Program Audi Q5 5th IMMO Key with Xtool X100 PAD2

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-1 (2)

How-to: program Audi Q5 5th generation immobilizer key using XTOOL X100 Pad2 via OBD. Both add key and all keys lost are available. Here’s the guide on adding a spare Q5 key with pad2.

Device required:

Xtool X100 PAD2 pro with KC100 adapter in default

A working key

A new key to be programmed

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-1 (2)


In X100 pad2, select VW-> 4th/5th Immobilizer system

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-2 (2)
Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-3 (2)

Turn ON the ignition with one working key
Select 5th Immobilizer System

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-5 (2)
Select Match the Key-> Read Immo key data

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-6 (2)

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-7 (2)
Enter the file name to be saved

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-8 (2)
Turn the ignition on
If lost all keys, open the car headlights, the brakes and then confirm,
Wait for data to be read

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-9 (2)
Read data completed

Press Show Immo data to check the security data

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-10 (2)
Now select Make Dealer Key

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-11 (2)
Plug the KC100 adapter into xtool x100 pad 2 tablet, press OK to continue
Select key type: Create A4/A5/Q5 Key
Put a key that ready to add to kc100’s coil

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-12 (2)

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-13 (2)

Creating key
Writing key

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-14 (2)

Make dealer key success
Take out the key from KC100 adapter
Select Match the key and input the number of keys to match: 2

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-16 (2)

Turn the ignition on
(All keys lost: Insert one dealer key into ignition switch to make it close to the induction coil)

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-17 (2)

Key in ignition will automatically get matched and stored in position 1 of 2

Program-Audi-Q5-5th-IMMO-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-18 (2)
Now remove the key and insert second key to match that in position 2 of 2
Exit key learning
Match the key finished
Check the key for working.

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