How to fix MB SD C4C5 XENTRY Configassist “Unable to access service” problem


How to fix  MB SD C4/C5 XENTRY Configassist “Unable to access service” problem Problem: Solution: 1.Press “WIN+R” keyboard at the same time 2.Enter “Services.msc” 3.Right click the “Daimler ConfigAssist” to start the service

Mercedes Star Diagnosis C3 C5 C4 Initialization

Mercedes Star Diagnosis C3, C4 And C5 are the hot mercedes benz cars and trucks diagnosis tool. MB Star C4 And MB Star C5 Xentry Connect Software New Update To V2018.3 Mercedes Benz Xentry Das Software. These days we have…
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Clone Xentry Connect C5- Good & Bad Things

I bought “Original Clone Xentry Connect C5” from China’s retail store in 2017/12. Good thing: 1. Unlike bad products of C5 type C4 motherboard, texture is good 2. DoIP specification Bad thing: 1. Because it is VM system + 32bit, the…
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12.2017 XENTRYDAS Win 7 Win 10:Test OK

12.2017 XENTRY/DAS Windows 7 or Windows 10: Both OK.12.2017 XENTRY OpenShell XDOS is updated and tested successfully for use. Download link: But I don’t recommend windows 10 at all at least if you don’t know how to manage it…
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