Autel AP200 Reset SRS error on 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 906.155


Hey, buddies, Happy New Year 2021. I want to share in case someone was looking for a similar solution. I have a 2018 Airstream Interstate on a 2017 Benz_Sprinter 906.155. During the service done at the dealer, for fixing the Air Ride System (a blown inline fuse), they had to disconnect the batteries and check several things… well, this triggered an SRS error that I only found out about when I went to pick up the AI… and they could not reset it. I was asked to take it to the Mercedes dealer for getting that done who has Sprinter scan tool like Autel scanner… I hate to have to go to the dealer for things I can fix…


I have been looking for a diagnostic scanner that can do most of the tasks for this model year of the Sprinter… something that would not break the bank $$… I already had an inexpensive (21.99) Autel MS309 Universal OBD2 scanner… good if you have nothing else, but limited.

Ran into Sprinter thread and went ahead and ordered the Autel AP200 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader with All System Diagnoses and Service Functions Professional Automotive Scan Tool for iPhone (or Android)… for 59.99USD. I figured that I would give it a try…

Once you receive the Autel AP200 scanner and register with Autel, you get to download one free vehicle diagnostic setup… so be sure to select the correct one! In my case, for my 2017 Sprinter Chassis (2018 AI), it was Benz_Sprinter 906.155

Autel AP200 reader is very small, that you plug into your OBDII port. By this point you have downloaded the software to your phone, connected via Bluetooth and have configured your account (Read this article for more details

I ran the diagnostics… cleared all errors…

For the price and functionality available, can’t be beat.


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