Ktag 2.25 can readwrite ECU from Mercedes W203 ME 9.7 (Wiring Diagram)

The ECU Programming Tool latest Ksuite 2.25 is verified to work perfectly with Ktag firmware 7.020, no issues of ECU read/write. Have been tested successfully on an ECU ME 9.7 from Mercedes-Benz W203 2003.

The test… here you go.

Part 1: Ktag Mercedes ME 9.7 wiring diagram

Part 2: read Mercedes ME 9.7

Part 3: write Mercedes ME 9.7

In detail…

Part 1: K TAG Mercedes ME 9.7 wiring diagram
ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-2 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-3 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-4
ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-5 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-7 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-8 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-9 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-10


Part 2: Ktag fw 7.020 sw 2.25 reads Mercedes ME 9.7

ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-17 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-18 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-19 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-20



Part 3: Ktag fw 7.020 sw 2.25 writes Mercedes ME 9.7

ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-24 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-25 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-26

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