Where to purchase a working Cheaper witech micropod clone


Here is the Micropod 2 clone experience from @2015DShemion on ramforum.com.

To elaborate the details in his tone:

Time back to 07-27-2017:

I was looking to purchase a wiTech MicroPod 2 Tool but it is hard to justify the cost of the oem version for just my 2 Chrysler vehicles, a 2015 WK 3.6L (wife) and a 2015 DS 5.7L (me).

My question is, has anyone here purchased any of the various micropod clones and if so, what degree of success have you had with things like flash programming, general diagnostics, obd mode 8 stuff like abs bleeding?

I wouldn’t mind spending the $500 if the clone tool works, I just don’t want to be the guinea pig

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