Carprog V8.21 With All 21 Adapters user manual

Here is an user manual for Carprog V8.21 With All 21 Adapters


Powering up the carprog full v8.21:


CarProg can be used with external power supply (+7 – +12V stabilized), only with USB connection or with diagnostic cable ( for ex. OBDII)

Standard power socket (positive in the middle) voltage in range +7…14V stabilized can be used in any cases. Use it when +12V voltage is required(Transponder read/write, some MCU`s read/write)


USB power from PC – 5V, 100mA:


Always must be connected because USB cable is used for Device – PC communication. Is enough for small power consumption

operations (i.e. EEPROM read/write)


Using standard Car diagnostic Cable



Installing Carprog software:

Copy software from CD or from your support page on to any directory on your PC. Main CarProg file can be older version, just click on Update-Internet and CarProg will by updated automatically.


After update CarProg software must restart automatically and CarProg hardware update must be done. Don’t disconnect CarProg USB cable while update process. If updates fail,try again.






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