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How To Update OEM TANGO Key Programmer Software

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Customer: I bought an OEM Tango key programmer from your store and I’d like to update its software now. Could you tell me how to do it? Thanks. Answer from obd2tool.com: You can visit their official website, where you can…
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SBB Pro2/SBB key programmer v48.88 car list

SBB Pro2 key programmer v48.88 car list: SBB PRO2 Key Programmer Updated to V48.88 Version.Supports new cars to 2017.12. like  Acura 2017,Chevrolet 2017,Buick 2017,  Cadillac,GMC 2017,Ford 2017,Dodge 2017,Toyota 2017…SBB V33.01 works to 2011.12, SBB key programmer V46.02 works to 2015.12. ACURA CL&TL    99-03. INTEGRA  …
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VVDI Key Tool + Tango Renew and Unlock BMW Remote PCF7945

Look here: how to renew BMW E series 868MHz remote PCF7945 to unlock Tools to use: Tango Key Programmer – unlock the remote Xhorse VVDI key tool – renew the remote Note that, you can renew and unlock the remote…
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