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How to configure OEM Benz C6 Xentry VCI interface


How to configure OEM Benz C6 Xentry VCI Mercedes Benz diagnostic interface? Procedure: Double click “ConfigAssist” on the desktop, select XENTRY Diagnosis VCI Click on Configure Press Continue Press Continue Select Manual and enter StartKey Save StartKey StartKey installed successfully….
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How to Solve Super MB Pro M6 Xentry Data Incomplete


Problem: I recently got the Super MB Pro M6 with 06/2021 xentry hard drive. Unfortunately, this error message comes when reading a Mercedes GLC253. “XENTRY Diagnosis data areas are incomplete or incorrect”, error pictures attached: Solution and Feedback: i found…
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OEM Benz Xentry VCI C6 Test Report


Let’s start with some questions on the Xentry VCI C6 OEM clone (looks like the genuine XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3.) Is it the clone of genuine Bosch xentry VCI? Does it require install VXDIAG drivers? Can it be used wirelessly?…
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