Toyota Yaw Rate Acceleration Sensor and VSC Light Reset by Launch X431

ECB (Electronic Control Brake System), according to the driving status of vehicle and using the oil pressure brake system, controls S-VSC (Steering-assisted Vehicle Stability Control System), braking assist system and ABS equipped with EBD. ECB controls oil pressure brake system and the brake power produced by regenerative braking system according to actual operation status, to put regenerative braking power into fullplay and to enhance fuel efficiency.

Yaw rate sensor(also called angle speed sensor), inspect the deviation of vehicle along the vertical axis. The deviation represents the stability degree of vehicle. If the deviation angle is up to certain threshold value, it indicates that side slide occur or the vehicle has danger of excursion, so at this time VSC controlling will be triggered. When the vehicle deviates from the vertical axis, the vibration plane of micro turning fork in sensor will be changed. Acceleration sensor has two types; vertical acceleration sensor along vehicle advance direction and transverse acceleration sensor vertical to the direction of advance.

The two sensors provide parameters of vehicle status for VSC.When these sensors has malfunction or after these sensors are replaced, it needs to reset.And at same time, VSC light is lit, which has to be extinguished with diagnostic device.Here we discuss how to reset and put out the fault light with X431.The function is available in the working supporting menu of ABS of X431 TOYOTA program. The non-CANBUS systems must be used TOYOTA-16 connector or CAN BUS II connector.

The main procedures are introduced as below:

After entering ABS menu, select “clearing yaw ratio/acceleration sensor zero point (to ECB), and then the screen will prompt a dialog box.


it will prompt that if you want to execute the function, the warning light will be light,and how to extinguish the light. Click [YES] to continue.

Then enter the function menu, there are 3 steps to do, and there are prompts for relative conditions and status for every step. Please follow the instructions.


Note: please operate with ignition switch ON and in P position.


Note: VSC/ABS warning light will be light after doing this operation. The light can’t be cleared by clearing DTC function. The DTC is C1336-yaw sensor is being reset.

The operation for extinguishing warning light is available in MODE CHANGE menu:

1.Turn ignition key ON when warning light is lit.

2.Turn ignition switch ON and enter the WORKING SUPPORT menu of ABS.

3.Under MODE CHANGE menu, make it in check mode.

Operation with X431:

Select NO to enter check mode menu. See fig.8. Click [YES] to enter check mode.


4.Now, ABS/VSC/ECB warning light will be flash. If not, please repeat the operation as mentioned above till the frequency of warning light turn 1Hz to 4Hz.

Note: the frequency of unit time to be set is 1Hz.

5.It will take about 1 minute for the operation, which will be different as different vehicle.

6.Now, enter normal mode (or turn ignition switch OFF to normal mode), the warning light will be extinguished.

Operation with X431:

Click [YES], then it will enter normal mode.


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