, choose the CAS ECU and press the OK button.

6.The model (CHASSIS), VIN number (FG), and VO (FA) should be displayed in NCS Expert.

7.Press F2 or the Enter FA button to modify the VO.

8.In the Choose CHASSIS pop-up window, choose the E89 chassis and press the OK button.

9.In the Enter VIN pop-up window, verify that the Vin listed is the correct VIN number for the vehicle. The last digit attached to the VIN number is a checksum. You should not have to change anything on this step. Just verify and press the OK button.

10.In the Enter FA pop-up screen, for the Attribute text field, input the SA or Service Code. After typing in the code, press the Add button, and verify that the code was listed in the list of FA codes. After verifying, press the OK button.

-SA codes will begin with a “$”
-Service Codes will begin with a “+”

11.Press F6 or the Back button.

12.Press F4 or Process ECU button.

13.For the Choose ECU pop-up window, select CAS and press the OK button.

14.Press F2 or the Change job button.

15.From the Choose job pop-up window, select FA_WRITE and press the OK button.

16.Under “get coded:”, verify that CAS is the ECU selected to get coded. Also verify the JOBNAME is equal to FA_WRITE, and then press F3 or the Execute job button.

17.After the job has ended, we need to also write the new VO to the LMA ECU so that it will be both wrote to the CAS and LMA ECU. Press F1 or Change ECU button.

18.From the Choose ECU pop-up window, choose the BMW Engineer Software and press the OK button.

19.Under “get coded:”, verify that LMA is the ECU selected to get coded. Also verify the JOBNAME is equal to FA_WRITE, and then press F3 or the Execute job button.

20.After the coding has ended, you can exit out of NCS Expert.

Update ICOM Firmware Error Solved


This is the solution I find when I have trouble in updating my car diagnostic scanner BMW ICOM A firmware. Hope this helps you also.

I’m trying to update my ICOM firmware but I can only update the System/Boot firmware. Every time I try to update the Application firmware, I get a server timeout, no matter which browser I use.

Tool supported:

Try this procedure here:
(NOTE: please be responsible to what you try, for some inexperienced may damage your device.)

1).Use your cable and connect BMW Engineer Software to port
2). Power ICOM by 12V power adapter or from 1x DLC
3). Use your browser (IE) and browse
User name: root
Password: NZY11502
4). Click “Update Firmware”,and you can find the version of firmware.
5). Select ICOM-BootImage-XX-XX-XX.bin, set image type to “SYSTEM”,
click “Send the file”
6). When it will say “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes”,
then the ICOM led it will been RED
7). When it will say “The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successful”,
click “Update Firmware”
8). Select ICOM-ApplicationImage-XX-XX-XX.bin, set image type to “APPLICATION”,
click “Send the file”,the file is big so it will take some minutes to finish have patience.
9). When it will say “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes”,
then the BMW ICOM A2+B+C led it will been RED again
10). When it is ok, click “reboot”.
Good Luck!

[i8] Error: Refueling possible (solved via tools32 & E-sys)


While coding my car today (just normal feature like disable disclaimer, enable acoustic sound when lock/unlock, remember last air con setting, roll windows when opening, mirror fold with lock, etc…
Suddenly it start giving me error: Refueling possible, and sometimes refueling possible at 0%,
I tried to take the car to driving around for a while, around 5km, sometimes the error gone, but then come back quickly.

During coding, there is 1 time when coding air con setting (IHKA3 module), it finish with warning (red letter, I accidentally closed without reading the message, but then I press code FDL again, then this time ok without any error. After that the AC button is blinking (recalibrating).

I tried to use E-sys transmitter to clear all DTC but still not helping. Even tried hard reset, but the error still there.

What I try for my i8:
First time message shows: I did open the fuel cap and refill at petrol station, then close it, double check and confirmed it all ok => Message still shows.
Then I use tools32 with f01 files to clear all fault code, message still there.
Then I use E-sys and did all reset (Latest line clear all DCT), and hard reset. Lots of error messages show, but they all gone later (IE: Auto Start / Stop, transaction, pedestrian, etc.)
Then test driver (I don’t think this help at all)
Then open the fuel cap, fully open it, hang it on the small ring, then close it, then message gone.

===> I think have to clear fault code, then open then close fuel tank.

Also, close E-Sys, relaunch it, and use Read ECU instead of reading SVT.

All solved!! So if anyone have the same problem, check try to do what I did.

PS. BMW ICOM A2 I got is from & E-sys are two software in Rheingold for bmw icom a2.
Oh, forgot to say, BMW ICOM has released the newest version V2015.08, just found this morning when I talked to the wobd2 customer service. The V2015.08 is only for $95, much cheaper than earlier versions.