How to Connect Caterpillar ET Software from your Laptop to ECM

How to Connect CAT ET Software from your Laptop to ECM?

-Open Caterpillar ET Software, it will automatically connect to ECM, Click “Stop Connect”.


-Click on Menu: “Utilities – Preferences”.


-If using Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3, and Mark on “Enable Dual Data Link Service”.


-If using Caterpillar Comm Adapter II, and setting “Ports” (example: COM4) as your COM port at Device Manager.


-If using NEXIQ USB-Link, Choose “RP1210 Compliant Device”, also Click Advanced button to select a specific RP1210.


#Driver Download:
-Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3 – V2.0

John Deere Service ADVISOR 4.2 2016 CCE (Commercial & Consumer Equipment)

John Deere Service Advisor 4.2 2016 CCE is the new version of a program for repairing and troubleshooting commercial and consumer equipment John Deere.
Service advisor contains detailed technical service information, installation instructions, a lot of pictures and illustrations for commercial and consumer equipment John Deere, such as Commercial Equipment, Commercial Mowing Attachment, Compactor Loader, LG and LT Attachment, Mate. Hand Cut. and Shredders, OEM Engines, Riding Lawn Equipment, Skid Steer, Special Utility Vehicles, Tractor Attachments, Tractors, Utility Vehicle Attachment, Walk-Behind Products, etc.
Service advisor CCE includes following sections: Favorites, Manuals, DTAC (Dealer Technical Assistance Center), Diagnostics, Readings, Tests and Calibrations, Program Controller.
The program contains JDIN disks, which help to select your preferred language and all information will be brought to you in this language.
This program helps you to identify and resolve any problems and inaccuracies.
Note: You can download this repair set or get it with delivery worldwide.

This version of Service Advisor has built-in hotfix against error message:
“There was an error initializing the search Engine.
Unable to start the search engine.”

John Deere Service Advisor CCE covers:

Hint: Click show all

Boom – Harvester
Collection System
Commercial Equipment
Commercial Mowing
Commercial Mowing Attachment
Compactor Loader
JD Hand-Held Portable Products
JD Miscellaneous Equipment
John Deere by Sabo
LG Attachment
LT Attachments
Lesco Products
Licensed Products
Mate. Hand Cut. and Shredders
OEM Engines
Riding Lawn Equipment
Roberine Products
Scotts Equipment
Skid Steer
Special Utility Vehicles
Tractor Attachments
Utility Vehicle Attachment
Walk-Behind Products
Worksite Pro Attachment

Screenshots for John Deere Service ADVISOR 4.2 2016 CCE (Commercial & Consumer Equipment):

John-Deere-Service-ADVISOR-4.2-2016-CCE-1 John-Deere-Service-ADVISOR-4.2-2016-CCE-2 John-Deere-Service-ADVISOR-4.2-2016-CCE-3
John-Deere-Service-ADVISOR-4.2-2016-CCE-4 John-Deere-Service-ADVISOR-4.2-2016-CCE-5 John-Deere-Service-ADVISOR-4.2-2016-CCE-6 John-Deere-Service-ADVISOR-4.2-2016-CCE-7 John-Deere-Service-ADVISOR-4.2-2016-CCE-8

Launch X431 V 8 VS X431 Pro Mini VS X-431 PROS Mini

Today, we received an email from a customer, he listed the following questions:

“Hello, I want to buy a launch product, but I don know what to choose, Launch X431 V 8 inch, Launch X431 pro mini, X-431 PROS MINI, all this 3 models have that special function?
1) Oil Reset Service
2) Steering Angle Calibration
3) Electronic Parking Brake Reset
4) Battery Register / Battery Maintenance
5) ABS Bleeding
6) Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn
7) Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration
8) Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset
9) Gear Learning
10) Immobilizer Matching(key programming)
11) Fuel Injector Coding
12)ECU Coding
What is the difference between this 3 scanners?
Immobilizer Matching(key programming)
Fuel Injector Coding
ECU Coding

The answer from our customer service:
“Hello Sergiu Rosu, thanks for your support on our website.
All LAUNCH X431 V 8, LAUNCH X431 Pro Mini, X-431 PROS MINI can support the 3 important function you list.
X431 Pro mini and X431 Pros mini is the same, X431S Pro Mini is oversea version
X431 V 8 inch and X431 Pro Mini their function almost the same, only firmware is different.
If your budget is enough can choose X431 V 8 inch ??
Best regards

SD Connect C4 SCN coding login service error

I have the MB account and the engineer confirmed the account can be applied to MB SD Connect C4 clone multiplexer.

I need to carry out online SCN coding, i got the 2019.05 DAS Xentry star diagnostic software.

But came across error before enter login menu.

Error screenshot:


Error when starting the process: login service


Error cause:

You should start from Xentry but not DAS.

If the error still exits, please make sure internet connection is well built. Set the computer time to your local time!!! Our engineer recommend to use latest software (current new version V2019.05).

SD Connect C4 Xentry cannot access some modules solution

I have a MB star diagnostic system with SD Connect C4 multiplexer. It worked without problem at the beginning. A friend borrowed it and now it behaves funny. It scans w204 well but for w203 it scans ezs and gateway only. It scans w164 to the fullest but only ezs on w163. What could be wrong?

Problem in detail:
I have a problem with my Star Diagnoses when I work on w203s. In the first picture this is what I get when I do a scan. It doesn’t scan the engine, transmission, bas. On the second and third pictures I wanted to code the fuel tank type on the instrument cluster and this are the messages I get and coding cannot be done.



Communication error 2.565.0



I using MB SD C4 MUX with 2014.12V Xentry software version.

I have had it for 3 years now.

SD C4 firmware version photo taken when i connect it to vehicle and press “i” button for 3 times

I have tried on other Mercedes cars, w163, w170 and the result is the same. It used to work before but after someone borrowed it, that is when I started experiencing this problem. I ran self test but I don’t know what to expect from the result. engineer solution:

You have your Star tool for 3 years. The Xentry software is very old version. But your MB SD C4 main unit shows firmware version OS:2.3/CSD:2.10, the firmware version is new to 2015.  So your machine default firmware version won’t be this new. Contact your friend who borrowed your machine to ask if he tried to update/flash your SD C4.If yes, your software will not work with current C4 firmware.

If your friend had the same problem as you now when borrow your device. You properly should send back the unit for repair.

Note: Do try to use new 2015V 2016V Xentry software on this C4, they are not compatible with the firmware.

How to check if your current software is compatible with your C4 firmware or not.

Steps to update SD Connect


Autel MD808 Pro Review 2019

After using different scan tools in my car repair shop, I have come to like the Autel MD808 pro diagnostic code reader. I was introduced to Autel by a friend, and I am very grateful to him. Autel brand offers some of the best OBDII scan tools on the market, and their performance is outstanding.

Today, I will only talk about the Autel MD808 scanner. The Autel MaxiDiag MD808 PRO scanner is a Combination of Autel MaxiCheck Pro and the Autel Maxidiag Elite MD802. The MD808 Pro diagnostic scanner is an excellent tool for car repair shop owners (like me), professional mechanics, and DIYer enthusiasts. It may not be a high-level diagnostic scanner, but neither is it an entry-level scanner. Read this Autel MD808 Pro review to know more about this MaxiDiag obd2 scanner.

Technical Specifications of the Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Scan Tool
Autel MD808 PRO
Works:     All 1996 and newer vehicles
Processor:     ARM? Thumb? Processor (400 MHz)
Memory:     32MB, 166 MHz
Display:     4.0 inch LCD with 800×480 resolution
AutoScan:     Yes
Connectivity:     Mini USB: 2.0 Micro SD Card (16GB)
Read/Clear SRS, SAS, EPB, DPF, BMS, ABS Codes:     Yes
View Freeze Frame data:     Yes
View, Report, Graph and Playback Live Data:     Yes
Print via PC:     Yes
Electronic Parking Brake Maintenance Services:     Yes
Oil Service  Reset:     Yes
Battery Maintenance Services:     Yes
Read Clear Transmission Codes:     Yes
View Live Data:     Yes
Read/Clear Engine Codes:     Yes
Graph, Store & Playback:     Yes
I/M Emissions Readiness:     Yes
View Code Definitions OnScreen:     Yes
Operating Humidity:     5% – 95% non-condensing
Power Consumption:     1.7 W
Operating Temperature:     -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
Storage Temperature:     -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Dimensions(W x H x D):     202 mm x 92 mm x 35 mm (8.35” x 3.62” x 1.4”)
Weight:     313 g (0.69 lb.)
Software Update:     Lifetime Free Software Update
Warranty:     12 month Warranty

The Autel MD808 scan tool has some excellent features like multilingual menu, large service menu, free software update, large color screen, and great compatibility. Without wasting any time, let’s look at the features, benefits, and setbacks of this quality mid-range scanner from one of the top OBD2 scan tool brands.

Scanner Autel MD808 Pro review 2019

Compatible with most OBD2 vehicles for domestic, European, and Asian
Scan all systems such as engine, ABS, SRS, and Transmission
Free software update
I/M readiness status
View, report, graph, and playback live data
View freeze frame data
Multi-lingual menu definitions
Large service menu
Turn off ECU brake warning light
AutoVIN for manufacturer-specific codes
Print via PC
One-year warranty

Benefits of the Autel MD808 Pro multi system diagnostic scanner
Extensive vehicle coverage

The Autel MD808 pro scanner covers most OBD2 compliant vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer – domestic and foreign vehicles. This includes most of the popular car brands such as GM, BMW, Audi, Benz, Toyota, Chrysler, Honda, Maybach, Peugeot, Hyundai, etc.

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Easy to use interface

Using this gadget isn’t an issue as even a person who is new to code readers will have an easy time reading and erasing error codes. It features simple and well-labeled keys and the screen is colored for quick and easy reading of error codes even in poor conditions.

Compact and lightweight design

Whether it is holding the device in your hand or keeping it in your car compartment, you won’t find any challenge as the Autel MD808 pro code reader is compact in design. It weighs about 3.45 pounds and measures 13 by 10.5 by 4 inches.

Sturdy construction

Just like many Autel scanners on the market, the Autel MD808 diagnostic code reader is sturdily made and can withstand impact. In addition, it has a durable rubber cover that protects it from breaking. It is also grease and water resistant. So, you can be certain that it will defy the hardships of a garage or car repair shop.

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Instead of paying visits to the mechanic or spending a lot of cash to have the check engine light diagnosed, you should get your own code reader. The Autel MD808 pro scanner performs more than just reading and erasing error codes. Regardless of this, it is offered at an excellent price.

Perform a wide range of functions

Whether it is reading or erasing error codes, viewing freeze frame data, checking I/M readiness status, viewing code definitions, or scanning all available systems on the vehicle, the MD808 pro scanner will help to perform all these functions and many more.

Multilingual menu

The Multilingual menu allows the user from different countries and areas to have an easy time using the device. The mechanic or technician can set the device in the language they understand best. Note that the default language is English. But you can set the device to French or Spanish.

AutoVIN and Auto Scan functionality

This feature automatically identifies vehicle make, model, and year to define determine vehicle-specific codes. While the Auto Scan function automatically scans all vehicle systems for codes and shows No fault/pass or failed/fault.

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Updateable and upgradeable

The manufacturer offers a lifetime of free updates. Though, many users have disputed this and say that the device comes with 3-years of free updates. After this period, you will have to pay for the updates or upgrades.

Additional features

Apart from the features that we’ve discussed above, the code reader as well comes with auto power off. This feature shuts off the device in order to conserve the battery. In addition, it has a storage capacity of 16 GB SD card memory. You can save and print error codes on the SD card and print them via the PC.

Warranty and support

If you’re faced with any problem such as receiving a defective product, you can return it as it comes with a one-year limited warranty. Also, the manufacturer has a great support team where you can get in touch and receive help concerning your scan tool.

Setbacks of the Autel MD808 Pro diagnostic scanner

The major problem of using the Autel MD808 scanner is that you have to update the device before using it. This is a huge challenge to users as most people want ready to go scanners. The good news is that the update is free and all you need to do is to register the device with the Autel brand.

Another setback is that the device doesn’t support bi-directional controls. Also, it slows down when viewing graphs, which may delay some the user.

Who will use the Autel MD808 Pro Scan Tool?

The Autel MD808 pro diagnostic scan tool is suitable for technicians and mechanics who want to fix complex vehicles issues. Also, it can be great for a car repair shop as it can help to diagnose a wide range of car brands and makes. And if you’re a serious DIYer, you can as well get this code reader to tackle more than the basic reading and erasing of error codes.


Final thoughts
The Autel MD808 pro scanner is a nice and sturdy device that will allow you to diagnose different car makes and models as long as they are OBD2 compliant and manufactured from 1996 or newer. This includes domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. The diagnostic scanner is easy to use, compact and affordable. It also performs a wide range of functions making it ideal for DIYers, professional mechanics, and technicians.

The MD808 will help you save money as it offers free lifetime updates and upgrades. You can as well save data on the 16GB memory card and in case of any defects on the product; the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty. I hope this Autel MD808 Pro review will help a lot to make a buying decision.


Question: How do I know if my Autel scanner is genuine or not?
Answer: First and foremost, you should buy an Autel scanner from an authorized dealer. If you buy it from an unknown source, you risk being duped or being sold the wrong product. Every Autel scan tool comes with a serial number. After you purchase the device, you need to register it in order to get free software update/upgrade and as well as warranty. As a result, if you try to register the code reader with Autel and it fails, just know that your device is counterfeit. All-in-all, Autel is a reliable company and having a fake product is next to impossible.

Question: Does the Autel MD808 offer its users with free lifetime updates?
Answer: This is where Autel wasn’t clear about its product. In the description, it is written that the product comes with free lifetime updates but it is not. Most users have stated that the free software updates are provided for 3 years and from then onwards, you will have to pay for updates and upgrades. The manufacturer should be clear about this so that buyers are not duped into buying the product.

Still, have a question after reading this Autel MD808 Pro reviews? Comment below.

CGDI MB “Load File Failed, error code 27E1” Error Solution

Here’s the final solution to CGDI MB key programmer error: “Load File Failed, error code: 27E1” (shown picture below)


Possible reasons that cause the error:

1).  Device fell on the ground and damaged

2).  Take apart the CGDI main unit manually

CGDI Prog MB host is equipped with an encrypted battery. If you disassemble the programmer, the encrypted battery will power off automatically.  BenzMonster software refuses to run properly.

What is more, the battery cannot be purchased separately nor installed by yourself.

The ONLY solution is to send CGDI back to repair.


Always read CGMB label and directions carefully before beginning use.

Volvo Tech Tool 2.7.25 Win7 install & activate for Vocom 88890300

Topic: Volvo Tech Tool 2.7.30 win7 install and activate for Vocom 88890300. Then diagnose Volvo. Volvo Tech Tool 2.7.25 can get DTC Info For VERSION3, VERSION4 el. system trucks etc.

Volvo Tech Tool 2.7.25 version Update info:

Operation 37 11-08-03-03 Data Links, Fault Tracing with Oscilloscope” has been updated to make it easier to evaluate CAN signal disturbance.
NOX sensor values added in operation 25920-3/32589-08-03-02 ‘Exhaust aftertreatment system, service regeneration’.

Install or run program from your media.
Setup Microsoft.NET Framework 4.6.1.
User Login.
volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-3 volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-4
Installing Tech Tool
It will take about 2 minutes to finish acquiring package.

Next is to apply package 10/46, it will take about 2 minutes.

Finish installing Tech Tool
Open Tech tool installation folder.
Open developer packages.
Open “1-developement” to automatically run until finished.
Open “2 – Devpatches” to automatically run “Windows configures VCADS Pro Development Content”.

Close ” Tech tool installation folder”.
Auto play DVD-1, until open the Tech tool folder, at this time, new create one folder named “APCI”, then copy and paste the files from the folder to the new folder “APCI”.


Auto play DVD-2, copy and paste the files to the new folder “APCI”.
Extract the decompresseders.
Set the computer to not show the hidden files, folders and drivers.

Go to Disk C -> ProgramData -> Tech Tool-> Waf, delete “DtR” and “OtD”.
Then copy the same folder “”DtR” and “OtD” to Disk C -> ProgramData -> Tech Tool-> Waf.
Go to Disk C -> Program Files-> Client Update -> Console, change the file name extension of “CLUPConsole.exe” as “CLUPConsole.ex”.
Go to Disk C -> Program Files-> Tech Tool -> ApciPlus, change the file name extension of “apcidb.dll” as “apcidb.dl”.
Copy “apcidb.dll” to Disk C -> Program Files-> Tech Tool -> ApciPlus.

Restart the PC.
Open the new folder “APCI”, copy “TechToolLicenseEditor” from “2.7 Full” folder.
Then copy and paste “Devtool 2.7.xx”.
Click on “Get _FW_ID.exe” to copy the ID to the supplier ( for activation.

Receive two folders (Act and Dev) from
Open “Act” to copy the “Regkey.dat” to Disk C -> TechToolLicenseEditor.

Open the folder ” Dev” to copy “regkey.dat” to Disk C -> TechToolLicenseEditor – Devtool 2.7.xx.

Open “DevTool.exe”.
Send “DevTool.exe” to the desktop.
Open Developer Tool Plus 2.6/2.7
Volvo Vocom PTT is language is multi-choice.

Open PTT full, then “cmd run as admin techtoollicense editor command.tx”, follow the instruction.

volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-37 volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-38 volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-39
User type “Developer”.
Click on “Created DB with new key”.

Get message :
Database clean success
Syncid populate error!
If you will get error sync pop ID just start and close ptt.
Open Tech Tool and it requires User ID, exit.
Once again, click on ” “Created DB with new key”.
Click on “Patch Login”.
DB created.
Login patched successfully

volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-42 volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-43
Copy the user ID “XX78911” in the TechTool 2.6XX && 2.7 license editor.
And rename “Tech Tool” (on the desktop) as “XX78911”.
Open “XX78911”, enter User ID “XX78911”.
Tick on “Work offline”.
Enter TechTool 2.7.25“.
Plug Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface to the computer.

volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-47 volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-48
Create Chassis ID.
Work order number.

Tech Tool -Login

volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-53 volvo-tech-tool-2-7-25-install-54
Electrical system: Version2
Model FH12.
Diagnose (Read out trouble codes)
Job is done.

Autel MaxiSys Elite Review BMW & Mercedes Coding and Programming

Just for clarification purposes, and from my own personal experiences, here’s some useful info regarding the MaxiSys Elite, which many of you may or may already know about.

In order to perform the stated coding and programming abilities on BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you must have a valid and current service subscription through Autel. With the Maxisys Elite, you get 2 years included free with the purchase of the unit (unless otherwise noted), and I believe 1 year with most of the other Autel models. When your service subscription ends, so does the units ability to perform these specific functions, unless of course you renew. The cost to renew ranges from $1000 to upwards and over $1200 a year, which isn’t cheap. The scan tool itself will still work, but it will not allow you to code and program as before.

Second, you will need a WiFi (Internet connection) to proceed with the majority of the code and programming procedures. If you don’t have WiFi (Internet connection) at the vehicle when you’re working on it, you can take the scan tool out and to a location where you’re able to get a WiFi signal (when prompted), download the necessary files (associated with the procedure you’re doing), and then return to the vehicle to complete it. The device and integrated software allows you to do so. If there is no WiFi, you will not be able to complete the procedures.

In regards to what you’re actually able to code and program, it really varies from model to model and the MaxiSys Elite, even as comprehensive as it is, it should not be considered as a replacement to a dealer level scan tool. Features and functions via updates are always being added, so it only gets better with time, but don’t expect it to be able to perform everything you may need it too. If you need to perform a specific task, always check with Autel by providing them the vehicles details and what exactly you’re looking to do. Personally, I’ve found it adequately capable of handling the majority of my general coding and programming needs. If I had to give it a number between 1 through 10, with 1 being not at all capable and 10 being dealer level, I would rate it a strong 6 for BMW’s and a solid 5 for MB’s. Also, in some circumstances, a certain coding option may be available for one specific model and year, but not for another. For example, it may allow to perform a certain function on a 2008 BMW 335, but may not for the same on a 2009 BMW 335. It can be quite frustrating when that happens, so do some due diligence prior your purchase, to ensure it will perform what you need it too.

Another alternative to being able to perform dealer level coding and programming, if the MaxiSys Elite itself can’t perform the task at hand, is to use the included J2534 pass-through device, and your own PC. You will naturally have to download the manufacturer specific software, which for the most part is often free, but in order to use it, you will have to pay a subscription fee of some sort. The fees and plans vary from manufacture to manufacture, and they can be pricey. The good news, almost all usually have daily or weekly rates which make it far more affordable for everyday DIY type users. The drawback however, the software can be tricky to navigate, not to mention at times not even in English all together. I should also note, due to the level of access these programs grant you, you also risk permanently damaging electronic components if you don’t know what you’re doing. Please use extreme caution when using these programs and software.

When performing coding and or programming on a late model vehicle, it is always advised that the vehicles voltage stay above 12.50 volts. As a rule of thumb, keeping it at 13 volts will ensure you’ll have no issues. To do this, it’s imperative you connect an automatic type battery charger or maintainer to the vehicles battery. This is often a step many skip or simply are unware of, and failure to do so, can lead to an array of issues from incomplete coding / programming to downright failure of the vehicles electrical devices and modules.

Get a screen protector! Get a screen protector! I cannot stress enough how a small $5-$10 investment can help you keep your screen free from scratches, marks and stains. Let’s face it, most of us will use this unit with dirty hands, and being a touch screen device, it is easily damageable. Replacing the screen through Autel can be very expensive so to help avoid this cost, get a screen protector!

The storage case this unit comes in is quite large. With everything tightly loaded within, it is also on the heavy side at just over 25 lbs. Chances are, you won’t need everything included on a daily basis, so if you’re a mobile tech, you might want to invest in a smaller padded case or backpack to haul around the unit and just the essential cables and adapters.

Just because the special aka hot function is listed on the device, it doesn’t necessary mean it is available for use on your specific make and model vehicle. Many of these selections have limited vehicle access, so just because it says it can perform a certain function, double check with Autel if in fact it can perform that specific procedure on your application. I’ve found some of these functions have as little as 10% coverage in comparison to the make and models programmed within the unit.

As a comprehensive OBDII scan tool, it is a superior product. It won’t leave any stone unturned in this category and its vehicle coverage is quite good. Although I have ran into where a vehicle might not be detected via the auto scan feature, I’ve never not been able to connect to an applicable vehicle through traditional manual entry. Once connected, the tool is fast! One of the fastest that I have worked with. Date retrieval takes seconds, and I can often do what I need to do faster. When time is money, there’s nothing worse than a slow scan tool.

The battery on the Elite is pretty good, but be aware, it will drain with heavy use. If you’re going to perform heavy or extensive coding / programming, always plug it into a constant power supply. You can use the vehicles power supply, but just be sure the vehicle itself is being maintained by an automatic battery device as mentioned above.

Unlike some other tools of this nature, updates are performed wirelessly through WiFi and do not require any special or cumbersome dongles, or the connection to a PC. As long as you’re within the service and subscription period, and have an available WiFi signal, updates are fast and easy. If your subscription has expired, the unit will inform you as such and an option to renew will be available.

One other myth or rumor I want to debunk, that I hear often, is that the device will brick after the service or subscription plan has expired. In other words, you will not be able to use it at all, and this is utterly false! When the service subscription ends, the only feature(s) that will no longer function, is its ability to carry out certain coding and programming. It will still have bi-directional ability, allowing you to perform dozens of functions and diagnostic tasks. You will also still be able to use it as a powerful OBDII compliant diagnostic tool across many platforms. So let’s say your plan ended January of 2019, but you have a 2020 vehicle you want to scan. This device will scan that vehicle with no problems, but if any additional functions were added since your last update, you may not be able to access those newer features for that specific year and model.

Last but not least, is it worth the big bucks? The answer is, yes and no. In comparison to other scanners with such capabilities, IMO it is priced much more affordably. I’ve worked with scanners costing two to three times more which provided at best, equal capabilities. Naturally some of the really high end systems that cost in the $15k-$20k+ range will perform much more dealer lever and compressive functions, but the next part of that equation is, do you really need all that? I’ve found that the majority of techs whom purchase those really high-end systems only end up using less than 50% of what they’re capable of doing. The Autel is packed with a nice blend of basic and high level functions, which should be adequate to most. You really need to do some homework and breakdown what you need it to do and on what types of vehicles. There’s really no perfect all in one system, but with some careful analysis and research, you can walk away with something like the Autel MaxiSys Elite which comes really close. Looking at the big picture, the Elite IMO is an exceptional value, just as long as you use it for what it is intended to do. For the guy who just wants to look up DTC’s and have the ability to clear them, it is without a doubt over kill. For everyone else, the Elite could be the answer.