(Solved) Ford IDS license not found & Quickloader license expired

www.obd2tool.com engineer offer the solution to error ” Ford IDS3 software license is not found” and Quickloader license expired.

First come several error images of ” Ford IDS3 software license is not found”.

Then Quickloader error “Unregistered, or license expired 2018.5.11″
ford-ids3-software-license-is-not-found-solution-04 ford-ids3-software-license-is-not-found-solution-05

Working solution:
Step 1. Free download Ford IDS V113 on mega (from Fly):


Step 2:
Download newest Quickloader V5.11 on mega:


Step 2: Open “FVDI2 QuickLoader” to click on “IDS Ford”, start to do diagnosis job.
Note: You have to open “IDS Ford” from “FVDI2 QuickLoader”, otherwise you may get error.


Finally, Ford IDS will work successfully.

Note: the above working solution is for Fly VCM IDS 3 interface.

Good Luck.

GM Tech 2


The Tech 2 is a powerful, versatile hand-held diagnostic computer, designed to help diagnose and repair today’s automotive electronic systems. The Tech 2 Scanner supports the changes in the on-board electronic systems for model years 1996 and beyond. With the addition of the CAN Diagnostic Interface (CANdi) module, Tech 2 will support GM on-board electronic systems for years to come.

The CANdi is an in-cable module that works with existing Tech 2 components including the VCI, cables and adapters to add CAN diagnostic capability to the Tech 2 tester. The CANdi module is fully backward compatible with current Tech 2 functionality and operates transparently when diagnosing non-CAN-equipped vehicles.

The Tech 2 provides extensive diagnostic capability through the 32MB PCMCIA card. The PCMCIA card stores diagnostic information intended to diagnose powertrain, body or chassis control modules and related vehicle malfunctions. It also contains the Service Programming System (SPS) application which allows the Tech 2 to program control modules with vehicle calibration data.

The PCMCIA card is updated by linking the Tech 2 to a PC that has access to the ACDelco TDS website. This method of communication provides flexibility for updating the card with vehicle calibration data, mid-year and new-model-year vehicle diagnostics and Tech 2 software enhancements. Software updates are distributed to GM dealers automatically via TIS2WEB at the GM Global Connect web site or go directly to the TIS2WEB site to download updates at any time.

The Tech 2 is capable of capturing a snapshot of vital performance data at idle or during a test drive. You can replay the snapshot or plot and graph the data directly on the Tech 2, or the snapshot file may be uploaded to an approved GM Techline terminal. The file may also be stored on the CD-ROM terminal for future reference. The snapshot capability allows you to see where an intermittent fault occurred, even if it did not set a trouble code.
Model Year Coverage

92 up OBD systems CAN equipped vehicle coverage with CANdi module
PC Requirements:

Only required if reprogramming or Tech 2 diagnostic software update is performed. Tech 2 is a stand-alone diagnostic tool. Currently GM is recommending a minimum Intel i5 processor
Recommended package:

Intel Core i5 at 2.6GHz 64 bit
2) USB 2.0 (or better) ports
500GB Hard drive
4GB ram
Windows 7 Professional 64bit
Internet Explorer 9 +
Wireless capability
Note: The Tech 2 uses a legacy DB9 Serial Null modem cable to connect to PC. Current spec PC do not have this connection. It will be necessary to have the null modem cable and a Tripplite Serial to USB adapter properly configured on the machine to perform reprogramming or diagnostic software updates.

Software License

Available as three different subscriptions:

Complete GM Service Support Package Includes: GM SI, Tis2Web – All Access, GDS 2, and Tech2Win
Tech 2 Service and programming package which includes software updates and license for the Tech 2 operating software, Service programming software, Tech 2 View, Tech 2 Snap Shot, and Tech2Win
Tech 2 Diagnostics Includes: Tech 2 Diagnostic software updates

The Tech 2 does not time out if the software becomes outdated. The tool will display a message to update as a reminder and may not operate correctly with newer vehicles if it is not updated regularly.

DTC Code Retrieval
Retrieve OE DTC with code Definition     X     X
Retrieve and display Mode 6 Data     X
Link DTC to service information     X
Customizable PID display     X
Data Logging
Body     X     X
Chassis     X     X
Electrical     X     X
Powertrain     X     X
Network Test
CAN     X     X
J1850     X     X
Module Programming
Programmable Module replacement procedures     X     Set-up
Module Reprogramming (Reflash)     X     SPS
Coding     X     X
Supplemental restraints initialization     X     X
Programmable Parameters ( ability to change in service settings ie, tire size, personality, customer convenience etc.     X     X
Body Controls
Anti-theft System Functions     X     X
Remote Keyless Entry     X     X
Restraints (supplemental restraints and seat belts)     X     X
Chassis Tools
ABS Service Bleed     X     X
ABS/ Brake system functions     X     X
IVD Initialization Sequence (SAS reset)     X     X
Ride Height Calibration ( for vehicles with pneumatic or hydraulic ride height controls)         X
Cruise Control System tests     X     X
Electronic Ride control     X     X
Electrical Tools
Charging System Test     X     X
Audio     X     X
Powertrain Tools
EVAP Test     X     X
Force monitors to run     X     X
Fuel System Test/Relative Injector Flow Test     X     X
Bi-directional control of fuel components     X     X
Bi-directional Ignition System control     X
Power Balance Test     X     X
Transmission bi-directional Tests     X     X
Engine Checks and OBD Tests (Drive Cycle, Mode 01, Mode 06 & Mode 09)
EGR Test     X     X
Other Powertrain tests & functions     X
Digital Multimeter
Basic DMM functions (Volts, resistance, frequency)         X
Current measurements (50 Amps/500 Amps)         X
Pressure/Vacuum measurements with PVT         X
Oscilloscope Tools
Oscilloscope         X
Alternator ripple         X
COP (Coil-On-Plug) stress test         X
Signal Generator Monitor (SGM)     X     X

Nissan Consult 3 setup instruction, Nissan Consult 3 Lauguage, Nissan Consult 3 FAQ

Nissan Consult 3 setup instruction:
Installing steps:
1. Install the software in the “CONSULT-III_APPL” file folder;
2. Install the patch in the “CONSULT-III Patch” file folder;(Refer to: /CONSULT-III Install Video /CONSULT-III Install video.html).

Communication modes:
1. USB 2.0;
2.Bluetooth (Refer to: /Bluetooth accelerator/Readme.txt).

VI registration:
Refer to: ../ VI registration/ VI registration.doc or ../ VI registration/ VI registration.ppt

OS requirement:  Windows XP (SP2) or Windows XP (SP3).

1. You can connect VI to PC by USB or Bluetooth. But you cannot connect with USB and Bluetooth at the same time.
2. When you use Bluetooth at first time, you should run Bluetooth accelerator at first.About serial number:

Nissan Consult 3 Language:

1, English,2, Finnish,3, French,4, German,5, Greek,6, Italian,7, Japanese,8, Spanish,9, Chinese(Traditional),10, Chinese(simplified),11, Russian.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q: What does this item can do and can not do?
A:Nissan counsult III has two model.MI and VI,VI is for diagnose and MI is for waveforms test.Our nissan counsult III can realize the function of VI model but can not do MI model.

Q: Does this item have requirment on laptop?
A:No.Do not have specific requirment on laptop.

Q:Does it come with software?
A: Yes,it come with necessary software.it does not come with laptop in the package.

Q: When running Nissan 3, does it needs serial number?
A: yes, it needs.

Q: then where is serial number?
A: there is S/N back of Nissan III main unit. S/N is serial number.

Q:Whether nissan consult tool Consult III can do GTR?
A: It can do,but customer must have GTR card.


1. Be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software
Please note,anti-virus software can flag up Nissan Consult 3 software as having a virus. This is a false positive and is due to the software containing the application file. So Before setup the device software, please disable/uninstall anti-virus software or install a more reliable free virus scanner! Our Nissan Consult 3 software is completely safe and virus free and all other virus scanners confirm this.

If the software data is destroyed or lost because you forget to disable/uninstall anti-virus software, please contact our customer service, we arrange to resend you CD or send you the software via internet.

2. Required windows operation system is windows XP
Be sure to setup and run the device software under windows XP. Otherwise the device software and program can be broken or it will fail to work.

What is the Difference Between OBD-I and OBD-II

Today’s cars and trucks are literally rolling beds of technology, and the portal to their inner workings is something called an onboard diagnostic system, or OBD for short. All vehicles built within the last two decades have one, and it’s accessed via a port that’s usually situated behind a latch or within a small compartment beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side. Sometimes, it resides in a vehicle’s glove box.

When the “check engine” warning illuminates on your car’s instrument panel or the vehicle is otherwise suffering mechanical issues, a technician can plug an electronic Automotive diagnostic tool into the port to determine what’s wrong. You can do it yourself with the proper device if you’re handy. If not, the myCarfax mobile phone app, available as a free download for OSX and Android phones, can help you find a nearby service shop if you need help diagnosing an issue.

The Car Scanner was the auto industry’s first stab at vehicle diagnostics. It was developed because of a need to regulate tailpipe emissions and largely was enabled by the widespread use of fuel injection systems controlled by onboard computer modules. California gave the system a big push by mandating that all cars sold within the state be equipped with a basic OBD function back in 1991. OBD-I was used in vehicles manufactured before 1996. The onboard diagnostics standard was subsequently upgraded and renamed OBD-II, and has been used in all models sold in the United States since 1996.


Original OBD-I System with Computers

The original OBD-I system wasn’t standard across the industry, and automakers developed their own proprietary diagnostic systems. That meant a technician had to use a different scanner depending on the brand, so a tool that worked on a Chevrolet vehicle couldn’t be used on a Honda, for example. The OBD-II standard, on the other hand, utilizes a universal 16-pin connector and interface that allows the same scan tool to work on all makes and models. While OBD-I required a technician to physically plug a scan tool into the diagnostic port, OBD-II supports wireless operation, via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter.

OBD-I provided only rudimentary information. This was limited to checking a car’s emissions system, monitoring the engine’s performance and providing limited warning alerts when something went awry.

OBD-II took a big step further by tapping into a car’s electronic control unit to provide detailed information about what specifically ails it. What’s known as freeze-frame data is captured and stored in memory at the moment when a fault is detected. The second-generation diagnostic system also can monitor and provide pertinent vehicle data on a real-time basis. This includes information on engine performance, battery condition, oil and coolant temperature, and fuel pressure, among other systems. It also can be utilized to perform a smog check or emissions test.

A simple OBD scanner, such as the inexpensive units sold at auto parts stores, will display alphanumeric trouble codes to pinpoint engine problems and other issues. A code that starts with the letter P, for example, means it applies to the vehicle’s powertrain. A series of four or five numbers that follow are used to decipher the actual problem. Lists of error codes for specific makes and models are readily available on the Internet and via mobile phone apps. More complex OBD-II code readers will spell out the car’s mechanical issues and can additionally provide performance information on a graphical basis.
Beyond Diagnostics

OBD-II System Scanner


An OBD-II port can be tapped to accomplish much more than diagnosing a vehicle’s mechanical maladies.

A number of aftermarket accessories use a car’s OBD-II system to obtain pertinent vehicle information. They can either plug in directly or operate via a wireless adapter and a smartphone. These include analysis tools to provide detailed performance data on a real-time basis and to actively monitor vehicle health, altering the driver when, as an example, the battery’s charge is running precipitously low. A driver can tap the port to keep track of and help maximize a car’s fuel economy.

Other OBD-II-enabled accessories include head-up displays that project vehicle speed and other information onto a car’s windshield in the driver’s line of sight, and those that can turn a vehicle into a rolling Wi-Fi hot spot for Internet connectivity.

You can plug in OBD-II devices that equip a car with various telematics services. For example, Verizon Wireless sells a subscription-based system called Hum that can, among other functions, detect airbag deployment and call for emergency assistance, transmit a stolen car’s location to law enforcement, and send alerts when the car is driven beyond set boundaries.

Automotive tinkerers can even use specific car diagnostic scanner to remap or reprogram a car’s engine management software to wring additional horsepower out of a particular model.

The interface is further being leveraged by auto insurance companies to monitor the motoring habits of its customers via a device that plugs into the OBD-II port. The idea is to reward safe and sane driving via discounted premiums. On the other hand, those who habitually make jackrabbit starts, brake suddenly and exceed the speed limits would see their rates go in the opposite direction.
OBD Cybersecurity Issues

Keyboard Highlighted by Blue Light


Security experts warn that you should be cautious if you’re installing an aftermarket device into your car’s OBD-II port. That’s because the interface can be used as a gateway for hackers to illegally obtain data or otherwise manipulate the vehicle’s functions.

The FBI says vehicle owners should check with the security and privacy policies of a device’s manufacturer and service provider before installing any third-party device to the OBD-II port. Never connect an unknown or untrusted device, and only purchase devices from reputable sources. Be especially wary of those sold secondhand or via an Internet classified listing service.

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS vs. Autel IM608 vs. Xtool Auto Pro Pad

What do you prefer as automotive key programmers

2 – Autel MaxiIM IM608
3 – Xtool Auto pro pad

or other tablet?


Here’s the true working experience & feedback from a Facebook locksmith group questionnaire.

Keep updating.

1) OBDSTAR is very good. works very well really is very good for the price. I have both obdstar and xtool pad2. ObdStar is superior. It works very well on fiat renault bmw and other brands that are not easy to work with another tool.

I got the xtool pro pad it works well on cars like newer GMs and Hyundai and Chrysler most fords. Obdstar x300 strictly for Honda Toyota keys and Nissan. And lastly the old t300 for older Fords with the 4c keys. I’m thinking of getting the us version of lonstor.


AutoProPad, hands down. Its software is designed specifically for the US market.


I’m loving my IM608, the tool not only program the keys, but is an excellent scanner and can program a other units like ELV, dashboard, EZS, Skin, ECU. There is issues, like any other tool, but I think nowadays is the best option in the market.


IM608 has good coverage with out being excellent. right now maybe not the best of the best. but autel is a beast of a company. they will deliver and the updates will never stop if you pay and their “send log support” really works. I had 3 issues and the solved them on the next update.  Autel pretty much kill their competition on the diagnostic side of the market. so for short the companies reputation and track record of constant improvement at an affordable cost.


One my first tool was the xtool pro pad. its an ok tool but I am not impressed, I looked at the obdstar and looks very similar to the pro pad, thus I am assuming would be a little bit different but not by much. I good friend of mine has the obdstar. I have programmed like two keys and have not use the tool that much to say if its a good or not.


Auro originally didn’t focused on a lot of European cars and pushed massively for the American market. But over the past year Autel has taken the im range a long way and their development has been very quick. Our technicians get their im608 out ahead of other tools like AVDI and smartpro on most occasions as it’s easier & quicker. Now you can buy the cheaper im508 with the xp400 adapter. It’s actually a very competitive price and a competitive update fee. When we first started selling the Autel we told them to focus on ford which they did. I believe over the coming 12 months it will be one of the best tools on the market with the most comprehensive coverage (of newer vehicles).


Obdstar is definitely the first choice based on price and coverage. I have them all, auro seem to promise the world but don’t deliver quick enough so far behind on European market. Xtool is good and a decent complementary tool. I spent so much time in shenzhen with each of the manufacturers and have been offered distribution on all 3 but obdstar is the tool of choice!


Obdstar comes with external plug in programmer like Autel.


I don’t have obdstar.
I do have APP tech support is the best. Quick response and they will email you if you’ve done it..that’s amazing!
Cons about the tools the diag side is not that good specially on nissan is crap.
IM608 i just bought it. yesterday excellent on diag side 99% same on dealer scan tool (coz i have dealers scan tool as well.)


Definitely x300dp plus and then when you can get a smartpro, I still favor the x300 for speed and weight over my smartpro for some makes.

12) .

IM 608 excellent programer and diagnostic engineering.


I’ve used x300 dp plus immo package works great for usa cars can pull pincodes from chevy dodge etc Also other Chinese brands such as geely Jac MG and the rest Renault Dacia vw some models but what I heard and see im608 powerful but expensive.


I have obdstar dp plus c version .work good .londsor also good.


IM608 – Without a doubt.


I think obd star after experience has many advantage than propad and im608 especially for japanese car and europe car , it worth to test as well.


Obdstar great in my opinion but im608 has more coverage with server connection a bit like vag helper built in.


IM508 + XP400 same immo coverage like car scanner IM608 , including benz and far more cheap update fee compare to IM608 . Additional to these Autel support is outstanding.


I vote for M608. It has very good diagnostic capabilities and covers the Euro/Asian/US & Australian markets very well.

In sum,

to be fair, x300 dp plus is much accurate in the European market, maybe marketing plan not such good but , after testing is really much better , regardless the price which is also much lower than im608 and update fee also cheaper.

Autel TS601 Review 2019

The Autel TS601 is the most powerful TPMS tool on the market. This easy to use device offers users with a unique experience of accuracy and efficiency for a complete TPMS diagnosis. Apart from monitoring tire pressure, sensor information, perform actuation tests, sensor positioning, retrieves TPMS ECU data, sensor ID, and other basic functions, this unit also enables the user to program the sensor data to MX-sensor and it replaces faulty sensors. Read this Autel TS601 review to know more about this tool.

Related: Medium Range tpms tool – Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 tpms service tire pressure tool car diagnostic tool

If you’re a professional or have a busy garage, you will love this TPMS tool as it not only performs TPMS functions but as well as OBDII diagnostic functions. So, you will perform two different tasks with the same device at an amazing price.

Technical Specifications of the Autel TS601 MaxiTPMS TPMS OBD II:


TPMS Professional Tool Autel TS601 Review 2019

Durable construction

Similar to other Autel tools, this unit is properly constructed to withstand tough conditions and last longer. It has a durable housing that shields the internal parts and the rubber protection prevents the device from getting damaged when it falls accidentally.

Easy to use

Since the user-interface is well labeled with clear buttons and a large screen for displaying results, you won’t need any guidance to use this tool. Performing simple sensor activation or advanced function is very easy by following the program options and on-screen display instructions.  Moreover, the device offers both audio and visual responses to make the operation simple and convenient to finish.

Extensive vehicle coverage

The Autel ts601 TPMS tool is compatible with a wide range of vehicles including domestic and foreign vehicles. It works on more than 80 US, European, and Asian vehicles.


This is a very versatile tool that performs a wide range of functions. First and foremost, this unit can be used as a basic code reader to read, clear, and erase error codes. Furthermore, it displays data in the form of graphs that makes it easier to read and comprehend information. You can utilize the tool to measure the efficiency of your car. Besides, it can perform smog tests to help you understand if your car meets the emission requirements.

The Autel ts601 diagnostic TPMS tool also provides advanced TPMS diagnostics, which makes it ideal for professionals. It offers 4 programming methods which include manual create, auto-create, copy by activation, and copy by OBD. To activate sensors, this device utilizes 125 kHz modulated or continuous wave signals. In addition, the ts601 receives both 315 MHz and 433 MHz signals.

Rechargeable battery

With a battery of its own, expect this TPMS tool to last for several hours as you work on different vehicles. It is powered by rechargeable a 2400 mAh, 3.7V Li-polymer battery.

Software updates

Acquiring this tool means that you will utilize it for many years to come as it can be updated. This unit has free updates which help in improving the features and coverage. The software update is free for the first year and after that, you will have o pay for them.

Updating this TPMS tool is simple as you only need to connect the tool to your computer and download the updates from the Autel official site. Of course, you need to have the internet to complete the update process.
Check Today’s Price
Additional accessories

Besides having exceptional features, this gadget also comes with an SD card, OBD 2 cable, magnet, charger, CD, carry case, and user’s manual.


Additional accessories

Besides having exceptional features, this gadget also comes with an SD card, OBD 2 cable, magnet, charger, CD, carry case, and user’s manual.
What we liked of Autel ts601 tpms diagnostic service tool?

Comes with a multilingual menu
Features a rechargeable Li-polymer battery
It is the most powerful TPMS diagnostic and service tool
Easy to use with clear buttons and intuitive design
Extended vehicle coverage
Performs OBD 2 functions
Performs a wide range of functions
Free software updates for enhanced diagnostic functions
One-year warranty

What we didn’t like of Autel maxitpms ts601 tpms?

The manual is not well-written and may be confusing to newbies
The device only supports Autel sensors

Bottom line
Autel ts601 is a TPMS tool as well as an OBD 2 code reader. This unit is built to work on TPMS and offer users with direct access to the vehicle’s OBD system, hence enabling users to program the senor, read live data, retrieve or clear TPMS DTCs, and perform special functions.

The ts601 tool is ideal for professionals and not beginners due to the wide range of features that it offers. It is easy, fast and very accurate in diagnosing TPMS sensors. Besides, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty and free software updates, which last for a year.

Question: Can this TPMS tool work with OEM sensors?
Answer: The Autel ts601 will work with any Autel sensors. However, this tool can only read from OEM sensors but cannot rewrite them.

Question: Will the Autel ts601 work on my car?
Answer: Check on the Autel compatibility list if your car make and model is compatible with the Autel ts601 TPMS tool. Nevertheless, this unit has built-in software to work with all the modern domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. Additionally, it works with the latest car models.

Mitsubishi MUT-3 Diagnostic Tool

Top 5 Reasons To Get MUT 3
1. Software Version: V2014.3
2. Supported Languages: English, French, Spainsh, Thai,Vietnamese, Czech, German, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Chinese
3. Supported Both Diagnosis and ECU Program
4. Support Both Cars and Trucks, Cars before Year 2013, Trucks before Year 2012
5. Update By CD

IE Requirement: IE6.0 or 8.0

MUT-3 Advantage:
1. Never lock machine
2. Free update
3. With CF Card
4. Support gasoline vehicles(car) and Diesel vehicles( trucks, bus),
Operation system: Windows xp
IE requirement: IE 6.0 or 8.0

MUT-3 Description:
A personal computer (PC) is connected to the MUTIII unit and used as a system’s control terminal, and communicates with a vehicle ECU through the VCI. In addition to being able to handle all diagnosis functions covered by the conventional MUT-II tester, the MUT-III system can display data as easy-to-understand diagrams and graphs on a large screen of the PC. Unlike the MUT-II, the MUT-III can retain data on all vehicles, from old to new models, classified according to destination in the PC’s hard disk. This eliminates the awkward but essential job with the MUT-II, of switching the data list (communications protocol data and diagnosis item list database) by replacing the ROM pack with another according to the vehicle model and year model.

MUT-3 Function:
New functions that make use of the advantages of the PC are also being developed. For example, the workshop manual viewer is a useful function for mechanics as they no longer have to carry around a thick manual and search for relevant pages while working on a vehicle. The workshop manual viewer is currently available for certain vehicle models, and allows users to retrieve the pages containing the failure code for a particular problem at the push of a button.

MUT-3 Set Includes

1 Vehicle Communication Interface (V.C.I.) (MB991824)
A communication interface used to connect the vehicle ECUs and the PC.

1) When connected with the PC
-Vehicle diagnosis (Interactive fault diagnosis)
-SWS communication; CAN communication support
-Drive recorder
-Volt, Ohm, measurement
-Fuel pressure measurement (Not available in US)

2) When used with the V.C.I.unit (disconnected from PC)
-V.C.I. Stand-alone diagnosis
-Drive recorder
-ECU reprogramming
-Volt,Ohm measurement
-Belt Tension measurement

2 Memory Card
Stores data for ECU reprogramming, drive recorder, etc.

This is a standard, off-the-shelf memory card. The one provided (with reprogramming data) is a Compact Flash memory card (MB991853) inserted into the CF card adapter (MB991939).

3 M.U.T.-III Main Harness A (MB991910)
Used when connecting the V.C.I. with vehicles that have only one 16-pin diagnosis connector.
-Supports fault diagnosis and ECU updating on the above-described vehicles
-Supports the CAN communication system

4 M.U.T.-III Main Harness B (MB991911)
Used when connecting V.C.I. with vehicles that have a16-pin + 12-pin or 16-pin + 13-pin diagnosis connector.
For models equipped with only 12-pin (or 12-pin + 12-pin)diagnosis connector, connect the M.U.T.-II adapter harness(MB991498) to the end of this harness in the same as M.U.T.-II, and power is supplied from the cigarette lighter socket.

Packing List:
1 x MUT-3 Main Unit
1 x USB Cable
1 x Cable for Truck
2 x Cable for Car
1 x OBD Cable for Car
1 x OBD Cable for Turck
1 x CD
1 x Plastic Case

SD Connect C4 DoIP vs Xentry Connect C5 vs Benz VCI C6 vs C6 OEM vs Benz ECOM vs VXDIAG Benz

Mercedes Star Diagnostic SD Connect C4 is a decent Mercedes diagnostic and programming tool. But now, it’s  gonna stop production.

Today, we’ll talk about possible alternatives in the market:
*    Benz VCI C6
*    Benz C6 OEM
*    Xentry Connect DoIP C5 (not SD C5 clone)
*    Benz eCOM
*    Alllscanner VXDIAG VCX Plus for Benz
*    SD connect C4 PLUS DoIP


Here’s well discuss all the Mercedes diagnosis tools
*    Benz VCI C6: with dongle, same look as the genuine C6
*    Benz C6 OEM
*    Xentry Connect DoIP C5: not the C5 clone of C4. Software free update by file. DoIP enabled.
*    Benz eCOM: good at diagnosis and programming
*    Alllscanner VXDIAG Benz: features DoIP compatibility
*    SD connect C4 PLUS: works with original Xentry XDOS, DoIP enabled

CAN do:
All supports WiFi connection.
All MB tools here can work for Mercedes diagnosis, coding and programming.
All are confirmed to work with Xentry, EPC, WIS, SD media, Star Finder, PL73
All can work on new Mercedes

Benz VCI C6, Benz C6 OEM, Benz eCOM cannot work with Vediamo and DTS
Benz VCI C6, Benz C6 OEM, Benz ECOM cannot work on old Mercedes.

Detail table comparison