GM Tech2 clone works great for C5 (99) Corvette

GM Tech2 clone works great for C5 (99) Corvette: Automated Bleed, program done.

My new TECH2 device bought for £233.10
Here has a lot of folks give 5star, I believe folk’s choice.
It is in perfect working order and has the screen cover.
Also included is the TIS2000 which you will need to access the security to program keys

My Tech 2 (clone, works great) for my C5 (99) just for the Automated Bleed so I could completely flush the brake system particularly for the EBCM !!! Have since used the crap out of it, ECM/PCM re-learn, crank sensor re-learn etc !!!!

Also, use it to exercise my ABS motor every 3 months.
C5 has the built-in ability to pull vehicle specific DTC’s right in the DIC and those can be exceptionally helpful in diagnosing and correcting common C5 issues.

There are a number of functions in addition to diagnostic troubleshooting that can be accomplished with the Tech II.
and another is the ability to program out unwanted features such as F45 or F55 RPO’s ar program RPO’s into a replacement BCM.

Do recognize that the tool has extremely limited ability to change settings in either the PCM or BCM. To accomplish change you need a programming tool such as HP Tuners or EFI Live and they can change only PCM settings.

they’re very easy to use, just follow the display, and look around till you get tired, and try reading ”live data” as much as you can, it speeds up the learning curve, and try it on as many GM cars/trucks as you can too.

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