CGDI MB “Load File Failed, error code 27E1” Error Solution

Here’s the final solution to CGDI MB key programmer error: “Load File Failed, error code: 27E1” (shown picture below)


Possible reasons that cause the error:

1).  Device fell on the ground and damaged

2).  Take apart the CGDI main unit manually

CGDI Prog MB host is equipped with an encrypted battery. If you disassemble the programmer, the encrypted battery will power off automatically.  BenzMonster software refuses to run properly.

What is more, the battery cannot be purchased separately nor installed by yourself.

The ONLY solution is to send CGDI back to repair.


Always read CGMB label and directions carefully before beginning use.

CGDI MB Program New Keys for Old Benz W202 W208 W210 by OBD 1997-1998

In this CGDI MB Prog programmer instruction, OBD2TOOL will show you how to use CGDI MB programmer to add new keys for old Mercedes Benz W202 W208 W210 kline 38 pin car from 1997-1998.

Step 1:Calculate Password
Connect CGDI MB Programmer to vehicle and your laptop,then run CGDI MB software.
Select [EIS] menu,then click [Read EIS Data]
Go to [Compute Password] menu,then [Copy key with key][–>Collect Data]
Select key type:Other keys,click [OK] to continue
CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-4 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-5
Please insert the key into EIS and click [OK] to continue
This is a -Kline EIS,the operation is different from the ordinary EIS,please follow the prompts to operate,to prevent the code!
Please insert the key into the CGDI MB device and click [OK] to continue
Wait until it prompt you to insert the key into EIS and click [OK]
It will ask you to wait several seconds
Then prompt you to make sure the key to the ON position and light the instrument?If you can’t,please pull out the key and try again,until you can normally twist and light the instrument and then click [OK]
Please insert the key into the CGDI MB device and click OK


Now you need to insert the key into ESI again,then click [OK]

Perform it again,click OK
Insert the key into the MB Key Programmer,then click [OK] to continue
If it prompt yo with same operation instruction,just follow it.
Insert the car key into the EIS 10s and dial out
Please insert the key into the EIS again and click OK
Pull out the key for 5 seconds,then insert the EIS,then click OK
Please insert the key into the CGDI MB Benz device again and click [OK]
Please pull the key out and then insert intot he EIS!The following operation may be repeated several times.
Please pull out the key
Please insert the key into the EIS again and click OK
Now save the generated files
Save the file successfully,please upload the data to calculate PASSWORD
Click [Upload Data],then upload the file you saved just now
Upload data successfully,please click the [Query Result] button to query.
Click [Query Result],it will take you several minute to query result
Computing success!Click [OK] to continue
Here we get password,click [Copy] button,then select [EIS] menu

Click [Paste] button to paste password,then click [Save EIS Data]

Step 2:Generate Key File
After saving EIS data successfully,select [Generate EE] menu
Select key file format “V051”,then click [Load EIS File] you saved just now

Click [Generate Key File]


Now,save the key file generated

Step 3:Program New Key
Insert the new key into CGDI MB device
Select [Read/Write Key] menu,then click [Read Key/Chip] button
Click [Open/Write]
And it prompt you to choose key type format:41 format and 51 format,click [OK] to continue
Select a key file to write
Write success!Click [OK] to continue
Test new key on vehicle,it can light instrument and start the engine!


CGDI MB AC adapter collect data via OBD for W164 W204 W221 W209 W246 W251 W166

CGDI MB AC Adapter can collect data via OBD for the these Mercedes Benz models: W164 W204 W221 W209 W246 W251 W166.

CGDI MB Data Collection Adapter Features:

Acquire data via OBD at a quick speed

No need to dismantle EIS

No need to plug in and out the emulator key every 5 seconds.

Save much data acquisition time

Workable Models and the data acquisition time:

Mercedes Benz S series W221, EIS 216: acquisition time 12 minutes

Mercedes Benz E series 221, EIS 211: acquisition time 9 minutes

Mercedes Benz C series W209, EIS 209: acquisition time 9 minutes

Mercedes Benz B series W246, EIS 169: acquisition time 35 minutes

Mercedes Benz A series W246, EIS 169: acquisition time 35 minutes

Mercedes Benz R series W251, EIS 164905: acquisition time 12 minutes

Mercedes Benz ML series 164, EIS 164905: acquisition time 12 minutes

Mercedes Benz GL series 166, EIS 164905: acquisition time 12 minute

CGDI MB and VVDI MB can Program FBS4 keys

What users think of CGDI Prog programmer and VVDI MB tool regarding Mercedes FBS4 key programming.

Real opinions from users:

User 1:
the difference between CGDI and VVDI in FBS4 is as follows:
On one hand,
CGDI MB can read FBS4 keys and knows if its in a working status or key is damaged;
CGDI can read EIS FBS4 and knows if it working or not working; however, VVDI can not Detect FBS4 .

On the other hand,
CGDI never claimed that it can make calculation for FBS4 . Only Read to know the status. Out of the subject No one was Born knowing everything at one point we all asked for questions to know.

User 2:
Both CGDI and Vvdi MB are a great comprehensive solution comparing to what else is available out there.
In my opoinion they’re the two best for keys maybe along with Diagspeed but much far ahead than AVDI (for keys).

User 3:
with 655$ i earned 11000€ with cgdi !!! Well with vvdi always must to pay extra to make akl and one more thing ,, the server is very old on vvdi and sometimes have problems like cgdi !!!
So conclusion is only one !!! 655$ comparing with 2000$ its very big difference !!!

User 4:
Both tools are good ,but people don’t know how to use it at full capacity!

User 5:
i read somewhere that cgdi mb tool can make it and it is much cheaper tool from xhorse vvdi mb tool !!
Fbs4 it can read eis ID via obd and read key via IR but that’s it, can’t make a new key or calculate anything.

User 6:
The main difference between cgdi mb and vvdi mb is that, on old Mercedes, cgdi mb is able to OBD program a new key while you have to disassemble EIS to add a new key with vvdi mb tool. That is why you should have a cgdi programmer for mb.

With VVDI MB Tool, you should buy Vvdi prog too, because the are some eis and ecu’s that you cant do with MB Tool independently. For example some w210 eis or Sprinter 906. You should have both, VVDI MB Tool and VVDI prog. Or, if you have to buy some tool again, Simon Touch is the best, but its more expensive.

But if you have a CGDI MB, you have a chance to program a new key through OBD. All done with a tool. That’s the reason why I bought it.

Look here: CGDI MB key programmer read FBS4 key data successfully!

cgdi-mb-fbs4-key-1 cgdi-mb-fbs4-key-2
So there is no tool can do FBS4 key?
No.  With genuine xentry and daimler fbs server.  Makes FBS4 every day via OBD very fast and easy.

Diagspeed announced the dates of FBS4 solution. But not confirmed yet. The Diagspeed has the reputation of being the best in the Mercedes world to make keys, Reset ECU’s and trouble shoot problems that a normal scan tool can not.  It is worth to take a gamble.

How to use CG-PRO to program Jaguar Land rover KVM key

Post is on how to use CG Pro to program Jaguar Land rover KVM key perfectly in step by step procedure.

Part 1: Read out the data from smart computer and anti-theft computer.

Remove the smart computer and the IMMO box from the car.


BCM immo box


Image 2: Smart ECU RFA

Wiring according to the wiring diagram in the software, click on “Diagram” to follow.


BCM wiring diagram in the CG Pro software.


BCM physical wiring


Land Rover RFA 2m53J 9S12XET256 wiring diagram in the CG Pro 9S12 software.


Land Rover RFA smart ECU physical wiring:

You need not connect the CLK line first, if you are prompted to decrypt when reading, then connect the CLK line according to the software wiring diagram.


Choose BCM or RFA module, read and save the data.

CG-PRO-program-Jaguar-Land-rover-9     CG-PRO-program-Jaguar-Land-rover–09

Note: Do not unplug the wiring immediately after the data is read out successfully, later you will write key and then rewrite data.

Part 2: Load the data into CG Pro software to program key

Click on “Key” – ” Jaguar / Land Rover” – Model [KVM – XEP100 (BCM) for example], then click on “Key Function” to enter the key programming menu incl. load KVM DFLASH, load KVM EEPROM, Load BCM DFLASH, Read key, Write key etc.


Menu options:

Step 1: Load KVM DFLASH

Step 2: Load KVM EEPROM

This function is for emergency start (optional option). If you need to operate this option, please read out BCM immo data and meanwhile tick on this option when key is programming, then load BCM data.

Step 3: Place a blank key into the CG Pro Key Programmer, click on “Read key” button.

***Can read key ID and check if the key is placed correctly.

Step 4: Select key position and then click on “Write key” button.


Please save the data in the order of DFLASH,EEPROM,BCM.

Part 3: Rewrite the data generated after key programming.


1.Back to the main menu where you read out the data just now.

2.Open the corresponding data saved after the key is wrote.

3.Write data after connecting the computer.


Now, you can unplug the cables from the computer and CG Pro, then reinstall the KVM module back to the car.And for more CGDI Programmer,you can check here:CGDI Programmer

How to Use CGDI MB Program Keys for Benz W212 All Key Lost

CGDI MB Programmer is one of the best Benz key programmer,it can program Benz key faster than other devices.Here OBD2TOOL want to share this CGDI MB programmer test report on all keys lost programming for Mercedes Benz W212.

Connect CGDI MB Prog to W212 OBD port,run software and select “EIS”–>”Read EIS Data”


Select “Compute Password”–>”Copy key without key”,and it mean all key lost programming

Then click “Collect Data”


Follow the instruction to insert the simulation key into the EIS in 30 seconds…


Now it starting collecting data,it will take a long time,please don’t disconnect the device



After the collecting progress completing,save the file with the default name.


It prompt “Save the file successfully.Please upload the data to calculate password”

Now,click “Upload Data” to upload the data file you save just now


Upload data successfully,please click the [Query Result] button to query


Click “Query Result”


Calculate password successfully


Click “Copy” button to copy the password

Select “EIS” menu,then click ”Paste” to paste key password


Save EIS data with default file name

Select “Generate EE”–>click “Load EIS File” to check EIS data information


Then click “Generate Key File”


It prompt you “The key file was generated successfully”


Now select “Read/Write Key”


Insert the new key into the CGDI MB automotive key programmer


Tick “Infrared”,then click “Read Key/Chip”

Click “Reset” button to erase key


Click “Open/Write” button

Please Note:Smart key please choose 41 format,common key and BE key please choose 51 format!When writing the original key,please make sure that it is wiped by the Auto Key Programmer CGMB,otherwise the write will fail!

Click “OK” to continue


Now select a unused key file

Write success

Now you can click “Read EIS Data” again to check the position key 2 is used,and if your key work correctly,it mean your programming is successful.



35160WT adapter for CG Pro 9S12

35160WT adapter for CG Pro 9S12 features: For the 35160T chip design that cannot be erased, it can directly repair the original vehicle red dot and directly use the original car chip. This function is the first in the world.

35160WT adapter for CG Pro 9S12 for sale now
Save 18USD after the sale time expires


CG-Pro V2.0.0.0 update related 35160WT adapter


1.Added support chip
ST 35160WT (Must use a dedicated 35160WT adapter)
Microchip PIC18F6520
Microchip PIC18F6720
Microchip PIC18F8520
Microchip PIC18F8620
Microchip PIC18F8720
Microchip PIC12F635
Microchip PIC12F683
Microchip PIC16F631
Microchip PIC16F636
Microchip PIC16F639
Microchip PIC16F677
Microchip PIC16F684
Microchip PIC16F685
Microchip PIC16F687
Microchip PIC16F688
Microchip PIC16F689
Microchip PIC16F690

2.Added Dashboard
BMW 35080 V5 (35160WT) (Must use a dedicated 35160WT adapter)

3.Added ECU
Delphi MT22 MT60 (PFLASH)
Delphi MT22.1.1-2M53J (PFLASH)

4.Added user guide function
Now, after the program is installed first opened, it will enter the basic functions page guide to help users quickly understand the software.

5.Software structure optimization
Operation interface adjustment to improve functional clarity. Reduce resource consumption and improve operational stability.