How to Reset Nissan Murano 2012 CVT Fluid Count with Consult3

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-15 (2)

Vehicle model: Nissan Murano Z51 3.5L CVT 2012Y
Purpose: reset CVT fluid “life” monitor
Device used:  
You need a professional scan tool to reset the CVT transmission fluid count.  The normal code readers will not work.
Nissan Consult III, Nissan Consult III Plus, Launch x431 V and an Autel ms908p scanner, all of these will do the reset.

Procedure using Nissan Consult III diagnostic tool:

If you are using a clone, Consult 3 plus is better choice.

This procedure is preferably carried out after changing the oil in the CVT .

Launch Starter in which we select Consult-III :

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-1 (2)

Press the Connect button :

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-2 (2)

Choose vehicle model Murano Z51 after 2010.v. and press the Select button :

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-3 (2)
Confirm the selection with the Confirm button :

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-4 (2)
Choose Diagnosis :
How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-5 (2)
Select the type of Can- bus according to the configuration, in this case, the very first, and click the Next button :

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-6 (2)
Click on the tablet (top left):
How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-7 (2)
Choose System Diagnosis :
How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-8 (2)
Click on Transmission and OK :

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-9 (2)
Moving towards Work Support :

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-10 (2)
Click on Conform CVTF Deteriortn and Next :

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-11 (2)
At the moment, the fluid counter shows 7897

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-12 (2)
Click the Clear button and once again agree:

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-13 (2)
Counter reset:

How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-14 (2)
Reset fluid count success with Nissan Consult 3 scanner.
How-to-Reset-Nissan-Murano-2012-CVT-Fluid-Count-with-Consult3-15 (2)

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