Why should you choose obd2tool AUTEL MaxiSYS MS906BT?


Autel Maxisys MS906BT is one of the best Profesional Automotive Diagnostic Tools in the market for technicians and professional mechanics.


Tablet Specifications



Compare AUTEL MaxiSYS MS906 with AUTEL MaxiSYS MS906BT






The Autel Maxisys MS906BT and Maxisys MS906 have the same OBD scanning and testing capabilities. They both support reading/clearing codes, live data, actuation tests, ECU coding, and adaptations. Plus they look a whole lot similar in physical appearance.


However, the latter just gets the edge over its predecessor in terms of overall functionality. For instance, it can connect to a car’s OBD system using VCI. That is a wireless connection which basically allows you higher mobility.


MS906 has the same apperance with MS906BT, but MS906BT has a few advantage than MS906:

  1. MS906BT is installed Bluetooth, allowing diagnosis wirelessly.
  2. MS906BT’s diagnostic coverage includes premium vehicle brands such as Maserati and Bentley, which would be required for high-end service shops.
  3. MS906BT supports oscilloscope and digital inspection camera add-ons which are not supported by MS906.
  4. Finally, MS906BT has the capability to perform coding for covered vehicles.


Autel MS906BT Detailed Review

Android OS

The scanner runs on an open-source Android operating system (OS). It also features a powerful Exynos 6-core processor with amazing multitasking abilities. That is why it is very fast to boot up and run scans/tests.


Full-Service Scanner

You can use this scan tool for all OE-level OBD2 diagnostic tasks. That includes reading/erasing codes, live data, freeze frame data, active tests, ECU information, matching, adaptation, data logging, ABS Bleeding, Oil Reset, TPMS Programming, and so much more. The Smart AutoVIN technology makes it so easy to identify a car.


Extensive vehicle coverage

As one of the leading professional automotive diagnostic scanners, the MS906BT is compatible with so many car makes and models. You can use it on over 80 brands of US, EU and Asian-made car models with OBD2 systems.


Advanced user support

The comprehensive help and support you get when using the Maxisys MS906BT is yet another reason why it qualifies as one of the best professional automotive diagnostic scanners.

Fitted with a Wi-Fi module, you can go online to browse for verified diagnostic and repair tips for any vehicle. Even better, the MaxiFix community (used by Autel customers) is a great platform for getting proven fixes and recommended parts.

In case you need further assistance you can reach the manufacturer directly using interactive data logging. They will give you troubleshooting, diagnostic and repair guidance to help you get any job done.


Superb construction

First things first, the MS906BT is well-sized for portability. It measures 25.6 x 16.7 x 7.4 inches and weighs 19.25 pounds. Not so different from a tablet.

As a matter of fact, the 7-inch LED touchscreen will leave you feeling like you are using an ordinary tablet. The 1024 x 768 resolution displays images with unmatched clarity.

Besides that, the built-in lithium-polymer battery allows you up to 14 hours of continuous use without charging. That is a lot more time than you will get in other professional automotive diagnostic scanners.

Finally, the scanner supports USB connection and also features audio and auxiliary connectivity ports.

How to register,activate and use Lonsdor KH100 Remote Maker Key Programmer?

Lonsdor KH100 Features:

1.All-around Functions:  Basically cover all

2.Built-in Super Sensor: No interference within 1m when collect data

3.Help Notes: Diagram & text makes operation easier

4.WiFi Module:  Networking one-click update


Lonsdor KH 100 Function List:

1.Identify Copy

2.Chip Simulation

3.Remote Generation

4.Remote Frequency

5.Access Control Key

6.Chip Generation

7.Coil Identification

8.Special Function


Lonsdor KH100 Registration:

1.For the first use, please prepare a common call phone or email to help complete activation process, click OK to start.

2.Boot the device and enter registration activation process.

3.Input user name, password. Confirm password, cellphone number or email to obtain verification code. Then input the code to submit registration.

4.Account registered successfully, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.

5.Successful registration, enter the system.


Lonsdor KH100 Activation:

1.For the first use, please prepare a registered call phone or email to help complete activation process, click OK to start.

2.Boot the device and enter registration activation process.

3.Input your registered mobile number or email, password to obtain verification code.

Then input the code to submit login.

4.Account login succeeded, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.

5.Successful registration, enter the system.

In addition, users who have already registered Lonsdor’s product can directly choose [registered user] to activate account.


How to Use Lonsdor KH100?

When complete the registration and activation, it enters below menu interface:



1.Identify Copy

Enter this menu, follow system prompts to operate (as shown).



2.Access Control Key

Enter this menu, follow system prompts to operate (as shown).





3.Simulate Chip

Put KH100’s antenna at the ignition switch(as shown), choose the corresponding chip type to simulate. This device supports below chip types:

①4D           ②46           ③48



4.Generate Chip

Put below types of chip into the induction slot(as shown), choose the corresponding chip to operate according to the prompts.

This device supports below chip types:

①4D             ②46                ③48                 ④T5

⑤7935         ⑥8A                 ⑦4C                ⑧Other



Note: some chip data will be covered and locked.


5.Generate Remote

Enter [Generate key]->[Generate remote], choose the corresponding vehicle type to generate remote control(as shown) according to different regions.



6.Generate Smart key(card)

Enter [Generate key]->[Generate smart key] menu,choose the corresponding vehicle type to generate smart key/card(as shown) according to different regions.



7.Identify Coil

1)Search smart induction area

Connect remote key with remote connector, Put Lonsdor Key Programmer KH100’s antenna close to the pre-determined position. If inductive signal is identified, the device will continuously make sounds, please check if the position is right(as shown below).



2)Detect IMMO

Connect remote key with remote connector, Put KH100’s antenna close to key identification coil, and use key to turn ignition ON. When KH100 buzzer beeps, it means signal is detected.



8.Remote Frequency

Enter this menu, put remote control at the device’s induction area to detect remote frequency.



9.Special function

Include: detect infrared signal, unlock Toyota smart key,

More functions, to be continued…

1)Detect infrared signal

Put remote control at the infrared signal detection area, press the remote’s button once. When the light on KH100’s screen is on, it indicates there is infrared signal,otherwise there is no signal(see below pic).



2)Unlock Toyota smart key

Put in smart key, click OK to operate.


Newest software!!!CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter III Cat Communication Adapter 3 2019A Version

1.Latest Version:2019A

2.Supported Operating System: Windows 7 32 bit, Wnidows 7 64 bit, Windows 8/8.1 32 bit, Windows 8/8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 32 bit, Windows 10 64 bit

3.Supported Language:Chinese(Simplified),Danish,German(Germany),



What’s New

What’s New – 2019A

ECM Naming Changes

Certain ECMs connect to the service tool over two data links at the same time. The service tool shows a message popup when the ECM is only detected on one link. The service tool has been changed to add the text **INCOMPLETE** in the ECM name when the connection is incomplete. Service tool features that display a connection icon also use a new icon for an incomplete connection.


What’s New – 2018C

No significant new features or feature enhancements


What’s New – 2018B

CEOS Fleet Configuration File TOP

A CEOS (Customer Electronic Option Selection) Fleet Configuration File can be created/modified for an engine using the Service Tool. This is available in connected and disconnected mode.

Error When Launching Service Tool

There is a Microsoft issue with upgrading libraries during an installation involving certain versions of the C++ redistributable. After a successful service tool installation, when trying to run the service tool for the first time, one of the following errors may occasionally appear: “The entry point could not be located in api-ms-win-crt-runtime” or “The program can’t start because mfc140u.dll is missing from your computer.” If either of these messages is displayed, please let us know and we will send you to step by step troubleshooting guide. This procedure requires administrator rights.

Service Tool License Corruption Issues with Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 updates 1709 and 1803 will corrupt service tool licenses. Future Window 10 updates may do the same

If either of license error messages is displayed, please let us know and we will send you to step by step troubleshooting guide.


What’s New – 2018A

Trainer Update – 988K XE Wheel Loader

The 988K XE Wheel Loader has been added to the Trainer application.


What’s New – 2017C

Preferences Option to Save a Product Status Report to PDF

The Preferences dialog for the Product Status Report has changed. The dialog contains a new checkbox to automatically save a Product Status Report as a PDF file when the report is created. The service tool will continue to automatically save Product Status Reports as an XML file.


What’s New – 2017B

Product Status Report Updates

The Product Status Report has been updated to include certain history features supported by the ECM, such as the after-treatment Regeneration History and the Service Test History.

Winflash Screen Update

The screen for the Winflash feature has been updated. A new Expand All button opens all sections of the screen to show all details for ECMs detected by WinFlash. A new Collapse All button hides all sections of the screen, except for header rows showing detected ECM names.


2019A Cat ET Diagnostic Software Display:

2019A Cat Caterpillar ET Cat ET 3 Software-1

2019A Cat Caterpillar ET Cat ET 3 Software-2

2019A Cat Caterpillar ET Cat ET 3 Software-3

How to install software of SVCI JLR DoIP SDD Pathfinder Jaguar and Land Rover on Win7 ?

This is installation procedure for JLR DoIP SDD:

Right click on “SDD_157_Full” and choose “Run as administrator.



Choose Language:

Chinese (simplified),


English (United States)

French (standard)





Portuguese (Brazilian)

Portuguese (Standard)




Click on “Next” to go on…

SDD V157 install requires the newest Adobe Reader, click “OK” to update.



It pops up “Would you like ActiveCGM to be the default TIF viewer?

Click on “No”.


Click on “HV Safety” to setup.




SDD is configuring your new software installation.



Install MOXA UPort 1110/1130/1150 Windows Driver Ver1.6 on your computer.

Click “Next”, then “Install”, then complete.



SDD is configuring your new software installation, it will take several minutes.

InstallShield Wizard complete.

Restart the computer.


Back to DVD, right click on “SVCI DoIP D-PDU and Passthru Driver Set…”

Choose “Run as administrator”.


Select Language (English and Chinese only)


Click on “Next”;

Click on “Next”;

Click on “Next”;

Click on “Install”;

Click on “Finish”, complete the SVCI D-PDU and Passthru Driver Setup Wizard.



Plug SVCI DoIP cable into the computer, wait until the device is ready to use.



Right click on “Computer” – “Manage” – “Device Manager” and if you can see “COM5” , that means SVCI DoIP cable has established a good communication with the computer.


Right click on “JLR SDD” and choose “Run as administrator“.

Launching SDD.




Continue (SVCI DoIP cable is allowed to connect network connection)


Enter dealer information.


Click on “Continue“, you can notice “Device Connected“.


Click on “AutoVIN Read“.


High line instrument cluster.


Click on “Diagnosis“.


Choose “System” (SVCI DoIP can access to Land Rover L319 Chassis, Powertrain, Electrical, Body etc).


View DTCs for PCM module.



Market specification.


Loading recommended Candidates.


DTCs by ECU.


As you can see SVCI DoIP JLR can also perform service Functions.

VXDIAG MB SD Connect C6 MB Star C6 Benz Diagnostic Tool with DOIP&AUDIO Function

VXDIAG For XENTRY Diagnosis VCI is the latest interface for For Mercedes & SMART vehicles can replace Star C4/C5. VXDIAG For XENTRY Diagnosis VCI acts as a Pass-through Interface, also called Star C6, For Benz C6 multiplexer to provide complete communication between a vehicle and the VXDIAG For XENTRY software loaded on a PC.

VXDIAG MB SD Connect C6 XENTRY Diagnosis VCI Overview:

Compatible Software: XENTRY/Das Software

Support Vehicle: Mercede For Benz & Smart vehicles

DoIP: Support DoIP

Functions: Star Diagnostic & programming (SCN Coding)

XENTRY Software Show:





XENTRY Diagnosis VCI Summary:

The new VXDIAG For XENTRY Diagnosis VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) multiplexer serves as the interface to the vehicle when performing diagnosis and repairs, and programming electric and electronic on-board vehicle systems.

The VXDIAG For XENTRY Diagnosis VCI does not have its own PC core, battery, fan, or display. It is operated using the VXDIAG For XENTRY Diagnosis Pad via WLAN or a USB cable connection.





Honda Diagnostic System FAQs How to use HDS for diagnosis, reprogramming, key making

Look here: Honda Diagnostic System HDS user manual by questions and answers:
HDS hardware
HDS software
HDS diagnosis
HDS reflash
HDS subscription

Q: Is the Bosch MVCI or Denso DST-I compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10?
A: Yes, Windows 7 Professional (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8, 8.1 Professional (32 and 64 bit), and Windows 10 Professional (32 and 64 bit) are supported.
Q: Can I use the new HDS software with the HIM or GNA600
A: No, the GNA600 ONLY work with HDS software old version 2.027.003:

For HDS new version 3.102.004, you should use it with HIM:

Q: Is a J2534 interface device (such as those supplied by Actia, Blue Streak Electronics, Bosch, Drew technologies, Ease Diagnostics, Snap-on, etc.) compatible for programming key and code information?
A: No, generic J2534 devices are for re-programming only and must use the Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming (J2534) software. For further information, refer to your device supplier’s documentation or website.
Q: Can I use a generic J2534 interface device (such as those supplied by Actia, Blue Streak Electronics, Bosch, Drew technologies, Ease Diagnostics, Snap-on, etc.) with HDS?
A: No, HDS software will only work with a PC and the Modular Vehicle Communications Interface (MVCI) or HIM.
Q: Can I connect the Bosch MCVI or DENSO DST-i unit to my HDS computer in WiFi mode?
A: Yes.

PC requirement

Q: Can I use a MAC instead of a PC for HDS?
A: No. Look here: the system requirements

Personal Computer (PC)
Laptop or desktop computer
Intel or AMD processor: 2.0 GHz or higher
Keyboard & mouse
Memory (RAM): 1GB or higher
Hard Drive Space: 20 GB or more
Floppy Drive: not required
USB: 1.0 or higher
Network Card: 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
Optical Drive: 8x DVD-ROM
Video Resolution: see Display Requirements
Sound Card: 1 channel audio or higher
Internal or external audio speakers

Operating System
USA Tool Requirements
HDS software and J2534software:
Windows 7 Professional (32 bit and 64 bit)
Windows 8 Professional (32 bit and 64 bit)
Windows 8.1 Professional (32 bit and 64 bit)
Windows 10 Professional (32 bit and 64 bit)

Canada Tool Requirements
Windows 7 Professional (32 bit and 64 bit)
Windows 8 Professional (32 bit and 64 bit)
Windows 8.1 Professional (32 bit and 64 bit)
Windows 10 Professional (32 bit and 64 bit)

Recommended display resolution is 1024 x 768 with the large font setting.
800 x 600 will work, but some procedures work better at the higher resolution.

Web Browser
ServiceExpress requires Internet Explorer 10 or 11; Chrome ver.44*, Firefox Ver.40, Safari Ver.8

Earlier versions of Internet Explorer are not supported.
Netscape, AOL are not supported.
Internet connection: 56k or faster.

Viewer Requirements
ServiceExpress requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 11 or higher.
To download the latest version of Acrobat Reader, click here
NOTE: Uninstall prior versions of Acrobat Reader before installing the recommended update. For more detailed information about Acrobat Reader, please visit www.adobe.com
ServiceExpress requires Adobe SVG Viewer version 3.03 or higher when using Internet Explorer or Edge.
To download the latest version of Adobe SVG Reader, click here
NOTE: For more detailed information about Adobe SVG Reader, please visit www.adobe.com.
ServiceExpress requires PDF Viewer extension when using Chrome.
To download the latest version of PDF Viewer extension, click here and search for PDF Viewer.

Internet Explorer Settings
Cookies must be enabled
Javascript must be enabled
NOTE: Uninstall prior versions of Acrobat Reader before installing the recommended update. For more detailed information about Acrobat Reader, please visit www.adobe.com.

Note: These are generally the default settings for Internet Explorer.

HDS Diagnostics
Q: What is the cost of the various diagnostic software subscriptions?
A: Click on the “Tools Info” tab at the top of the ServiceExpress web-page for pricing and other tool related information.
Q: How do I install HDS software and what are the requirements?
A: Windows 7 32 bit is the one tested by pros. For HDS installation, pls watch the video:
Q: How do i get the HDS software and the updates?
A: The HDS software download link can be found here: https://mega.nz/#!Dg8zlA4a!gOBtngVnZa-Hqt03j8ORb64GGKXT0UhWQINOsTg-280. When software updates are released, you can get new links on the official blog: https://www.obd2tool.com/blog.
Q: Can I install HDS software and other OEM’s diagnostic software on the same PC?
A: This may or may not be possible, depending on the other OEM’s software. You may need to uninstall the other diagnostic software in order to use the HDS.
Q: Will HDS software work with interface devices other than the MVCI, such as J2534 devices, HIM, GNA600, Ford VCM, etc.?
A: No, HDS will work with the MVCI and HIM diagnostic tool.
Q: Does the HDS software package retrieve codes for ABS, AIRBAG, and CHECK ENGINE?
A: It depends on the year of the vehicle. Some older vehicles may not have the capability. Consult the Service Manual for specific model and year.

HDS Reprogramming (Reflash)

Q: How do I reprogram the ECU?
A: Both HIM clone and genuine can do ECU reprogramming for Honda.
Q: Is there an easy way to find out if there is updated programming for an ECM/PCM/ECU of a specific make or model?
A: No, you have to install and run one of the supported update applications with the required hardware.
Q: Are all vehicle ECM’s, PCM’s, and ECU’s reprogrammable?
A: No, ECM/PCM reprogrammability was phased in between 2001 and 2005. All 2006 and later models ECM/PCMs are reprogrammable. The reprogramming software will indicate whether an update is available.
Q: I have a J2534 interface device. How do I purchase software?
A: Click on the “Tools Info” tab at the top of the ServiceExpress web-page, then click on Free Download in software column for the “Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming (J2534).
Q: I currently have a MVCI and HDS software. How do I get the ECU update for a 2004 Acura RSX?
A: You must have the latest HDS software installed on your PC. If an update is available, the software will recognize this and prompt you to install it.
Q: What other control modules can I reprogram besides the PCM and ECM?
A: CM Update Mode (from the MVCI, included with HDS software) and The Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming (J2534) software will reprogram powertrain and non-powertrain ECU’s such as PGM-FI, AT, SRS, electric power steering (EPS), ABS, etc.
Q: What is the meaning of error code 53 when trying to reprogram a control module?
A: The ECU you are trying to update is not reprogrammable, or is not properly installed.
Q: What is the difference between ‘Control Module Initialization’ and ‘Control Module Reprogramming’?
A: ‘Control Module Initialization’ is done after replacing the existing module with a new one. ‘Control Module Reprogramming’ is reprogramming (aka, re-flashing) or updating the existing original module in the vehicle.
Q: Can I reprogram a Control Module (ECU) unit that is not sold through Honda?
A: It is possible. However the Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming (J2435) software has only been tested and confirmed using Honda genuine ECUs. Aftermarket or Remanufactured ECUs should be reprogrammed at your own risk.


Q: Can a J2534 compliant interface device and the Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming (J2534) software be used to add a keyless entry transmitter/key?
A: You can have a VXDIAG VCX Nano Honda or FVDI J2534 for diagnosis and programming. Both are confirmed to work!
Q: I’m currently a certified locksmith. Can I reprogram keys with the HDS software?
A: Yes, provided you are registered with ALOA and have a current ServiceExpress Security Professional subscription.
Q: How do I get the software to initialize replacement modules and what is the charge?
A: If your shop has a MVCI, HIM or GNA600 interface, the PCM Initialization software is free of charge.
NOTE: If you are trying to reprogram ECM/PCM/ECU’s or replace lost keys, this software will not work.
Q: I currently have the Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming (J2534) software. Will that allow me to replace the ECM/PCM?
A: No, the Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming (J2534) software is for reprogramming (reflashing) only.
Q: What is the difference between ‘Control Module Initialization’ and ‘Control Module Reprogramming’?
A: ‘Control Module Initialization’ is done after replacing the existing module with a new one. ‘Control Module Reprogramming’ is reprogramming (aka, re-flashing) or updating the existing original module in the vehicle.
Q: How do I get a decent diagnostic tool for HDS? For personal use.
A: If you just look for a working tool for functionality, it’s good to have a HIM china clone. It’s much cheapter than the dealer but share the same function.

Q: How do I subscribe to the Honda Diagnostic System software?
A: Click on the “Tools Info” tab at the top of the ServiceExpress web-page for pricing and other tool related information.
Q: Is reprogramming software included with a ServiceExpress subscription?
A: No, Reprogramming software for J2534 compliant interface devices is available free of charge. Please see Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming (J2534) software on the Tools Info tab. A Service Express subscription is not required.

JLR SDD V157 where to download driver and how to setup on win7 8 10

JLR SDD V157 software is tested working greatly with all Mangoose JLR interfaces & JLR DoiP VCI . uobdii.com is generous to share the Mongoose driver so that the computer find a driver for it for the Mongoose JLR, also share the Patch so that SDD V157 full software needs no register before using to diagnose.  JLR SDD V157 can be installed on win7 8 10 32 bit.

In this post, you will read:
Part 1: JLR SDD V157 where to download full software, driver & patch?
Part 2. How to install SDD V157 with JLR DoiP VCI?
Part 3: JLR SDD V157 Reviews
Part 4: JLR Mangoose SDD VS JLR DoiP VCI

Part 1: JLR SDD V157 where to download full software, driver & patch:
1). Full software


Download SDD_XXX_Full.exe is ok.


2). Mongoose Driver


No password

100% safe

3). Patch



No password

100% safe

JDD V157 Released year and data: 2019 year

OS: Win7 8 10 32bit

SDD V157 Language:

German, Russian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, English, Simplified Chinese.

SDD V157 updates:

Software optimization

SDD V157 functions and car list:

Jaguar /Land Rover – Symptom Driven diagnostic software

Software for the diagnosis and repair of cars Jaguar, Land Rover.

For Land Rover: L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L538 etc.For Jaguar: X100, X150, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400 etc.

Jaguar and Land Rover Years Covered: 2016-2018

SDD V157: how to install on win7 8 10?

Note: the method to install SDD V157 with JLR DoiP VCI is different with that to install SDD V157 with JLR Mangoose cables.

Part 2. How to install SDD V157 with JLR DoiP VCI?

1.Step by step procedure in text:

How to install SDD V157 with JLR DoiP VCI to diagnose Jaguar Land Rover 2005 -2019 year.

Please remember JLR DoiP VCI packages:


2.How to install SDD V157 on JLR Mangoose cables:

Part 3: JLR SDD V157 Reviews

Review 1.

Car model: Land Rover L319 Land Rover LR3\LR4

Engine: 406PN -V6 4.0 Petrol

2006 year


Accessible Control Unit systems:






Read out PCM DTCs.


Review 2: successfully test 2004 XJR

The one I bought came with SDD V143. I had previously understood that V131.03 was the latest version that could be used without an active subscription to TOPix, so I purchased that version of the software separately. But after additional research, I installed the V134 software and it’s working just fine with WiFi turned off (otherwise it wants to try to log on and update itself). The seller stated that V134 only worked with 2005 vehicles and later, but it’s working fine with our 2004 XJR.


Review 3: successfully test 04 X350

When I bought mine, the JLR Mangoose SDD software bundled with the cable was V134, but I had been led to believe that the latest version of SDD that would work without an active TOPix subscription was V131.03, so I purchased that separately from an eBay seller based in the U.K. I later learned that V134 works fine with our ’04 X350 as long as I disconnect the computer from the Internet and reset the computer’s date to August 01, 2012 before I start the SDD program, which I’m running in a Windows XP Pro virtual machine on a Windows 7 laptop. I once let the clock creep up to November 2012 and the software functionality was disabled because “It had been too long since the software was updated.” Resetting the clock to August 2012 restored the functionality.

Review 4: successfully test 2004 XJ8

The software does run in XP mode. And contrary to the seller’s claim that it works only with cars 2005 and newer, it does work with my 2004 XJ8.

While, another user’s test result is: Thus far I can’t get SDD V138 to work with my 04 XJ8, but I’m using a different laptop and my Windows 7 64-bit running a 32-bit XP SP2 VM doesn’t want to take the Mongoose drivers.

To confirm whether JLR Mangoose really work with 04 year Jaguar, I consult in the engineer from JLR factory. He said it is true that a part of users successfully test SDD on some Jaguar from 03 to 04 year, but meanwhile some users fail to test on the same car, take the above 2004 XJ8 for example, one user successfully test, another one fail to test. Therefore, if anyone who want to use JLR Mangoose to test Jaguar before 2005year, you can have a try.

Part 4: JLR Mangoose SDD VS JLR DoiP VCI

1). JLR DoIP VCI works with new models:
Work with all Jaguar & Land Rover models after 2005 year.
Work with the models after 2017, compatible with Pathfinder software application
Work with the models before 2016, support SDD software.
* 14-16MY vehicle lines with Dolp VCI support:
* XE(X760)
* F-Pace(x761)
* F-Type(x152)
* XF(X260)
* XJ(X351)-16MY only
* Evoque(l538)
* Discovery Sport(L550)
* Range Rover(L405)
* Range Rover Sport (L494)

Pre-14MY and vehicles not detailed above will continue to use the current diagnostic system and VCls.
Replacement OBD cable is available.
DOlp VCI OBDII Replacement Cable P/N:1699200366879

2). LR DoIP VCI wins in Pathfinder:
Pathfinder …YES on diagnostic & programming, activation service offline
SDD…YES on diagnostic and programming

3). LR DoIP VCI wins in online programming :
Both SDD software and Pathfinder can be updated to the newest version in the assistance of manufactures’ engineer, and perform online programming.

4). LR DoIP VCI wins in newest software version :
SDD and Pathfinder can be updated to the newest version the same as the original one in the assistance of manufactures’ engineer.

5). LR DoIP VCI wins in Wifi connection.
6). LR DoIP VCI wins in 2 year’s warranty.


Autel MaxiCOM MK908P and MaxiSys Elite is the same thing?

Yes! they share the same functions. both are able to do diagnostic tests and ecu programming
No! they are different in hardware design, like

mk908p has a Samsung Exynos hexa-core processor, while maxisys elite has a NVIDA Tegra 4-PaLUS-1 quad-core processor

mk908p comes with AndroidTM 4.4.2 but the elite with a newer system 4.4.4

mk908p has a bigger lcd screen but the resolution is not so good as the elite

the memory on mk908p is as twice as maxisys elite. mk908p: 64g, Elite: 32g

the elite has usb 3.0 capability but mk908p works for usb 2.0 only.
USB 3.0 offers superior speed and a higher efficiency power management compared to the more common USB 2.0. Also, USB 3.0 ports are backward compatible. But, when a USB 3.0 device is connected to aUSB 2.0 port, the data transfer speeds will be limited to USB 2.0 levels

And there is also a bit difference in the aspect of weight and battery.

Pls look at the chart for details.


Porsche PIWIS II 2 Perform a Forced PDK Update for Porsche

This article show a step-by-step guide on how to use Porsche Piwis Tester 2 to force PDK update for Porsche.


Porsche PIWIS 2 V18.15 V17.500 Free Download

A forced PDK update is required when a vehicle possesses the Q033 ROM and an open campaign update is not visible via the PIWIS tool. This procedure will update the PDK to a Q061 or newer ROM. This update is required to run the latest PDK OTS maps with custom features such as faster shift speeds, sequential shifter stalk, dual paddle to neutral, no kickdown, and no creep. These features would otherwise not be possible running the Q033 ROM.

Applicable Model/Year

2013-2016 Porsche 981 Cayman and Boxster (Base, S, GTS) w/ PDK Transmission

2012-2016 Porsche 911.1 NA Carrera (Base, S, GTS) w/ PDK Transmission

2014-2016 Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S w/ PDK Transmission

Note: The update process does take some time (30 to 45 minutes), so it is important to have a battery charger (10A to 12A recommended, or a charger with a “flash” setting will work) on the car’s battery during this process. It would also be a good idea to keep a charger on the PIWIS II computer as well.


Porsche PIWIS 2 Forced PDK Update Procedures:

1.Connect a battery charger to the car’s battery, put the key in the “ON” position (engine off), and turn on the PIWIS II tool. The Car Diagnostic Tool PIWIS II will need to be connected to the OBD II port at his point as well.
2.At the main menu on the PIWIS II, select DIAGNOSTICS >> 911 >>> 991. Your selection may vary if you have a Boxster/Cayman.

Porsche-PIWIS-II-2-Perform-a-Forced-PDK-Update-for-Porsche-2 Porsche-PIWIS-II-2-Perform-a-Forced-PDK-Update-for-Porsche-3

3.At this point, the PIWIS II will load up the software and prompt you to a new menu.


4.Select the “Transmission Control” unit control. After this is selected, scroll to the right on the top overview bar and select “Programming”.
You can now select “Automatic Programming” and hit the “Next” button on the bottom right of PIWIS II.


5.From here, Unit Documentation and the update will begin, several prompts regarding battery charger use and ignition on will appear. Continue to press the “Next” button on the bottom right to move forward with the process. You can keep an eye on the progress bar on the bottom and Steps listed at the top. Keep an eye on the PIWIS II for any ignition off sequences or need to press the “Next” button.

Porsche-PIWIS-II-2-Perform-a-Forced-PDK-Update-for-Porsche-10 Porsche-PIWIS-II-2-Perform-a-Forced-PDK-Update-for-Porsche-11 Porsche-PIWIS-II-2-Perform-a-Forced-PDK-Update-for-Porsche-12 Porsche-PIWIS-II-2-Perform-a-Forced-PDK-Update-for-Porsche-13

6.When you finish the final step, step 12, an information prompt will appear. Hit “Next” to be shown success programming.

Porsche-PIWIS-II-2-Perform-a-Forced-PDK-Update-for-Porsche-15 Porsche-PIWIS-II-2-Perform-a-Forced-PDK-Update-for-Porsche-16

7.And that’s it, you’re done! This would be a good time to check for any transmission fault codes and clear them if they are present. You can confirm you are on the latest Q061 ROM by selecting the “Transmission Control” function on the main menu and selecting “Extended Identifications” on the top scroller bar.


Farmers are pirating John Deere tractor software to stick it to the man

Many of us have downloaded cracked software from the darker corners of the internet over the years. Remember when the only way to get Photoshop was to buy a $700 license? Yeah, enough said. Some of the most prolific users of cracked software these days aren’t who you think. Farmers across the US are grabbing modified copies of tractor software from sketchy Eastern European websites to get around John Deere’s draconian software restrictions.


Large-scale farming is now a heavily mechanized industry, and some of these pieces of machinery can cost several times as much as your car. John Deere is becoming known as a particularly troublesome company to deal with when you need to make repairs on one of the expensive pieces of farm equipment John Deere Service Advisor you bought. Farmers explained to Motherboard recently how the software running on their tractors make even simple repairs a pain.

John Deere’s tractor firmware prevents the owners from making an unauthorized repairs. Whenever maintenance is needed, an authorized agent needs to swing by and connect to the tractor with diagnostic software. They okay the repair, and the tractor then works. Without that, it’s a very big paperweight. John Deere charges several hundred dollars for service calls, plus $150 per hour for the technician. When techs aren’t available, they have to wait. The alternative many are starting to turn to is pirating the diagnostic software themselves.

Most of the cracked John Deere programs seem to be coming out of Poland and Ukraine. Gaining access involves finding one of the secretive invite-only forums and paying a membership fee. Once inside, farmers can buy John Deere’s software kits for a few hundred dollars — the cost of just a few maintenance checks. The legality of this is questionable. The Librarian of Congress has approved a temporary exemption to the DMCA that allows owners of land vehicles to circumvent locked down software. Doing it with cracked software is a different matter.

The farm-heavy state of Nebraska is one of those pushing right-to-repair legislation, which would render John Deere’s license agreement void. Then, the company would have to sue individual customers for violating the contract if it wanted to enforce it. Naturally, it’s fighting the legislation hard. Farmers fear what will happen if right to repair doesn’t become law.

Will Heavy Duty Scanner get to decided when their tractors stop working by ending repair service? It’s like when a game developer shuts down the online authentication server for that game you bought five years ago. Except instead a game that cost you $40, it’s a tractor that cost $30,000 and should be able to run for years to come.