How to Recover Toyota 24C16 Immo Data using OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus

The goal of the tutorial is to clarify the possibility/potential of the OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus so that makes it in addition to being a key programmer through the software, but he can do the job.


Recover Toyota 2016 24C16 ECU Immo data

What you need:

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus tablet (with P001 and EEPROM adapter)

External storage device (a USB Card)


Connect P001 with EEPROM adapter, insert USB disk to X300DP plus, then connect P001 with X300DP

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-1 (2)

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-2 (2)

Go to X300 DP Plus Home menu->ES File Explorer->SD Card

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-3 (2)

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-4 (2)

Long press the data (here 24C16_Toyota_2016_ECU_IMMO_OFF_Data_for_H_Immobilier) you need to recover and copy it to “/Storage.emulated/0/DP/951400041740/DATA”

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-5 (2)

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-6 (2)

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-7 (2)

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-8 (2)

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-9 (2)

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-10 (2)

Select EEPROM function in X300DP Plus

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-11 (2)

Select PIC/FreeScale adapter V34.06->EEPROM->EEPROM RW (Read/Write)->24CXX Series->24C16

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-12 (2)

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-13 (2)

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-14 (2)

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-15 (2)
Make sure P001 adapter has connected with X300DP Plus

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-16 (2)
Reading EEPROM data in process

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-17 (2)
Save data as bin file

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-21 (2)

Press Help button to perform data recovery

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-18 (2)

Select the file desired to restore from /Storage.emulated/0/DP/951400041740/DATA” folder

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-19 (2)

Recovering data in process

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-20 (2)

IMMO data recovery success.

Now you can rewrite recovered data to immobilizer to repair ECU.

Hope it helps.

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