How to Recharge Token For The Key Pro M8 Key Programmer

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The Key Pro M8 Key Programmer How to Recharge Token

Following with us , let’s show you the detail steps:




1. After you place order on our website, please also leave us the serial number and password of the key Pro M8. We will ask our engineer to recharge it online in one day.

2. Connect M8 Pro to your computer by USB Cable and make sure your computer is connected to internet. Then update and recharge tokens. Please make sure the internet signal is good and stable.

3. Start the M8 Pro. When you start it, your computer will prompts you “find new hardware”. Please click “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, and then click “Next”.

4. Please tick off “Search for the best driver in these locations” and “Include this location in the search”, and then click “Browse” to choose a installation location. Choose the driver location “browse for Folder” then choose Desktop-“The key pro (M8) driver-OK”.

5. When install driver please choose “continue anway] until you finish installing the driver.

6. After device connected to computer, please start “M8 Tool.exe” (this software we will send you online or you can find it in the M8 cd), input serial number and machine start password, and input the token number you bought (50, 100 or 250). Then click [Update].

7. Wait until update finish. Please do not disconnect from internet or power when updating. If you encounter any error, please contact us.

FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 Key Prog for Nissan Ford Renault FAQ

Do you looking for a key programmer for Nissan, Ford, Renault? Easy to instal and use key programmer? Eobdtool recommend a  4-in-1 FNR Key prog for Nissan/Ford/ Renault.

13875951230 FNR Key Prog 4 in 1 Key Prog for Nissan Ford Renault FAQ

FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 for Nissan Ford Renault equals to Ford key prog+ Renault key prog+ Nissan key prog+ Ford Incode Calculator,very simple and user-friendly software interface, do not need any PIN codes or access to FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 for Nissan Ford Renault support English only, come with Ford key prog v1.1.2  Renault key prog v2.3.1  Nissan key prog v2.3.1 Ford incode calculator v1.0 softwares.


FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 Key Prog for Nissan Ford Renault FAQ:


Q1: I get “NO DONGLE FOUND” error, after install and plug the FNR software and USB Dongle?

A1: You need install the crack file as well, please kindly check and confirm

Q2: When i install the software FNR key prog 4-in-1, i follow the manual to install it, everything is right,
but i still get the error prompt “run-time error 8002invalid port number”, what is the problem?
A2: For this product, usb com port need to set up to com12.
Q3: When it shows error on the screen, I click OK, then I quit the software page, why?
A3: You need to check the chip type, if it is compatible. If yes, that means this tool can not do your car.


Careucar CN900 Series Tools Comparison


Many customers are asking about CN900 car key programmer differences. To help with more customers, here is a comparison chart made by Carecuar for your reference:

 Item No. Description Function
SK94 CN900 Auto Key Programmer CN900 key copy machine supports directly copy 4C,4D,and ID46 chips
SK94-B Copy of CN900 Auto Key Programmer CN900 key copy machine supports directly copy 4C,4D chips
SK103 CN900 4D Decoder With SK103,CN900 can copy 4D chip
SK123 CN900 46 CLONER BOX With SK123,CN900 can copy all types of ID46 chips(must open the ID46 authorization)
SK104 CN900 Key Programmer with 4D Decoder SK104=SK94+SK103
SK124 CN900 Key Programmer with 46 CLONER BOX SK124=SK94+SK123

Key Pro M8 Programmer FAQ

Q.How to unlock SK142 the key pro M8 
A:The detailed steps are as follows:
1. Give serial number and password to our
2. Send us unlock ID and we will give you the right unlock code;
3. Input the code, and the device will be unlocked;
4. The PIN code remains the original one;
5. Copy the documents in the CD to a computer;
6. Power up the device, start it up, connect it to the computer via USB cable and install the device driver;
7. Run M8 Tool.ex;
8. Upgrade the unlock files into the device, for the programs will be cleared after locking.Q:  I want to use the MVP key pro m8 programmer for 2012 maxima and altima? Is it ok?
A: Yes. Their IMMO system are the same. They are in the supported list of the key pro m8.

Q: How to use the key pro m8 to read the security code?
A: Here we put Audi A6 as example:

the-key-pro-m8-read-security-code-1 the-key-pro-m8-read-security-code-2 the-key-pro-m8-read-security-code-3 the-key-pro-m8-read-security-code-4 the-key-pro-m8-read-security-code-5 the-key-pro-m8-read-security-code-6 the-key-pro-m8-read-security-code-7
Then 3206 is the pin code for this car.Q: How to use the key pro m8 to read the pin code for 2011 Nissan Cube Proximity – MVP & TCODE – PRO?
A: Here is the detailed instruction:
1) Use BCM (CAN) to read the code. Such as 123AC

2) Then enter the code to the textbox.

Newest Generation CK-200 CK200 Auto Key Programmer CK100 Update Version

CK100 Key programmer with different versions are always popular in the car key programmer market. But now you can get the newest generation CK200 auto key programmer. It’s latest version is V38.03. Ck200 is with these functions: Meter, Maintain, Gasbag, Remote, Immo and Special Features.


Ck200 key programmer supports multi-Language: Italian, German, French, English, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian. It is with the RFID copier adapter and added more powerful function as the following





REGAL 11-11

VERANO 12-13


CRUZE 11-14

CRUZE [PRX] 12-13

CAMARO 10-13


SONIC 12-13


EDGE [CAN] 11-12




TERRAIN 2010-2013




EX35 [PRX]


G35 [PRX]07-08





MKS[PRX] 09-12

MKT[PRX] 10-12

MKX[PRX] 11-12


CX7[PRX] 10-11

CX9 [PRX] 09-11

MAZDA3 [PRX] 10-11

MAZDA6 [PRX] 09-11

MX-5[PRX] 09-11

RX-8[PRX] 10-11


ALTIMA Cp [PRX] 07-12

ALTIMA Se [PRX[ 07-12

LIVINA [PRX] 07-08




QUEST [prx] 11-

370Z[PRX] 09-10




H.LAND.[PRX] 08-09

H.LAND.[CAN G] 11-13



VENZA[CAN] 09-10


VENZA[PRX] 09-11

YARIS[CAN G ] 2012-2012


Comparing CK100 Key programmer, CK-200 key programmer is much more power function. If you don’t mind those new added function, you can keep purchasing ck100 because it’s really cheap and stable. But if the new added vehicles are necessary for you, no need to hesitate to purchase CK-200 from It would become your best choice for key programming.

New Updated Generation of CK-100 Online V38.03 CK-200 CK200 Auto Key Programmer

New Updated Generation of CK-100 Online V38.03 CK-200 CK200 Auto Key Programmer

4 Highlights to get the CK200 Auto Key Programmer:

1. Updated version of CK-100 Key programmer
2. Latest software version: V38.03
3. New generation Car Locksmith Tools
4. Add more car models in CK-200 Auto key programmer.

CK200 Key Programmer VS CK100 Key Programmer:




More added car model of the CK-200 Key Programmer to check:

BMW EWS and CAS Key programming from EEPROM Dump

Before programming a BMW Key, you need to have a basic understanding of your BMW immobilizer system. BMW immo system can be generally divided into two categories: EWS and CAS.




How to tell your BMW is EWS or CAS immo?

1. Year

1) 2000-2003/04 BMW 3-series, 5-series, 7-series with straight shank remote control key belongs to EWS system, like picture below.


Here is the EWS immobilizer ECU


2) 2004-2006 BMW 3-series, 5-series, Z4, X5, X3 belongs to CAS2 system. CAS2 and CAS3 immo ECU picture display as below. Another Straight shank remote control key (similar to Land rover key) with BMW logo, but in black color, belongs to CAS2 immo system as well.



CAS1: old BMW 7-series

CAS2: 2004-2006 BMW 3-series, 5-series, Z4, X5, X3

CAS3: BMW 3-series, 5-series before year 2010

CAS3+ BMW 3-series after year 2010

CAS4: BMW 5-series after 2010, BMW 1-series after 2011


2. Car key type

CAS1 BMW 7-series should insert the smart card into the slot and press start key.

CAS2 is the straight shank remote control key

If BMW key needs insert smart card into the slot and press one key to start vehicle, all these keys are easier before CAS+., almost of them are CAS3.

CAS4 key no need to insert the smart card to slot, directly press Start button

For example, if your car id BMW X5 2009, it should be CAS3 system.

After confirm your immo type, the next is to pick up a proper key programmer. AK90 key programmer (for all EWS), AK300 key programmer, Car key master, BMW Multi Tool are all good options for BMW key programming. BMW Multi Tool is the most stable and recommended.

BMW Multi Tool key programmer is mainly designed to work on CA1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS+ CAS4. But it newly added EWS key programming if provided with EWS adapter.


CAS1 write key

CAS2: requires demolition, write key after read data

CAS3 and CAS3+: no need demolition

BMW Multi Tool has two key programming options: File Make Key and Make Key online via OBD2.

1) File Make Key:

Select “File Make Key” tab,

Insert new CAS2 key into the CAS Adapter

Do not need to connect BMW Multi Tool with vehicle, only connects it with computer,

Select CAS2

Click Key learning

CAS2 key has been programmed


2) Make Key online via OBD2

Connect BMW Multi Tool with vehicle, then connect with computer,

Select Auto Detect, the system will automatically detect the protocol and type

Click Write EEPROM, then click Save to File…

Click Key Learning.

Then the system will display following message:

Make dealer key- using CAS Adapter (make key using CAS adapter)

Make dealer key-using ignition switch (Turn ignition ON/OFF)

The first way is frequently used.

Click Get Key Info, then the system will display key information. Select any key position number (KeyID3, 4,5)

Insert the new smart card into the CAS Adapter, click “Make Dealer Key-using CAS Adapter”

After that the system will display, select Add key, press Next

Make dealer key successfully.

Plug the original key form key slot, insert the new key into the key slot, the new key is ready to use, the remote can be activated as well.

Click “Synch DME-CAS”