GM Tech2 GM Scanner -CANdi & TIS

Latest version GM Tech2 GM Scanner- Candi interface&TIS working for GM/SAAB/OPEL/ISUZU/HOLDEN or SUZUKI.

The GM Tech2 is the same tester GM Technicians use to diagnose GM vehicles. The Vetronix Tech 2 comes with Authentic GM software and provides support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 to 2013 year! An industry change in protocol from OBD II to Controller Area Network (CAN) has begun. In order to perform diagnostics on a vehicle that uses the CAN interface; you will need the Tech 2 Flash and a CAN diagnostic interface module. The module connects between the Tech 2 Flashs diagnostic link cable and the OBD adapter. Once the module is connected, it can be used on all GM vehicle applications,even those vehicles using other platforms such as OBD I and OBD II.

GM tech2

When you order GM Tech2 in cnauotool website, we can provide you a card (tech2 32 MB PCMCIA memory Card) with any one of these following softwares:

  1. GM-2013 V32.007 software

2.OPEL-(english) 2013 V151.001software

  1. SAAB-2013 software
  2. SUZUKI -2013software
  3. ISUZU-2009 software
  4. Holden export software
  5. Australia Holden software

Notice: TIS together with this unit is Offline TIS,offline TIS is free,it including GM TIS and OPEL TIS can program GM and Opel cars only till 2008. we will offer clear instructions and the cracked file.

Experience with OBD365 NEXIQ 125032 USB Link

nexiq 125032 USB llink

I have had an NEXIQ 125032 USB Link(Xtruck USB Link 125032) which I purchased from OBD2TOOL for around three weeks now and thought I would share my opinion about the product and the supplier with you.

Price and Ordering: Ordered this NEXIQ 125032 trucks and heavy duty scan tool diagnostic tool from OBD2TOOL website for US$290.00, with payment made thru PayPal. Reasonable price and easy payment.

Delivery timeline: Ordered early this month, delivered the next day, and arrived at my door 10 days later. The package was send from China by DHL. The shipping was pleasant but it made me upset as I could not locate my order although the supplier sent an email when order received, processed and shipped.

Package and use: The package arrived in good condition and included all the items it should have. In the past three weeks, I have used it for 8 times to diagnose 3 Volvo, 1 Hino, 2 Isuzu, and 2 SCANIA. It worded especially fast to troubleshoot Hino and SCANIA engine problems.

VW New Bora engine cannot start occasionally

Once I encountered a repair case that a VW New Bora engine cannot start occasionally, but the owner cannot solve the problem and came to me. This New Bora is only riding 800 KM, equipped with BWH engine and there is SAFE message on dashboard.

After connecting vehicle, uses VAS 5054A to diagnose, it read out there is fault code 16897 in engine system. the code means that the starting key error. And got start the prevention system fault code B104V31, which implies the key is not signal. And the other system is normal. According to the diagnostic results, I got the issues maybe caused by key or read coil fault; or prevention start system control unit has gone wrong; or circuit fault.

And then after have a check on circuit graph, it is all right. Check with the other key and the issues still there. It is little possible to have the same fault in the other key, so it might be something wrong with prevention start system control unit.

Troubleshoot: replacement of J285 in prevention start system control unit j362, and use VAS 5054A to direct the function of online matching and try key and troubleshoot finally.

Here I am having a special tip that press TARE button to reset dashboard after have J285 changed. If you have any problem with this engine cannot start occasionally, please leave your message here. I am looking forward to share with you.

test showed clearly top notch OTC 3111PRO Trilingual Scan Tool

By far the most vital will be diagnostic technology, never possibly be very lazy. Once, two times past My partner and i fixed some sort of Bluebird vehicle, there isn’t a rule to help ebony smoke, Launch CReader CRP123 might take a short time back again, perhaps it will take practically nothing twenty-three times, these all of us created a couple of times. This shady mechanic stated, provided that the actual ebony smoke while you place the petrol inside the beat thickness files assortment as well as air movement decrease the final results definitely get in place one time, ebony smoke, as well as My partner and i let the actual repairman these kind of two files taken available, longing, now can be your day’s work longing to determine these kind of two figures as well as identified in which ebony smoke once the air movement is usually out of the blue in place, he or she expected me the right way to can? My partner and i stated you should never exchange, take a look at the actual distinct air movement there isn’t a different difficulty, identified that the air movement range had been interfered together with.

The actual character of maintenance: primary as a preparing, including many different capability demands, such as the principles of using the vehicle, machines, standard studying with English; and then head over to the subject, the 1st step, attract some sort of sapling, fit it recently identified as “fault tree”, beneath some sort of mistake, and then you then have a way to avoid it, it limbs, how an branch it? The single most prevalent methods of partition in line with big systems, for instance, the auto faster some weakness, is unable to afford to run the auto, maintenance people today never for no reason witnessed this kind of illnesses. All of us make a stop working, it has a variety of side effects: primary, not enough motor electric power, the X-100 PAD will probably work not really afford to help; next, there’s nothing erroneous using the tranny? Tranny apparel may well not leap or even some sort of manual tranny slip; 3rd, likewise more than enough electric power, gearbox is also okay, although not as a result of the actual handbrake. Additionally, you will find different personal injuries? The motive force stated, this vehicle have anything otherwise, often really feel far more “meat. ” It’s important to think of it, a smaller amount wheel difficulty more than enough? Steering wheel position, perfect? That the steering wheel position can be a “toe” or even “pigeon”, the auto had been not really up and running, symbolizing the actual California king. These kind of problems ought to assume, loads of personal injuries simply because you can not assume, and so the personal injuries available.

Branch later on examination, easy to deal with, big branch is usually broken down decrease, and then “cut” strategy, to locate some sort of cut-off level, inside a branch in place the actual dagger, immediately there’s nothing erroneous using the motor away from, or even separate out of your gearbox you will find very little personal injuries. There isn’t a difference between the actual motor or even tranny problems, you can do an easy acceleration test out, test showed clearly top notch OTC 3111PRO Trilingual Scan Tool, gearbox is also top notch. All of us have some sort of acceleration test out, is unable to recognize no matter whether Guadang slip, there exists a easy route to work all around outdoors it, would not have detector. Available racecar, the first acceleration of 50 km once the motor acceleration is usually a great deal to determine, now 50 km, the actual motor acceleration is usually a great deal to determine, look at ninety days km once the motor acceleration will be time, as well as quickly should be able to appraise no matter whether the actual motor is usually fine, shattered prohibit mistakes. And then quickly possibly be evaluated just isn’t some sort of mistake for the different branch.

This connector includes are available free

Deleting this a radio station hub console cage was a real ache, actually, When i just about dislocated my own lap! It is not simply the two tabs within the back (attached for you to precious metal supports) this many people are discussing that is difficult,.. although plastic nipple in front! This a radio station hub console black plastic cage can be stopped it is in place just like a vise! This two tabs within the back attached with precious metal encourages hidden by means of foam although it is the top section that is hidden simply lurking behind this rush below this hub air flow port that you need to handle! This rush part appear drained although it is strengthened within the back using bit of shelves to keep this this a radio station hub console black plastic cage it is in place (see impression throughout reflect throughout earliest photo).

During this rush part there is certainly a new prop so to the proper of their slightly plastic nipple this hair this a radio station hub console cage lifeless hub. DRILL DOWN AWAY this plastic nipple! In that case it’ll enable this a radio station hub console cage for you to wiggle by aspect for you to aspect and also there is certainly adequate bend for you to simply take this affordable. In the end you will need to handle the two tabs within the back although today it is easier. When re-installing, this plastic nipple was drilled away using 1/4, hence when re-installing invest a new (rather very low user profile ripped head) bolt and also enthusiast.

This could you have to be a new connector challenge. In some this connector includes are available free and/or this contact within the connector is just not agency. Every one of these SRS lamps is effective off from resistance. Often too high or way too very low. once you learn somebody which includes a MB star/DAS, simply hooks this upward and also study this wrong doing rules. Have to know what exactly it truly is although in the event no-one within driving distance includes a single, appear below this seat and also make certain all of your junctions are sound. this traveling seat have a sensor within the seat cushion for you to detect each time a the baby seat will there be so to definitely not set up this airbag although each time a typical excess fat person can be perched generally there, this sensor can be away and can enable airbag deployment.