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How to use Tech2 program the Central Control Module (CCM)

1994-1996 Chevrolet Corvette

Obd2tool found a good way to solve unable to program the Central Control Module (CCM) using Vetronix Tech2. Here is the solution. Models: 1994-1996 Chevrolet Corvette The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in…
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GM Tech2 or GM MDI

The Tech 2 clone is definitely fine, but I think people looking for a good tool now should really look at an MDI clone instead. The Future of the Tech 2 The Tech 2 remains an essential tool through at least…
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Feedback from GM Tech2 with CANdi TIS Works for GM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU/Holden


I’ve got one and it works perfect on my 08   A few of us have them….. works great! Can also get to things like the rear air ride (if yours has that) which no other tool can deal with….
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GM Tech 2

The Tech 2 is a powerful, versatile hand-held diagnostic computer, designed to help diagnose and repair today’s automotive electronic systems. The Tech 2 Scanner supports the changes in the on-board electronic systems for model years 1996 and beyond. With the addition…
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GM Tech2 clone works great for C5 (99) Corvette

GM Tech2 clone works great for C5 (99) Corvette: Automated Bleed, program done. My new TECH2 device bought for £233.10 Here has a lot of folks give 5star, I believe folk’s choice. It is in perfect working order and has the…
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What does the CANdi module do

CANdi adapter user manual for  GM Tech 2 clone scanner: What’s the candi module? What is the real purpose of the candi module? What is the CANdi module used for? What’s the physical interface and LED? “NO CANDI Communication Established” What’s…
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SAAB TECH2 work for 1988-1998 saab cars Tech 2 Scanner

From our search, all the website show Saab Tech 2 can only do 1998-2013 year with the version: for SAAB-English 148.000. Now we have the version V44.000 which can work for saab card from  1988-1998, it is with spanish. If you…
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Use Tech2 scan tool to unlock an auto radio

I have successfully unlocked the radio on my Chevy TrailBlazer with a GM Tech 2 scanner clone from China yesterday. Here I would like to share the procedure. If you also like to unlock the radio, please complete the following…
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What can I do with a Tech 2 scan tool

Answer for ” What can I do with a Tech 2 scan tool?”: GM Tech 2 is a diagnostic tool for the most part. It can be used to program out/in certain RPO’s in the BCM and can be used to…
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