(Review) How do I use GM TECH2 to replace Opel Corsa C ECU

This article is just sharing real experience when use GM Tech 2. Hope this helps someone.

I decided to invest in some tools to diagnose my Opel. After a couple weeks of searching all over ebay, aliexpress and other online store, I finally found the cheapest one on obd2tool.com, they were very fast to respond and answer all of my questions. I exchanged emails with Customer service for about 3 days before I finally decided to purchase a tech 2 clone here. I ordered it on Tuesday and I picked it up at Friday (I missed the fed ex guy and you have to sign for it). Yes, it only took 3 days delivery!

I paid $349 for it. The quality of this is amazing. I would never be able to tell it was a clone. I hooked it up to my car and was able to replaces Opel Corsa-C ECU at OBD2TOOL.
So here it is….




Below is the procedure, I search and learn from forum members:
1.Obtain all ECU pin codes especially second hand ECUs (immobilizer or engine). Scan old ECU to obtain VIN code and then obtain car passes to match.
2.Obtain all keys they will be required at end of procedure. SPS program new engine ECU with vehicle engine code and VIN number.
3. Configure engine ECU CAN configuration (Engine/ programming/ program CAN configuration)
Configure engine ECU variant configuration (Engine/ programming/ program variant configuration)
4. Reset engine ECU if second hand ECU use pin code from car pass (body/ immobilizer / additional functions/ reset engine ECU)
Reset immobilizer (body/ immobilizer/ additional functions/ reset immobilizer)
Reset BCM (body/ BCM/ additional functions /reset BCM)
Reset instrument cluster (body/ instrument/ additional functions/ reset instrument)
5. Program immobilizer function (engine and immobilizer): this will program everything together includes new keys. Have all keys programmed (body/ immobilizer/ programming/ program immobilizer function).
Check and clear all fault codes Engine immobilizer dash BCM ABS and gearbox. Road test and recheck it.

Great! I can see Professional Diagnostic Tool GM Tech 2 replace a new engine ECU for Opel Corsa C successfully!

Renault CAN clip V168 Free download and installation (100% OK)

Renault CAN Clip V168 software is successfully tested 100% working with Chinese Renault can clip diagnostic interface including the Most well-received one ($95) and best quality with AN2131QC Chip $139. (Not tried the genuine Renault clip diagnostic interfaces.)

I installed today on my second portable self-diagnostic software, both xpsp3, no worries, first laptop I did yesterday diagnosed Sandero stepway II only CAN lines without line k, all ok, today for A Logan I on line k without CAN, also ok.
I confirm v168 works perfect CAN line from  OBD2TOOL or k no worries! < But of course as I already said, portables on OS xpsp3 >


CLIP V168 Test Report (Confirmed)

1. Renault can clip diagnostics…(confirmed)

Works on Renault 1998-2016 covering ENGINE, automatic gear shifting, Air conditioning system, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, GM, IMMO, KEYZESS GO system, OBD-I I and so on.





2. Renault can clip reprogramming(confirmed)

Clip will tell you if there is a new version to install, depending on what version of renault reprog you have… if you do not have reprog, the only way to find out if there is a new version, is to with a Professional Diagnostic Tool read the actual version installed. As for the benefits, new versions are usually released to resolve glitches that have been in the mean time discovered, to improve driveability, fuel consumption etc… also as the engines get worn and old, new software can adjust things to make is driveability a bit better… most of the times you will not see any difference after a software update, unless a real obviously glitch has been identified and a new version has been released to resolve it. I hope all the above makes some sense, and some how answers your question…

3. Renault can clip key programming& ECU programming (No luck)

The Renault-COM diagnostic programming tool is tested working to perform key programming and ECU programming.

CLIP V168 software installation and driver installation:
Renault Can Clip V168 Software Installation Guide
Operating System: Windows XP

Clip V168 software installation is the same (item. No SP19-B & SP19-C)

Clip V168 driver installation is different (item. No SP19-B & SP19-C)

Renault Can Clip V168 Software Installation Guide –UOBDII (SP19-B & SP19-C)

wiTECH MicroPod 2 v17.04.27 Download, Install and Key Programming

Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge diagnostic VCI interface wiTech MicroPod 2 Programmer software updated!! here, free download wiTECH software v17.04.27 and get the how-to’s of wiTECH 2 app installation to install Chrysler wiTECH software yourself! Also, a wiTECH MicroPod 2 v17.04.27 user manual of key programming is attach here for you.

Part 1: v17.04.27 wiTECH download link:


It’s wiTECH software crack
No need password for wiTECH MicroPod 2 login
No need wiTECH software license

Tested OK by professionals obd2tool.com
Safe to use with Chrysler Micropod II clone

Operation system of wiTECH 2 download:
Windows XP;
Windows 7

The date of the computer must be the same as the fact
The computer must be connected to the Internet
Connect the machine to the MicroPod 2 to open the wiTECH software
The system may ask you to turn off the software and turn it on for registration again. Repeat it for several times. Then you can use it normally

Part 2: How to install wiTECH MicroPod 2 v17.04.27 software crack:
Step 1   install AdobeAIRInstaller.exe
Step 2   install jre-6u45-windows-i586.exe
Step 3   install wiTECH_Install_17.04.27.exe
Step 4   Restart the computer

wiTECH diagnostic tool is ready for use!

Part 3: How to use wiTech MicroPOD II at OBD2TOOL clone for auto key programming

Step 1
Plug the MicroPOD II device into the OBD port and connect the USB cable from the device to your laptop. This wakes the BUS on the car.

Step 2
Manually enter the VIN of the vehicle. This gives you access to the module list.  Select the RFH (Radio Frequency Hub) module. This is the module where the key is registered.

Step 3
Next select “Miscellaneous Functions,” then “Program Ignition Fobix.”  At this point, you are prompted to enter the VIN again, followed by the four-digit PIN Code.

Step 4
After the four-digit pin is entered you are prompted to hit continue to “Program Ignition FOBIK.” Once you hit continue you must press the UNLOCK button on the FOBIX within 30 seconds (the FOBIX needs to be located near the center console during this procedure).

Step 5
Programming of the Ignition FOBIX is now successful. The new key key is accepted into the car, and the ignition will now turn on and start the car. At this point, you also have the option to program a second key.

Part 3: How to use  MicroPOD II clone for auto key programming

Step 1
Plug the MicroPOD II device into the OBD port and connect the USB cable from the device to your laptop. This wakes the BUS on the car.

Step 2
Manually enter the VIN of the vehicle. This gives you access to the module list.  Select the RFH (Radio Frequency Hub) module. This is the module where the key is registered.

Step 3
Next select “Miscellaneous Functions,” then “Program Ignition Fobix.”  At this point, you are prompted to enter the VIN again, followed by the four-digit PIN Code.

Step 4
After the four-digit pin is entered you are prompted to hit continue to “Program Ignition FOBIK.” Once you hit continue you must press the UNLOCK button on the FOBIX within 30 seconds (the FOBIX needs to be located near the center console during this procedure).

Step 5

Programming of the Ignition FOBIX is now successful. The new key key is accepted into the car, and the ignition will now turn on and start the car. At this point, you also have the option to program a second key.

Things to Remember:
You must be online to program the key.
The PIN Code is only good for one session, which lasts 72 hours. After 72 hours the pin code expires.
If you input the wrong code for three-time it locks the BCM and you cannot service the vehicle for 24 hours.
The key is one-time programmable. Once married to the vehicle it is locked to the car forever. The key can be erased from the car and put back into the same car, but can’t be switched to another car.
The placement of the key during initialization is important. It needs to be placed either behind the shifter or in the center console.

How to use Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 Diagnostic Programming Tool ?

1. Please confirm that you have successfully installed the software.

If you don’t know how to install Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 software, please check this link:


2.Connect Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 USB Port with PC, OBD2 Port connect with car.

3.The computer will automatically install Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 hardware driver



4.After Drive installed, you can find your device in your computer device manager


5.Double click the icon of Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2


6.You will see Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 connected with software, Please click ” next”


7. If you have your personal online account, you can login in your user id and password. If you don’t have online account, please select “word off line”,Then click “finish” and go to next step


8. Select ” Connect”


9. To this step, you can choose the type of car which you want to test and the system for diagnosis and programming.

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How to install Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 Diagnostic Programming Tool?

WARNING; The computer on the day of the date

1.PC-Based: Requires PC connected to the network


2.Run Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 CD software as picture


3.Firstly, installation AdobeAIRInstaller.exe


4.Secondly, installation jre-6u45-windows-i586.exe


5. Finally, installation wiTECH_Install_17.03.10.exe


6.After successful to install the software, the desktop will appear Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 software icon is as follows:


7. The specific installation process, please watch the following installation video:

How to switch language of Autel MAXISYS MS906 MS906BT MS906TS MS908 MS908P?

OBD2TOOL website offer Autel MAXISYS MS906 MS906BT MS906TS MS908 MS908P with multi-language.

There are 2 language for choice: English and Spanish.

Today, we would like to share with you how to switch language from Spanish to English.

1. First of all, the language of the Autel MAXISYS MS906 Android Tablet need to change from Spanish to English.
Double check System setting —- language —-English


2. The language of Diagnostic need to change.
To change the language from Spanish to English.

Step 1: Click at Maxisys.


Step 2: Click at “Settings”.


Step 3: Click at “ Language”


Step 4: Select “ English”


Then you can see that the language is in English now.


After changing language to English and if you found it is blank here(Maxisys—Diagnostic).


Please go to Update and select vehicles software and reload them.



If you have any other question about Autel serial scanner, please contact us via sales@obd2tool.com

VAS 5054A ODIS V2.0 with OKI Chip, UDS Protocol Bluetooth Supported

VAS 5054A ODIS V2.0 with OKI Chip, UDS Protocol Bluetooth Supported

1. With OKI Chip it can support UDS Protocol.
2. Six Models supported: VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEAT/Bentley/Lamborghini
3. Multi-language available: English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, Danish, German, Swedish, Finnish, Slovenian, Czech, Russian, Greek and Polish.
4. Easy to use: No cables are needed for vehicle diagnostics using the VAS 5054A.

System Requirements:
Windows XP(xp2/xp3)
System C:// have to be NTFS format
C:// need to have at least 40GB space for installing VAS5054A

1. The VAS 5054A is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers.
2. The integrated Bluetooth interface connects the vehicle with a notebook, desktop PC or test system.
3. The range of the wireless Bluetooth connection is 2 to 5 meters with no interference or blocked, depending on the environment and the type of Bluetooth adapter used on the PC side.
4. The Serial Port Profile (SPP) is used for data transfer via Bluetooth. Different Bluetooth security levels are supported

The new chip AN2135SC/AN2136SC solved communication issues of other CLIP versions. That make CLIP work more stable and can be used for a longer time. Using other versions of Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface, the diagnostic interface will disconnect if users have no operation for 10 minutes around after successful communication to the car. With this new CAN CLIP for Renault, the issue solved, with the chip AN2135SC/AN2136SC. This is the PCB with new design.

VAS 5054A FAQ:

VAS 5054A FAQ:

Q: VAS 5054A Bluetooth can be used to reset service light, VAG K Can V4.6 can’t support service reset for Audi car? In what functions and features 5054A is better than VAG K+CAN 4.6?

A: VAS5054A  has stable function and good performance in diagnosing. VAG K Can V4.6 can work without connecting with computer, it is convenient and simple to use. Super VAG K+CAN V4.6 can be used to reset airbag light and active TV for a part of car models.

Q:Can VAS 5054A disable immobilizer like EC tools?

A:No, it can’t disable immobilizer; our 5054A only support reset every electronic control system in the car.

Q:Over the last couple weeks the car’s been giving me some trouble starting up. It starts, revs to 1200 briefly and then cuts out. My initial thought was it just had to Do with the cold weather lately and remedied I by just holding the key a bit longer in the on position. Today though, I had to actually give it a significant amount of throttle to keep from cutting out when starting. Then it died at two intersections. It starts up fine again, but I’m stumped as to what the issue might be. My initial thought is the fuel pump. Anything else it could be?

A:VW / Audi / Skoda … blink codes, trouble codes (VAG), fault codes (Ross), tomato, potato. All I can tell you is the Master Tech who does side jobs on my cars uses a 5054A ODIS V3.0.1. With the right cables / software it pulled the trouble codes for the ABS in my ’90 Corrado to condemn it. It’s been a long time since I actually counted those blinks to diagnose. The point is it’s all the same info whether it blinks a led or displayed as text with graphics on a screen (my preference).

Q:I found this VAS 5054a software and bluetooth can obd2 interface. Is this a ligit vas program? and will it do the same or more as the ross tech software?

A:Now if you use 5054 you can get the automated diagnosis on any fault code more than Ross tech can support! And it is cheaper than Ross tech and easy to update too.

Q:Light stays on and vcds will NOT clear it? I used Win XP when I installed Vagcom 11.11. Any idea?

A:You would need VAS-PC and a 5054a Head to enter into in the basic setting / adaption of the module which I’m guessing you don’t have. That’s what the dealer will do though.

Q:I got my tester with Best obd2 scanner VAS 5054A ODIS and this is what I found when i tested the car:
P1626 Databus Drivetrain Missing message from trans ctrl mod.They are no errors in the transmission control module, only in both ECU’s. How to fix?

A: it’s a static message, ie it is not currently fault-free. There will be more information available from a paid-for VCDS scanner cable together with a laptop, if that’s an option for you. This is because a regular OBD-II scanner only reports emissions information and not the car computers’ diagnostics information, such as open circuit wires.

Q:I have the latest Vag Com and Ihave VAS 5054A.I disconnected the speedo for a short while and when i put it back it triggered the immobilizer and the car will not run now for more than a few seconds. It seems the speedo lost its link to the keys and they need to be rematched. I do not want to take it to Audi. I have taken a full dump of the eeprom (G93LC86C) but would need to know which addresses are the 4 digit PIN. Does anyone know how to obtain this – either by finding it in the eeprom dump or using some piece of software or hardware, or can i get it from a login to GeKo?

A:Pull out your radio (takes 10 minutes), write down the s/n#, and ask the service manager really nicely, and they should give you your code for free.

How to install Renault CAN CLIP V162 on Window XP

Renault CAN Clip V162, how to install? how-to guide of  Renault CAN Clip V162 software installation for you all…

the installation instruction here for Windows xp users.
Renault can clip widows 7 32 bit needs luck!

Step1. ready for can clip V162 installation
Unzip and open Renault CAN Clip V162 software folder.
Copy “Activation (Patch 3)” folder to desktop.
Open “Activation (Patch 3)” folder,
right click on the “Crack Renault Clip” registration entries
then click on “Merge”->“Yes” ->“OK”.

Step2. Renault can clip V162  first installation
Open the “Setup”.exe.
Click on “First Installation” icon.
Select  “I accept…” option and click on “Next”.
Select   “Other Countries” and click on “Next”.
Select  “English” and click on “Next”.
Select   “Renault” click on “Next” then “Next”.

Pop up “Windows Resource Kit Tools Setup Wizard”.
Click on “Next”
choose “I agree the agreement…”
Click on “Install Now”

Wait a while for completing then click on “Finish”
Restart your computer
click on “Finish”
Renault CAN Clip V162 “First Installation” complete!

Step3. CLIP V162 Registration
Right click the “CLIP” icon on desktop, go to “Properties”
click on “Find Target”
go to disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/ Application
Cut the “RSRWin” application to desktop
Go to Renault CAN Clip V162 software folder ->“Activation (Patch 3)” folder
Copy the another “RSRWin” application to disk C:/ CLIP_X91/ Lib/ Application

Open the “RSRWin” application in Application folder
Click on “I understand and accept the licence…” then “Register me now”.
“Are you part of Renault Network?”
Select  “No”
go to Renault CAN Clip V162 software folder and find a picture (Renault CLIP Registration Step-4)
enter the required “unlocking code” as the pic shows
click on “Confirm”
“Registration successful”. Click on “OK”

Step4. “RSRWin” application replacement
replace the “RSRWin” application in  disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/ Application with the one on desktop
“Found New Hardware Wizard”
click on “Next”, then “Finish”
Install device driver successfully.

Step5. setup com port
go to  Computer management
select “Device Manager” ->“Bosch automotive service solution device” ->“18-alliance vehicle communication interface”

Step6. last setup for the use of CLIP
Right click on desktop to open “Display Properties”
Go to “Screen Saver” ->“Power and setup”
Change Settings: Power scheme: Always on->Turn off monitor: Never, Never->Turn off hard disk: Never, Never->System standby: Never, Never
After that, click on “Apply” then “OK”

Now you can use Renault CAN Clip Interface!

How does Nissan Consult III work on Japanese JDM GTR 2007

Does Nissan Consult III Plus diagnostic scanner work on 2007 JDM GT-R; i mean, Japanese domestic market. I cannot find out the option of JDM.

Yes! Definitely yes. Consult 3 Plus can work well on Japanese domestic cars, Nissan and GTR (1996-2011). Setup in the software interface should be like this:
Step 1 – go to settings
Step 2 – select country selection

Step 3 – select DOM

In Nissan Consult III software, Japanese domestic market is shorten as domestic; that is DOM, not JDM.

Then you can perform on IBM Lenovo T42 Notebook running Windows XP.

Automated Self-Diagnostics

The system is able to perform accurate diagnosis without having to rely on the diagnostic skills of technical staff at the dealership.Increased efficiency in operations based on wireless technology

With wireless vehicle communication interface, it is possible to check the condition of the vehicle from either inside or outside the vehicle. At dealerships in Japan, it is possible to access the Nissan network to retrieve both the maintenance technology data related to the diagnosis results and spot adequate information on service manual. The dealerships are also able to access their service database and refer to the vehicle’s maintenance history on the laptop PC.

Enhanced data management with improved laptop

New features such as adoption of color-screen and large-screen monitor allow viewing of large amounts of information altogether for enhanced data management

Capable of handling multiple complex defects

The diagnostics tool is equipped with various functions including simultaneous self-diagnosis of an entire system, simultaneous data monitor for multiple systems, data recorder, and oscilloscope capability.

Map data update function for hard-disk navigation system

Through high-speed data update system, it is possible to update map data in approximately 20 minutes with the new CARWINGS navigation system (hard-disk) equipped in the all-new Skyline and other future products.

(1) CONSULT: Computerized On-Board System Universal Tester. CONSULT introduced in 1989, CONSULT-II introduced in 1999. CONSULT-III is 3rd generation model.

(2) Communication distance: radius of 5m approx.

NOTE: for special functions on GTR, you need to buy GTR Card.


UCDS Ford UCDSYS Ford diagnostic and chip tuning tool new released, Ford UCDS diagnostic tool UCDS Pro+ support diagnosis, ECU Flash and mileage functions, UCDS Ford from obd2tool.com can work as Ford ECU Chip Tunning tool as well, can replace Ford VCM II completely.

Ford UCDS from www.obd2tool.com is the 2017 New Released Diagnostic Adapter with neweest software V1.26.008 can replace Ford VCM II perferctly, just one difference, UCDS Ford cannot key programming, but UCDS (Universal CAN Diagnostic System) for Ford can support Mileage Correction and it is full function type has 35 tokens also support special functions like VBF LOADER, UPDATE WIZARD, DIRECT CONFIG.

The UFord UCDSYS consists of drivers of the serial bus USB-serial (recommended drivers FTDI), hardware adapter and the actual  UCDS-programm.The software interface of the UCDS interface has main window’s mode. You need to select the type of the vehicle or select the service mode for adapter`s firmware update or other service functions.UCDS currently works with the following platforms: Focus II 2004-2011; Focus III 2011, 2015 ; Kuga I, Kuga II; C-MAX; S-MAX; MONDEO IV; Mondeo 2015 ; Galaxy ; Tansit; Fiesta 2008, 20015 etc..

1. UCDS support special functions like: VBF LOADER, UPDATE WIZARD, DIRECT CONFIG
2. UCDS support more vehicles than vcmii
3. UCDS support odometer correction, while VCMII can’t
4. UCDS support both online and offline programming, while VOBDII can only support online programming.
5. UCDS support the reconfiguration of the car, the engine firmware stock firmware, chip tuning, vcmii can’t.
6. VCMII support key programming, while UCDS can’t