How to Configure MB SD Connect C4 PLUS DoIP WiFi Wireless Connection

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New MB Star SD Connect C4 PLUS DoIP diagnostic multiplexer enables WiFi/WLAN and USB connections.  Some of our Japanese customer reported that the doip c4 communicates fast and stable through WiFi. Check the step-by-step wifi setting guide below:

How to Configure mb sd c4 doip WiFi wireless connection?

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Open Administration->SDConnect Toolkit

Select Register/configure tab

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Select the name for SDconnect as 21

Enable both WLAN parameters, workshop and WLAN parameters, road option

Set up IP address, encryption type and key as following:

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-4 (2)

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-5 (2)
mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-6 (2)
WLAN parameters, workshop

IP address:
Network screen:
SSID (network name): workshop
Encryption: WPA2/ASCII
Key: 123456789

WLAN parameters, road
IP address:
Network screen:
SSID (network name): Road24h
Encryption: WEP/Hex
Key: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (26*a)
Press Start button

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-8 (2)

You’ll see WLAN and device status turn to yellow on toolbar

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-6 (2)

You are allowed to print out the SDConnect Toolkit configuration settings as well
Close the MB SD C4 DoIP SDConnect Toolkit

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-9 (2)

Open and install Mars free WiFi Hotspot software on desktop

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-10 (2)

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-15 (2)
set the WiFi name as: workshop and password, then Save
Restart the computer !!!!
WiFi setting is done.

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-14 (2)

Now open the Xentry software on the desktop to start wireless diagnosis

i.e Runs a self-test on a Mercedes Benz C-class W204

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-11 (2)

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-12 (2)

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-11 (2) mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-12 (2)

mb-sd-c4-doip-wifi-setting-13 (2)

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