OEM Porsche PIWIS III Asks for Recovery Key to Access Startup Settings


I got the OEM Porsche tester iii with 128G PIWIS SSD. There was something wrong with the Dell laptop.
So i changed my own laptop and insert SSD. But the system display BitLocker driver encryption error page and require to enter recovery key to access Startup Settings.

What is the recovery key?

Piwis-Iii-Password-2 (2)
Piwis-Iii-Password-1 (2)

Possible reason:
The OEM Porsche PIWIS3 should only work with the DELL E7450 Laptop in default. Because each PIWIS III Tester is registered with each E7450 Laptop before delivery. Once you change a new laptop, the SSD is decrypted and formatted. In this case, you cannot use the SSD anymore nor send back laptop for repair. SSD is not for sale alone.


If dell laptop has problem , don’t change laptop, get the laptop fixed by local dealership or send back the laptop to us to repair.
If you have changed a new laptop, contact your seller to buy a U disk.
Contact factory to authorized the piwis 3 account and download PIWIS iii to the U disk. Then install the disk to Dell computer.

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