How to use SKP1000 to add Honda Accord 2012 key

Guide to add a smart key on Honda Accord 2012 by using SKP1000 tablet key programmer.

Key information:

Original key: 3-button Smart key
Frequency: 433MHz
Chip: 47
Slot: Without slot
Device: SKP1000 tablet car key programmer


(Note: The guide was provided by a Chinese locksmith A Jie using SKP 1000 Chinese version CI600 Plus)

Connect Automotive Key Programmer SKP1000 key programmer with vehicle, Turn igniwion to ON position
Select Honda

Select By System


Select Smart Key System 1-> Smart key system

19-3 19-4

Select Add a smart key


Take away all smart keys out of car

Press YES to continue


Put a registered smart key inside the car

Press YES


Take away the smart key out of car


Insert a new smart key inside the car

Press YES


Turn ignition switch OFF within 15s


Turn ignition ON

Turn ignition OFF

Turn ignition ON again


Dashboard immo indicator go off

Press YES if indicator turn off



Turn ignition OFF

Turn ignition ON



SKP-1000 register Honda Accord 2012 smart key success


Press NO to go back.

Test the new smart key.

How to use SKP1000 to Program Koleos 2015 Smart Card

Guide to program Renault Koleos 2015 year smart card to enable one-button Start Stop feature by using SKP1000 Key Programmer via OBD.


(Note: The tutorial was provide by a Chinese engineer on a locksmith forum using OBD2 key programmer SKP1000 Chinese version Lonsdor CI600 Plus key programmer)
There is no single device that will read Renault pin code by OBD, can only read data by removing the BCM and then to calculate the security pin code.
Step 1: Remove BCM

14-01 14-02 14-03
Remove BCM under the dash
Step 2: Disamble BCM
, find out and locate CPU 0M23S

14-04 14-05
Step 3: Read CPU data
In Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer, select Immobilizer->Renault BCM-XDT384- 1L15Y is the same as 0M23S


Follow VVDI prog wiring diagram to connect

14-2 14-3 14-4 14-5
Save data

14-6 14-7

Step 5:  Calculate pin code
Send the BCM data to our engineer or Lonsdor factory engineer to calculate pin code within several minutes.
Here is the pin code for this car: 33EB 2FE6 78CD
Step 6: Smart Card Learning
Do smart card as well original smart card learning by SKP-1000 key programmer

14-8 14-9 14-10 14-11

Select Renault->By Vehicle->Koleos->Immobilizer system

14-12 14-13
Choose OBDII connector
Press on the Start button
Press YES to continue

Select Program Smart card
Open the door on the driver side

Manually enter security code calculated by engineer, and confirm

14-16 14-17

Insert the smart card to be programmed
Press YES to continue
14-18 14-19
Program success
Continue to program next key?
Press YES to continue


Insert the next smart key to be programmed
Follow procedure above
Until Program success.



Difference between skp900 and skp1000 key programmer

skp1000 key programmer is work better than old skp900 key programmer.  their pictures as following:



what is the mainly difference between them ?

1.  their outside appearance is not same.

2.  Skp900 key programmer supports auto key programming ONLY!  but Skp1000 obd2 key programmer supports auto key programming + special functions!

3.  skp900 auto key programmer not support special functions, but skp1000 auto key programmer can support special functions. such as OBD mileage adjustment, remote controller, oil/service reset, throttle body adjustment, EPB, pin code calculation,EEPROM chip read, immobilizer initialization,EEPROM/PIC adapter,personalized settings etc.

4. SKP1000 will be compatibility for future cars,  SKP900 stopped production and never works for new models

skp1000 key programmer is easy to use, This is how to use SKP1000 key programmer:

connect the main cable to the SKP 1000 machine

plug the OBDII adapter to the car

power on the SKP1000 machine, until you see the LOGO

press [YES] to the main menu

choose “Immobilizer”


go to the SKP 1000 car list

choose a model: Hyundai, press “Confirm”


choose “Smart card”, press “Yes”


choose ” by car model”, press “Yes”


choose “SONATA 8 (with card slot), press “Yes”


choose “Smart card (with card slot), press “Yes”


follow the prompt on the screen to turn off ignition, press “Yes


open the door and close for one time, press “Yes”

choose smart card to match, press “Yes”


insert the smart card into the slot, and you can hear alarm sound, turn off the ignition, press “Yes”


input the password


check if the password is correct, press “Yes” to confirm


program the first smart card successfully

press “Yes” to program the next one

press “No” to complete key programming




SKP1000 tablet key programmer User manual


1. Product description


1.1 Supported protocol:

1.2 Package Includes:
1* Main unit
1* touch pen
1* main cable
1* Honda 3pin adapter
1* Kia 20pin adapter
1* Hyundai / Kia 10pin adapter
1* Haima 7pin adapter
1* power adapter
1* TF card
1* TF card reader
1* USB cable
1* CD with user manual

2. Menu Instruction


2.10 Main menu basic functions
Car functions
Choose ” Car functions” to perform immobilizer, mileage adjustment, remote controller,
Oil/service Reset, throttle body adjustment,?EPB, pin code calculation, personalized settings and special function


2.11 immobilizer function:
Clear key memory;
Program keys, proximity keys, smart key, flip keys;
Program after-market and OEM keys;
Read keys from immobilizer memory
New mechanical key number programming;
Vehicle identification key programming;
Reset ECU& Reset immobilizer;

2.12 Mileage adjustment via OBD

2.13 New remote controller programming
2.14  Oil/Service reset

2.15 throttle body adjustment

2.16 EPB(Electric park brake)

2.17 Immo PINCODE reading
.Immo PINCODE reader?for many vehicles?and no need pincode when programming keys for many vehicles.


2.18 Personalized settings

2.19 Special functions
Plug into the adapter that paid extra money to perform special functions.

2.20 System settings
Choose ” System settings” to read the machine basic info.

2.21 Firmware upgrade
Choose ” Firmware upgrade” to update the machine firmware.





2.22 User program test
Choose “User program test” to reset the SKP1000 machine at to collect corresponding data.

3. How to use SKP1000 to program key on specific car model?
Step-by-step procedure:
For example, to operate Hyundai SONATA 8 smart remote controller, firstly connect the main cable to the machine, then plug the OBDII adapter to the car.
Power on the SKP1000 tablet key programmer machine, until you see the LOGO, press [YES] to main menu, Choose “Immobilizer”, press “Confirm” to vehicle list.




Choose model: Hyundai, press “Confirm” to enter.
Choose “Smart card”, press “Yes” to enter.
Choose ” by car model”, press “Yes” to enter.
Choose “SONATA 8 (with card slot), press “Yes” to enter.
Choose “Smart card (with card slot), press “Yes” to enter.
Follow the tip to turn off ignition, press “Yes”
Follow the tip to open the door and close for one time, press “Yes”.
Choose smart card to match, press “Yes”
Follow the tip, insert the smart card into the slot, and you can hear alarm sound, turn off the ignition, press “Yes”.
Input the password
Check if the password is correct, press “Yes” to confirm.
The first smart card program successfully, and it will ask you if you program the next one, press “Yes” to confirm.
Insert the second smart card into the slot, you can hear the alarm sound, press “Yes”.
Program successfully, press “No” to back.
With two new smart card keys, you could start the car, if you need to add more keys, just repeat the above steps.

4. Firmware update
Before update firmware, please take out the TF card and insert it into the card reader, then plug into the computer USB port. Double click “My Computer”, find out ” local Disk (H:), right click to choose “Format”.


Tip: Tick on the “Quick format” and click “Start.
After complete format, go to the official site to download the update file, then copy and paste the file into the TF card, after finish, plug the TF card into the machine, power on the machine to the main interface.

Click on “Firmware update”.


Firstly choose “System firmware update”, press “Yes”, the procedure shown as below:

Update successfully shown as below.


Press “No” to back.

Choose ” Adapter firmware update”, after finish, reboot the machine to go on use Auto Key Programmer SKP1000.


Any question, please contact your supplier.


SKP1000 key pro OK to program 2014 Maserati Ghibli smart key

This post is on how to use SKP1000 programmer to program smart key on 2014 Maserati Ghibli.

Let’s go.

1. Choose the last option “Smart key (New)”

Immo system

It displays instruction “Please choose: OBDII Port and turn on ignition, press “Yes” to continue and “No” to back.
Note: SKP1000 can program key when all key lost and add new key, if all key lost you do not need to turn on ignition.

Choose “Pincode read”

Read out Pin code, click “No” to back to choose “Add smart key”

Please turn on “Emergency light” and turn off ignition, click “Yes” to continue.

Leave the smart keys you want to program in the car and take the other keys out of car.
Choose “Yes” to continue, and “No” to back.
Input the pin code.
Configuring the system, please wait

In 30 seconds, close the SKP1000 to the start button on the car and press the “Unlock” button on the machine, press “Yes” to continue.

Complete program smart key with Automotive Key Programmer SKP1000 tablet key pro.



(SKP-900 Update) How to update SuperOBD SKP900 Key Programmer?

Do you need a clear tutorial for SuperOBD SKP900? This blog will guide you How to update SuperOBD SKP900 Key Programmer step by step! Check below!

Step1. Download newest software from SuperOBD official website or

Download SKP900 Update Tool V2.4:

Download SKP900 USB Driver:

Step2. Connect SKP-900 key programmer to computer using the USB cable.

Register SKP-900 official website in member centre. Download the update software and unzip it to get the “update bin file”.

Step3. Extract car key programmer SKP900 Update Tool V2.4 zip file and SKP900 USB Driver zip file. Now install SKP900 driver: go to “My Computer” → “Properties” → “Hardware” → “Device Manager”

The USB serial will not be found now. Click the “Scan” button to scan the hardware.

Step4. You will see a Found New Hardware Wizard for “USB-Serial”, click “Next”.

Check the checkbox “Include this location in the search” then click “Browse”. Choose “USB driver” folder then click “OK”.

Click “Next” then “Finish”.

Step5. There comes another Found New Hardware Wizard for “USB Serial Port”, choose the option “Install from a list or a special location”, click “Next”.

Click “Browse”, choose “USB driver” folder then click “OK”. Click “Next” then “Finish”.

Now SKP900 USB driver install completely.

Step6. Open Car Scanner SKP900 Update Tool V2.4 folder then open SKP900 Update Tool V2.4.

Open the update bin file then click “Update” to start SKP900 update. (Remember not to disconnect SKP-900 form computer while updating.)

The whole process will cost about 37 minutes, just be patient to wait it complete. And after that all OK, you can start to use newest SKP900 software!

(How-to guide) SKP900 program Honda CRV key when all key lost

SKP900 key programmer is Hand-held OBD2 key programmer,supports all key lost for many different car brands. This blog will show you how SK-P900 program Honda CRV key when all key lost.

Step1. Choose “Immobilizer”→ “Honda”→ “System Type”→ “Immobilizer 2”.

Step2. Choose “Immobilizer System” and turn ignition on. Wait a minute for system adapting.

Step3. Choose “All key lost”

It will ask “Insert key and turn ignition on, indicator light off?” Check and confirm it.

Step4. Input key number: 2

Turn off the key then turn ignition off. It is programming.

Step5. Turn key off in 15 seconds and SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer will show “Adapt success”. Insert a new key in 15 seconds and turn the ignition on.

Turn off key in 15 seconds→ turn ignition on→ turn off key→ turn ignition on

Then the indicator light is off

Turn off key→ turn ignition on

Now it will show “Adapt key success” that meansSKP900 successfully program Honda CRV key when all key lost!

How SKP900 read pin code& program key for VW Bora all key lost?

What tool do you need when a VW Jetta Bora lost all key and want to program a new key? According to engineers you are advised to use SKP 900 Key Programmer from! Below is how-to guide for your reference.

First use SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer to read VW Bora pin code then to program a new key.

Step1. Turn ignition on and connect SKP900 with car via OBD port. Choose “Immobilizer”→ “VW” → “Read Pin code1” → “Password Reading SYS1”

Wait a minute and SKP900 read out the pin code as 3904.

Step2. Back to “VW” menu and choose “Jetta 10-”.

Choose “Immobilizer System” then “Yes”. It will show you car control computer info, click “Yes”.

Step3. Choose “Program Key”

Enter the pin code 3094 and confirm.

It will show current key number: 1

Input key number to be programmed: 1

Step4. Now use all matching keys to turn on ignition. It will soon show “Matching Finished”.


In this way you can use OBD2 key programmer SKP-900 Auto Key Programmer to program a new key for VW Bora all key lost situation!

Why Choose China Brand SKP-900 car key programmer

skp 900 hand held obd2 auto key programmer

When talk about locksmith tools, tokens problem cannot be ignored. Skp900 is with 50tokens, if use up, it is free of charge and can be added on the official website of SKP900 Key Programmer.

Here OBD2 take skp 900 key programmer for example.
SKP-900 is a portable OBD2 Key Programmer rather than those with big size and heavy weight, convenience is pursuit by more and more people. Besides, some car key programmer covers one car makes like BMW AK500, but skp900 key programmer is available with Ford, Land Rover, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai, etc.

Why Choose China Brand SKP-900 car key programmer:
1) 100% original programmers. Made by china company.
2) Software is updated online for lifelong. New software will release on every month.
3) Universal programmer. Able to programmer keys for most brand cars in the market.
In the process of auto technology development, it is not easy to seize the key and truth of automotive. Auto security system is smarter, for increased vehicles are applied with more advanced IMMO system. It is the beginning of computer codes. At the same time, more and more choices on skp 900 key programmer are appear to meet advanced IMMO system’s demands.

Wifi MB SD Connect C5 Mux is the latest mercedes benz sd connect compact 5 diagnostic tool. Mercedes Star diagnosis C5 multiplexer support K-line, can bus and usd protocols. Wireless benz sd connect c5 support Mercedes Benz Cars After Year 2000. OBD2TOOL Wifi MB SD Connect C5 Mux Mercedes Star diagnosis C5 multiplexer Benz Star C5 Xentry connect  for Benz Cars and Trucks.

New C5 Star Star Diagnosis not only support K line diagnose and CAN BUS, but also UDS diagnose protocol. Because old MB STAR C4 main board do not have UDS chip, so old MB STAR C4 can not support it; All core accosseries adopt original new packing chip, and 24hours test, guarantee the quality of the products; New MB SD Connect Compact 5 Star Diagnosis support wireless diagnose.

Top 5 Reasons to Get SKP-900

Recently we have found clone SKP900 Auto Key Programmer rushed into in the aftermarket. The clone ones are quite similar to the original one, so how can you tell the original SuperOBD SKP900 auto key programmer from the clone? Here obd2tool provide you 7 main differences to identify the clone.
5 superobd-skp-900-v4.1-bmw-option-display-2
Top 5 Reasons to Get SKP-900:
1. Supports TOYOTA G Chip and H Chip
2. Supports all key lost
3. No need pincode when programming keys for many vehicles
4. No tokens limitation. You can program as many cars as you want
5. Can read pin code by OBD2 for many vehicles, only a few vehicles need to get pincode from local 4S shop or other places

Mercedes benz star scanner is a very popular auto scanner in the market. However,Many customer are confused to choose when they want to buy one, because there is four version of mb star:Mercedes Benz star c3,MB STAR C4, Benz Star SD Connect Compact 4 C4 and super C5 Star. So now,i will summarize their similarity and difference,hope it will helpful for customers to choose.

1.Benz star C3/C4 and MB star sd connect c4,Super MB Star c5 use same software.
2.For the hardware, Benz star c3/C4/C5 is same function in diagnosing.

1.For the functions, MB star c3 and c4 are almost the same,benz star c4 can do all the works what C3 does and it is the replacement of Compact C3.
Just benz star c4 size is small and weight is light,much convience and the anti‐interrupting ability is better.
One more thing, as customer feedback, the advantage of c3 is can do trucks best.