Autel MS906 Reset ISC System for 2009 GM Daewoo

autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-1 (2)

How to use Autel MaxiSys MS906 Diagnostic Scanner to do ISC system reset? This post is performing a 2009 GM Daewoo for an example.

Insert Autel MS906 connector into OBD2 port of the vehicle,

Diagnostics >> GM >> Manual selection

autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-1 (2)
autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-2 (2)

autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-3 (2)

(9)2009 >> Passenger car >> Daewoo >> Others >> K

autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-4 (2)
autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-5 (2)
autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-6 (2)
autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-7 (2)

Diagnosis >> Auto scan

Autel MS906 tablet starts scanning…

Wait until 100%…

Press  “Engine control module”.

autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-8 (2)
autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-9 (2)
autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-10 (2)

Special function >> ISC system >> Reset

autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-11 (2)
autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-12 (2)
autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-13 (2)


autel-ms906-reset-isc-system-for-2009-gm-daewoo-14 (2)

This is a quick demonstration of using Autel MS906 OBD2 Scanner to reset ISC system.

Any questions please contact us.

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