How to Reset All ECU’s and Control Modules in 2005 FORD Explorer


This instruction will show you guide on how to reset all the issues and control modules for your car or truck. This will reset the idol and the shifting adaptation and will help that is you learn all new values from scratch in the computer. Our car is 2005 FORD Explorer , but this should be work for most vehicles except some specific vehicle.



Prepare a jumper wire, remove the negative battery cable


Put a rag and cover negative for isolate it, then put one end of jumper wire on the negative, the other end on the positive.


Leave it for a while, it completely drains all the charge from all the issues. It stays static and the positive circuits will drain into the negative and down to the ground.

After twenty minutes, remove the jumper cable and rag, then put the negative back on.


Turn on ignition and leave it on for about ten to fifteen seconds. Let the ECU relearn that new values.


Turn the key off and turn the key on, cycle the key. Then turn the car on.

Leave it running for about five minute. Turn all the accessories off.

Idling perfectly at about 750-800 rpms.


Go through the gears, from P-R-N-D-3-2-1, 1-2-3-N-R-P twice.


For the next few months you want to drive the car easily, the shifting adaptation learns how you drive and all the values would be properly learned by the ECU’s.

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