How to solve GM MDI2 Global TIS V32 cannot be found

Customer problem:

It will not connect with global tis v32 tried on 3 different laptops. GM MDI manager finds and connects the gm mdi2 device but global tis has a red X through the device when trying to select it, see images attached. Are you able to help via remote still need help asap? Thanks!

How-to-solve-GM-MDI2-Global-TIS-V32-cannot-be-found-3 (2) How-to-solve-GM-MDI2-Global-TIS-V32-cannot-be-found-2 (2)
How-to-solve-GM-MDI2-Global-TIS-V32-cannot-be-found-1 (2)

The solution offered by engineer:

The global TIS software you installed is old, and it only can be activated on Windows XP. Please change the XP system.

How-to-solve-GM-MDI2-Global-TIS-V32-cannot-be-found-3 (2)

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