In 2010, GM made a change in their vehicles, moving to a global platform to simplify marketing their vehicles all around the world. The communication systems changed, and the Tech 2 Scan Tool was no longer able to access them.
In preparation for this change, GM years later released a laptop-based Multiple Diagnostic Interface or MDI- the blue box.
Now it is superseded by the MDI 2. It was only used for reflashing, but the dealers loved it because it was twice as fast due to its USB connection to the laptop. (The Tech 2 is a serial connection system and slower to transfer data for reflashing.)
GM then introduced the GDS1 (Global Diagnostic System version 1) scan tool to run on a laptop. The new GDS2 is simply a newer and better version.
GDS2 requires renewing of the license to use it by visiting the TIS2Web site at least once a month (if you have a yearly subscription for $675..). you can buy shorter terms.

TIS2Web is GM’s website to download the scan tool or programming subscription.
You can program an update to a vehicle’s computer with a subscription purchased per vehicle VIN for $40.00 per 2 years.
No other time choices any more. The good old days of $55.00 unlimited cars for 2 days or $995.00 for a whole year is long gone. Thankx, Bosch.

With GDS2, You download the software to your laptop and then you run the program to scan from your laptop with the GM MDI 2 as the interface between your laptop and the vehicle. You don’t HAVE to be online to use GDS2, only download the latest software license to use it by visiting TIS2Web monthly.
When you start GDS2, the bottom of the screen shows how many days left till an update is required. If expired, simply log in to TIS2Web before you work on a GDS2 vehicle, and renew your license then.
The above license requirements don’t apply with a 2 day paid pass to use GDS2.
GM also came out with a software program called Tech2Win (Tech 2 for Windows). This is a Tech 2 emulator that runs on your laptop and simulates the Tech 2 screen and keypad to operate it.
Unfortunately, it leaves something to be desired with limited functions and some lack of actuator tests and incomplete coverage. It doesn’t replace a Tech 2 and is a yearly subscription purchase, but it is cheaper. Tech2Win also cannot be used for Saab or Izusu or Suzuki!

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