How to Find Passat B6 7 byte CS code wtih FVDI 2018

Here’s the guide to find the 7th byte component security (CS) code in the Passat B6 comfort module.  To perform this operation with FVDI 2018, you need to use proper software. This is impossible if use inappropriate software.

Credit to Mr. Dan Costea.


Read original EEPROM 95320 from comfort module and save.

fvdi-2018-7th-byte-cs-1 fvdi-2018-7th-byte-cs-1

First Attempt:

Select VW software->V24.0->Special Function->Dump Tool->Comfort module component protection data (Passat B6)


Load original EEP dump (tried older EEP read on Aug. 17th, 2019)


Press OK to load dump

FVDI gave error “Cannot decode the comfort module dump. Probably the entered component security is incorrect”


Second Attempt:

This time select VVDI2 software
If system prompts connecting to server failed, just ignore by press Close button
Select VAG V1.2.2 software

System display error Windows cannot find VAGLoader.exe.


Third Attempt:

Select VW software->V24.0->Special Function->Dump Tool->Comfort module component protection data (Passat B6)
This time try new dump read on Sep. 23rd, 2019

Fail to calculate 7th byte CS again.  Cannot decode the comfort module dump either.


Final Attempt:

Close FVDI 2018 Software and run it again.
select VVDI2 software, VAG V1.2.2

this time the VAGLoader launches successfully
Select Passat B6 Comfort Module component protection data (95320)

Press Load File->Load newer EEPROM

Decrypt 95320 dump


Try to Decrypt 95320 dump

Find 7th byte CS code succeed.



FVDI 2018 Tech Support

Professional tech support for FLY FVDI 2018 interface off .


What is the difference between FVDI 2014 2015 2018?


Fvdi 2015 has v7 quickloader and it works with the last 2015 fvdi;

FVDI 2018 has software with v2 quickloader including VVDI Functions For BMW and VAG

What cars are covered by FVDI 2018?

V2018 FVDI for TAG, VW, AUDI, BMW, BENZ, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Volvo, mitsubishi motors, porsche, skoda, seat, vauxhall, dacia, jeep, smart, mini, daf, alfa romeo, lancia, infiniti, lexus, scion, kia, maybach

Have software installation problem with V2018 FVDI?
missing mfc110u.dll? Device not opened? Spawn app failed:1?
Installation tips:
1. close antivirus software; connect FVDI to computer via USB;
2. missing mfc110u.dll? Mfc110u.dll errors are caused by situations that lead to the removal or corruption of the mfc110u DLL file, which is a file associated with Microsoft’s Visual Studio software.. please find the “patch” in installation folder, install all the files in “Patch” folder; the problem will be solved;
3. Device not opened? Spawn app failed:1?
You should connect FVDI to computer before software installation; Reinstall the driver manually to solve the problemUSB driver files locate in installation folder “USB interface”.

Installation error fvdi v2018:


The program cannot start because mfc110u is missing. Dll on the team. Internet reinstall the program to correct the problem

Go to the software installation folder, you’ll find the patch folder, install all files in the folder

: C:\ program files (x86)\abries \ patch

FVDI V2018 with error: “the device has been deactive”

The Quick Loader V2.0 is out of service, and you have to reinstall V3.0 software!!
V3.0 download link:!KRBzVIrD!uE0ZGjYAbTv0sEZPQjLN0jejex_yI0IF9R3Wad21f7g

Use Chrome browser to download directly, no need install Mega software.

How to renew 722.9 with FVDI Commander Mercedes-Benz?
In order to renew a specific 7-Gear control unit out of the car it is necessary only to connect the CAN pins of the 7- Gear unit, as well as the GND and +12V pins. The wiring of the 7-Gear units is the following:

Pin1: CAN-H

Pin2: CAN-L

Pin4: +12V

Pin5: GND

7-Gear database download link:!7JJxDAaC!GmjjzZzRY7Bd323ezjiVstQnu_94zQURLE9CIIJrhps

Do you have any good success with FVDI 2018? same sw as 2015?

his 2018 version has the same software versions as the 2015 version except that has updated software for VAG and BMW/Mini which is from the VVDI software. IMMO 4 and 5 key programming is working. Only tested on 2012 Scirocco 2.0 TSi and 2014 Audi A5 2.0T.

Mercedes software still has bugs for odometer correction. W204 did not work.

Overall it is good value for money. Not as good as OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD for keys and odometer but has many better functions like programming and calibrations.

Where to but FVDI 2018 of good quality and at the best price?

Here you go…


How to Program Maserati Quattroporte 2004 All Keys Lost

A Maserati Quattroporte 2004 owner has lost all keys, straight remote key. Here is the locksmith solution on how to program a new key.

First try some OBD2 key programmers, SKP900, OBDSTAR X300, all failed. You have to remove BDM to write key.


Main steps:
1.Remove BDM

Quattroporte BDM is located under the dashboard. Open the shell, find out and locate CPU.


Xprog-M box higher version and VVDI Prog do have this cpu listed, but don’t have connection pinout. Spent a long time to analyse the CPU External alignment and finally connected it. It requires technical skills as well.

Read MC9S12 MCU eeprom via Xprog

Read eeprom data and save it.

9-3 9-4

2 Write key.

Key Programmer options: TM100,FLY FVDI2 or OBD Terminator
Example by using FLY OBD Terminator

Open Tag key tool to write key


TAG key tool has similar menu as VVDI2
Select region Europe, Quattroporte,Quattroporte,2004-9S12

Upload eeprom

TAG software will display original key data
select a unused key position

place an ID48 into coil to write key


It will generate new key data.
Re-write the new key data back to CPU.
Reinstall BDM and start key with the new chip key.



If you need to program remote ,you can enter Fiat system and follow screen prompts to program.

How to Install & Use FVDI2 Based Diagnostic software V1.7 for VAG

This blog will guide you on how to install FVDI2 software V1.7 and how to use the software to read DTCs.

Part1: Installation

O.S: Windows XP (SP2 or later) Professional Version, Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8 Professional

Insert CD and open software V1.7


Select language English and click [OK]


Click Next and Install


Installing, wait for a while…


At the end of the installation, it will pop out the interface of selecting setup language, click [OK] to continue


Then setup FVDI2 J2534 Driver, click [Next] and [install] to setup


Setup FTDI CDM Driver, click [Extract]


Click [Next]


Select [I accept this agreement] and click [Next]


Successfully setup the driver, click on [Finish]


Completing FVDI2 V1.7 software setup, click on [Finish]


Part2: Diagnosis

First of all, connect FVDI 2 with laptop. Picture shown as follow:


Right click Computer-> Manage->Device Manager->Ports(COMS&LPT)

The USB Serial Port is COM4


Then open [FVDI2 Based Software] on the desktop

Select [FVDI2] on the top menu, click VW icon and wait…


Select version V24.0 and click on [close]


Wait for a while, it is connecting to the interface


Click on vehicle selection

Select Standard scan for modules and you can choose vehicle types now


Engine Control module-> open


Read DTCs