How to obtain Mini ACDP modules authorization by yourself


As we know, when you want to use Yanhua Mini ACDP modules, you need to send the related serial number to distributor engineer to activate. But now, Yanhua Tech Company has added a new function in Mini ACDP App, you can obtain the ACDP software licenses by yourself.

Tips and guides to obtain ACDP modules authorization automatically:

1.Only new modules which has a label with authorization code on the module box can be automatically authorized (e.g Porsche BCM module as below)

2.How to activate ACDP mini software license:

After the ACDP bonded, it shows the device does not obtain the authorization of the relevant function, as shown:

Please operate follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make sure the IOS version is 1.8.4 or above, and the Android version is 3.0.92 or above

Step 2: Take off the green security seal on the module box, and clean up the QR code

Step 3: Make sure the ACDP has bounded successfully,and press “me” in the Mini ACDP APP

Step 5: Select “module list”

Step 6: Press “ADD”

Step 7: Click “Scan QR Code” to start scanning the QR code on the paster or type the authorization card (Capital letters only)

Step 8: Check the authorization card number and press “Submit” after confirmed

Step 9: When the prompt comes with authorization success, press “OK”

Step 10: When the prompt comes with refreshing authorization info success, press “OK”

Step 11: If you want more module authorization info,please press “ADD” for more

Step 12: If you change another phone or PC,after the ACDP bounded, please press “Refresh” to download your authorization info

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