How to update BMW ICOM A2 or ICOM NEXT Firmware

When using the latest ISTA D software to do BMW diagnosis, icom hareware can be detected, but the device doesn’t communicate with the vehicle,  can’t enter modules reading page, like below picture:


What’s the solution?

The firmware doesn’t match with the  latest ISTA sofware, firmware need to be updated.

ICOM firmware update steps:

1. Need the latest updated file for ICOM firmware:


2.Charge BMW ICOM A2 hardware, connect the vehicle, use ISTA engineering sofware IToolRadar to detect the IP address of  ICOM hardware, see below picture, the IP address can be found as


3. Open Internet Explorer


Input the IP address which is deteced above to the address bar: like

username: root

password: NZY11502


4. Click “update firmware” after login


5. Follow below steps:


6. Need to wait seconds, and click  “yes” when below  page show up:


7. During ICOM firmware update, four light on ICOM are all read, need to wait 3~5 minutes, when update finish, it will prompt reboot or not,

click reboot icom , finish the first update package.


8. Update the second package by follow same steps:


9. Open ISTA D to check the ICOM Status,  is it shows “FREE”, firmware update succeed.


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