AutoBoss V30 Scanner

The V30 automotive diagnostic scanner is the most competitive, full featured European and Asian scan tools on the market today. With our continuous software update, R&D support in troubleshooting and hardware technical support, V30 sets itself apart from all competitors. With its fantastic functionality, it will become your problem solver and a money maker.


Covering late and early model car of Asian, European, American and domestic.
Supporting CAN- BUS diagnosis of Volkswagen / Audi, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Hyundai / KIA
Built-in high / low speed CAN- BUS and single CAN- BUS
Making all CAN- BUS systems available with only one connector
Supporting 5 OBDII protocols and 9 modes
Nissan idle speed adaptation
Immobilization system generation III adaptation of Volkswagen.

1. Live data graphic display

2. Full component activation

3. Read & change ECU coding

4. Setting of adaptation values

5.CANBUS function supported

6. Internet update function

7. HYUNDAI immobilizer

8. Testing report saving function

9. VOLKSWAGON immobilizer III

10. Coding of the new control modules

11. NISSAN idle speed self learning function

12. Multi-language for international market demand

13. Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link

How to use and update AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner


Original autoboss elite v30 super scanner is an extremely easy-to-use and powerful OBD-II tool for repairing business, technicians and DIYers. Here is the quick AUTOBOSS V30 automotive diagnostic scan tool operation guide for beginners including update instructions.

Top 7 advantages of Autoboss v30 scanner:

  1. No computer needed
  2. No software installation
  3. With built-in printer
  4. Cover more than 57 makers, 40,000 vehicle systems
  5. Update online
  6. Many special test functions
  7. Navigation bar easy operation

First of all, check the package:

Autoboss v30 elite comes with SD card, USB cables, battery cable, main cable, connecters, user manual, V30 scanner main unit, printing cable etc.


Universal built-in self mini printer allows to print out the diagnostics results (fault code information, data stream etc)


Simplify press on the power-on button to start up the device and wait a few seconds to load the system


Come to the main menu, each function tab can be easily glanced through the navigation bar



Click “Version” Tab, you are allow to view the Autoboss V30 Elite scanner software version, hardware version and device S/N.



Click “Settings” Tab, you are allowed to change language, self-check, set time etc

NOTE: V30 scanner language:  English (Default), Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian. English is default language, If you need other language, please provide Serial Number to open it.



Click “User Manual” option, the scanner will explain how to access each function, including device warning, change layout, built-in printer setup etc

autoboss-elite-v30-7 autoboss-elite-v30-6


Click “Diagnostic” Tab, you are able to diagnose cars according to vehicle makers. AUTOBOSS E30 OBD2 scanner covers 57 makes, 40,000 vehicle systems. V30 is not just read& clear DTCs, it goes far beyond and accesses the complete vehicle, including: drive line, chassis, body, and the networking/communication modules.

Asia vehicle makes coverage:

autoboss-elite-v30-9 autoboss-elite-v30-8

America car model coverage:


European vehicle makes coverage:



China vehicle makes support:



Select “Special Test” function. Autoboss Elite V30 is able to do special test for some models Renault, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and Fiat. You are able to replace component, reset adaptation data, reset air filter learned value after replacement, activate fuel pump etc for these vehicle models.

autoboss-elite-v30-14 autoboss-elite-v30-15



AUTOBOSS V30 supports one year free update, after that you need to pay 279USD/year.

How to update AutoBoss V30 Elite diagnostic super scanner?

You need to buy Autoboss V30/V30 Elite Security Card for one Year online update Global Version to renew the software.

  1. Log on Autoboss Official Website
  2. Download and install update client software
  3. Run client software
  4. Click “Renewal Setting” button
  5. Scathe panel to get security code
  6. Input product serial number, card number, security code
  7. Click “OK” button to finish
  8. Successfully complete, the expiration date will be automatically extended according to the subscription length on the card.


How to renew Autoboss V30/E30 Elite software subscription

Original AUTOBOSS V30 Elite with built-in mini printer supports one year free update online. But you need to renew the software subscription via security card after one year (12 month). The AUTOBOSS V30 Security Card keeps your Autoboss OBD2 diagnostic tool up-to-date and instant extension of access to latest update downloads.

Autoboss V30 Elite scan tool software renewal instruction:

1)      Log in Autoboss official website

2)      Open update client from desktop shortcut and enter your S/N (Serial Number) and Password.


3)      After clicking [Ok], the Update Client V2.**** program will appear.


If your account is valid, you will be taken to the download screen.

If your account is about to expire within the next 30 days, Autoboss V30 Update Cline program will display “Your account will expire on 20******, please contact local distributor to renew” message shown below:


If your account has expired, the Update Client program will display the expiry information “You account is expired on 20******, please contact local distributor to renew”. Click [OK] to proceed to the download page.


4)      If your account is expired, you will not be able to download Diagnostic software versions released after the expiry date.

Select software exceeded download time limit


5) Press “Renewal Settings” button on the right. Enter the Card Number and Security code from the Autoboss Elite V30 scanner’s Security Card to renew your software subscription. Click [OK] to proceed.


6) Follow the system prompt until the renewal procedure is done.

Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner is a new scanner made by Autoboss(SPX),get the detaeled and servise on

This specific Autoboss Tools instrument succeeds excellent

Initially, I used to be apprehensive whether or not I possibly could manage that instrument as well as not because Pondered never used one particular before. Jack explained, checking out a car problem is not any make any difference regarding correcting the idea as well as not, it absolutely was essentially access any helpful instrument, in addition to Honda HDS appeared to be normally the one.

That instrument is quite user-friendly and uncomplicated. Once getting into that VIN range in addition to complete additional blanks by using my car or truck details, the nuvi started to troubleshoot problem. My car or truck rebooted once Post wiped out that mistake requirements.

I aquired any Auto Scanner Tools essential programmer coming from a owner about Facebook lately. We have been in search of a good possibility to obtain one particular and lastly since it has the value decreased, Post pulled apart that cause without delay.

That SKP900 programmer is actually smaller sized and much more sensitive compared to Post notion. It really is essentially since major since my side. Nonetheless just what it may possibly complete is actually wonderful! Post designed not one but two intelligent tips with regard to 2013 Machine Altima in addition to right now replace a fresh remote computer repair with regard to Ford Explorer 2013 right now without reading pin value because of the instrument may undertake it for me. It is just a plug in addition to perform system and also the entire method procured less than 12-15 units.

I am a person from US ALL, i aquired any SKP900 essential programmer, this specific Autoboss Tools instrument succeeds excellent, effortless to perform in addition to replace practically month-to-month, just what i would like. Then post speak to consumer service, they will explained perhaps post disconnect that replace during bringing up-to-date method, then prompted this concern, they will propose me personally to replace once more.

Finally, post aim to replace once more, no disconnect during entire method. Once replace productively, that tv screen becomes distinct since before, also succeeds excellent right now. They are quite expert owner.