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How to Do Key Programming with Chrysler Diagnostic Tool wiTech MicroPod II ?


Chrysler Diagnostic Tool wiTech MicroPod II Supports all the latest technologies and vehicle platforms including the latest Chrysler and Fiat Vehicles. It support key programming , but how to do programming ? Lets check the steps as bellowing : Step…
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How to Solve Lonsdor K518ISE Cannot Get Email Verification Code


Problem: I had a problem with Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer during the registration. It does not show me the email verification code. Any idea? Solution: Wrong password was set. The password MUST be 6-digit password. Better combines with letters and numbers….
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CG Pro 9S12 FAQs


CG Pro 9S12 FAQs 1. How to install the cgpro new device? Download the latest software from the official website, then connect the device, and plug 12v power cable, the device will automatically be activated. 2. CG pro 35160WT…
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How to Pay and Get the Autel Update Service


Why You Need Autel Software Subscription (TCP) ? Stay current with the latest Autel software versions and increase the value of your investment with the Autel Total Care Program (TCP). When you subscribe to an Autel TCP, you’ll get to…
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How to Read ISN on make key by CG FC-200 for bmw


CG FC-200 read out the ISN fast and it was able to make the key for my bmw. CG FC-200 Read ISN on BMW All Keys Lost Tutorials: Vehicle: 2016 BMW 328I F30 N26 Purpose:All key lost key programming Device: CG…
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