Paintless dent removal


I want to hear any comments bout this product I never saw before. WOYOSMART Paintless Dent Repair WOYO PDR 007.

I’m not a believer in these types of products, but this one appears to be accepted by the PDR industry. The dry ice method or the heat method have been around for years and only work on certain types of dents. This is using induction heat with magnetic capability to remove “soft” dents. A soft dent is one that doesn’t have any sharp edges, crowns, creases, or on body lines. They are usually created by something hitting the metal straight on and not hard enough to do major damage, but enough to leave a dent.

You need to be able to finish the dent. This tool will over lift the dent creating a mound that needs to be tapped back down flat. Unless you’re familiar with that technique, you could do more damage than good. Also, it’s using induction heat, so you could easily burn the paint if you’re not careful. It might be a good start for light hail damaged cars, but again, each dent still needs to be finished.

Unlike conventional dent repair, PDR is a less invasive process and requires an exceptionally skilled person to do it. Offering you a true fix, it maintains the factory paint and provides a fix that doesn’t cause you any stress about the products used by the technician.

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