Iprog+ For GAZ NEXT 2016 2018 MB96F696RB Mileage Programming

iProg-Pro-Change-Mileage-for-GAZ-NEXT-6 (2)

How to do odometer correction for GAZ NEXT 2016 2018 MB96F696RB using Iprog Pro step-by-step here.

Purpose: Changing GAZ NEXT 2018 MB96F696RB mileage from 15341KM to 1234KM

IProg Pro Change Mileage For GAZ NEXT-


1.Open iProg Pro software, and select “GAZ NEXT” to follow the diagram connection to build wires connection.

iProg-Pro-Change-Mileage-for-GAZ-NEXT-1 (2)

2.Click “Read” button, it will take you about 2 minutes to read the mileage information

iProg-Pro-Change-Mileage-for-GAZ-NEXT-2 (2)

3.When its finish, it shows the value read from instrument cluster:15341 KM

iProg-Pro-Change-Mileage-for-GAZ-NEXT-3 (2)

4.Input new value:1234km, and click “Change KM”, After then click “Write”

iProg-Pro-Change-Mileage-for-GAZ-NEXT-5 (2)

Wait for process…

It shows all done, The new mileage is 1234km

iProg-Pro-Change-Mileage-for-GAZ-NEXT-6 (2)

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