1. is thisĀ Launch ICARSCAN 2018 version
yes, the software has updated to 2018

2. Whill this ICARSCAN work with an iPHone 6 or iPad 3?
It does. You need to make sure if your wehicle is supported. It cost more becase it can do more but not all wehicles are supported. And if yours is not supported you better go with chiper obd2 .the product icarscan car diagnostic tool can work with an Iphone 6, we not test on ipad 3 yet, so we not sure if can work with ipad 3 . usually it work with Android / ios smartphone.

3. Does this ICARSCAN monitor cylinder / injector blances?
Hello, this device support engine oil, Microfilter, front brake, rear brake, vehicle check, spark plugs, brake fluid, vehicle inspection, exhaust emission inspection, diesel particle filter, coding(recoding), car key memory, maintenance, service functions etc,

4. Can ICARSCAN display tpms data?
Yes, if you get the special function software. It includes 3 special functions when you purchase this scanner so just select TPMS as one of them. it can display data.

5. Can launch icarscan abs bleeding on 2001 mazda b3000?
yes, it can do that.

6. Will this work on 2001 Ford ranger?
yes this scan work fine. It will work on any car/truck manufacturer.

7. Can you program keys for cars listed?
This tool is a diagnostic tool, can not program keys. if you want to program keys, you can buy XTOOL X100 PAD Auto Key Programmer http://www.obd2tool.com/goods-5066-XTOOL+X-100+PAD+Tablet+Key+Programmer+with+EEPROM+Adapter+Support+Special+Functions.html

8. what the language available and the updated life time or not ?
it support multi-lanauge, we have wrote in our description, it can be udpated on line for one year.

9. Does this unit have abs and srs air bag fuctions? specifically, will it read the abs codes on a 2002 dodge caravan? thank you.
hello my friend:
we hope you have a good day! it is full function scanner, so it can support ABS and AIR BAG, we have checked the support car list, it includes the 2002 dodge caravan

10. can icarscan reset sas in 2007 honda ridgeline?
excelente producto!!!

11. how about transmission codes for gm (ex) traction control off?
this tool support diagnostic GM .

12. Hello, will this work for a 2016 Porsche Panamera s e-hybrid?
yes, it can support

13. will this unit clear transmission codes?
Yes it can clear transmission codes, however you need to select this when you first register iCarScan for the first time on your phone or tablet.

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