Launch X431 V Audi A5 “P161200 ECM Incorrect Coding” Solution

Here share how to use to Launch X431 V 8 inch to solve 2014 Audi A5 “P161200 Engine Control Module (ECM)-incorrect Coding” error.

Launch-X431-V-Audi-A5-P161200-ECM-Incorrect-Coding-Solution-1 (2)

Now, we can see that the long coding is all zero.

Launch-X431-V-Audi-A5-P161200-ECM-Incorrect-Coding-Solution-2 (2)


Click “Online Coding”, then the program will download a file.

Launch-X431-V-Audi-A5-P161200-ECM-Incorrect-Coding-Solution-3 (2)

Click “Single System Mode”>>“01 Engine Control Module1”.

Launch-X431-V-Audi-A5-P161200-ECM-Incorrect-Coding-Solution-4 (2)

Choose “1A2500322427010B2000”>>“OK”.

Launch-X431-V-Audi-A5-P161200-ECM-Incorrect-Coding-Solution-5 (2)

When the coding has been successfully carried out, press “OK”.

Launch-X431-V-Audi-A5-P161200-ECM-Incorrect-Coding-Solution-6 (2)

Click Possible Code03 “1A2500322427010B2000” again to clear and read the fault code again.

Launch-X431-V-Audi-A5-P161200-ECM-Incorrect-Coding-Solution-7 (2)

When fault codes are cleared, press “OK” to read DTC, then exit online coding.

Launch-X431-V-Audi-A5-P161200-ECM-Incorrect-Coding-Solution-8 (2)

Go to “Menu” and click “Health Report”, then the system scanning will begin.

Launch-X431-V-Audi-A5-P161200-ECM-Incorrect-Coding-Solution-9 (2)

When clearing fault memory is completed, click “OK”.
Job is done! Now, we can see that the engine control module is normal now.

Launch-X431-V-Audi-A5-P161200-ECM-Incorrect-Coding-Solution-10 (2)

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