BMW Trouble Repair

How to Sovle BMW ICOM NEXT not connecting to ISTA


Got BMW ICOM NEXT not connecting to ISTA because it need firmware update I try to login with internet explorer but I didn’t get the setup page. I don’t know if it’s IP problem or what. Here is the itool…
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How to read the E9x M3 DCT TCU using a K+ DCAN USB interface


Note: Make sure you have a good battery, and a good battery charger connected while performing the TCU firmware update, otherwise your TCU can get permanently unusable. 1. You need a working INPA compatible USB K+ DCAN interface. Note: Insert…
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How to Solve IM608Pro “Error Code 4096” for BMW CAS3+ 0L15Y AKL

fixedautel-im608pro-error-code-4096-for-bmw-cas3-0l15y-akl-2 (2)

A customer gave feedback that he got “File version error![Error Code: 4096]” when trying to load the file by Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro for BMW CAS3+ (0L15Y) AKL programming on bench. Besides, he connected JVCI and Gbox2 and did the programming…
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ISID ISTA Diagnosis Connection Manual

ISID ISTA Diagnosis Connection Manual 1.ICOM Next A connect; ICOM A2 connect ICOM A connect 2. ENET Cable connect 3.Open BMW ISTA software 4.Operations-New-Read out Vehicle Data icom or ENET interface; 6.Read ecu. If you want to know more…
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How to Solve Autel IM608 BMW CAS3 File Version Error


Problem: I’m doing bmw Cas 3+ (0L15Y) all keys lost with Autel MaxiIM IM608. I want to program a new key on bench. this is the message I’m getting when trying to load the file, I’m connected to internet but…
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How to use Autel MaxiSys Elite to delete transport mode for a BMW X6 E71 2012


Car model and year: BMW X6 E71 2012 Purpose: To delete transport mode via OBD The tool used: Autel Maxisys Elite Procedure Connect Autel Elite scanner with BMW OBD, press Diagnostics >> VIN >> Auto detect >> OK >> Yes…
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Launch X431 PAD V Steering Angle Clibration on BMW 528I F10


Launch X431 PAD V is a high-end comprehensive diagnostic tool with charging base newly developed on the basis of Android 7.1. It supports dual 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi communications, with features such as wide vehicle model coverage, powerful diagnostic functions, and…
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