Does icarscan can be used to lower a 957?

Porsche 957

Does anyone know if ICarScan VCI can be used to lower a 957 as can be done with a Durametric?


It has the capability to calibrate the height sensors for the air suspension on a 958. So.. I’d think yes, but I haven’t done it. All you’re doing when you do it this way is lying to the aiir-suspension computer – telling it the car is higher than it is. I know I can read the current calibration, and there is some function to write new calibrations to the computer. That’s the same thing you do with Durametric.

That said I don’t have a 957 to make sure the same capabilities are available, but in general – if it can be done with a Dorametric Pro – it appears so far – this can do everything the Pro does.


I recommend that you buy icarscan on OBD2 website. They are cheap, shipping is fast, and after-sales service is also very good. I have been using it for a year and there is no problem with the quality of the product.

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