JLR SDD V157 where to download driver and how to setup on win7 8 10

JLR SDD V157 software is tested working greatly with all Mangoose JLR interfaces & JLR DoiP VCI . uobdii.com is generous to share the Mongoose driver so that the computer find a driver for it for the Mongoose JLR, also share the Patch so that SDD V157 full software needs no register before using to diagnose.  JLR SDD V157 can be installed on win7 8 10 32 bit.

In this post, you will read:
Part 1: JLR SDD V157 where to download full software, driver & patch?
Part 2. How to install SDD V157 with JLR DoiP VCI?
Part 3: JLR SDD V157 Reviews
Part 4: JLR Mangoose SDD VS JLR DoiP VCI

Part 1: JLR SDD V157 where to download full software, driver & patch:
1). Full software
Download SDD_XXX_Full.exe is ok.


2). Mongoose Driver


No password

100% safe

3). Patch



No password

100% safe

JDD V157 Released year and data: 2019 year

OS: Win7 8 10 32bit

SDD V157 Language:

German, Russian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, English, Simplified Chinese.

SDD V157 updates:

Software optimization

SDD V157 functions and car list:

Jaguar /Land Rover – Symptom Driven diagnostic software

Software for the diagnosis and repair of cars Jaguar, Land Rover.

For Land Rover: L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L538 etc.For Jaguar: X100, X150, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400 etc.

Jaguar and Land Rover Years Covered: 2016-2018

SDD V157: how to install on win7 8 10?

Note: the method to install SDD V157 with JLR DoiP VCI is different with that to install SDD V157 with JLR Mangoose cables.

Part 2. How to install SDD V157 with JLR DoiP VCI?

1.Step by step procedure in text:

How to install SDD V157 with JLR DoiP VCI to diagnose Jaguar Land Rover 2005 -2019 year.

Please remember JLR DoiP VCI packages:


2.How to install SDD V157 on JLR Mangoose cables:

Part 3: JLR SDD V157 Reviews

Review 1.

Car model: Land Rover L319 Land Rover LR3\LR4

Engine: 406PN -V6 4.0 Petrol

2006 year


Accessible Control Unit systems:






Read out PCM DTCs.


Review 2: successfully test 2004 XJR

The one I bought came with SDD V143. I had previously understood that V131.03 was the latest version that could be used without an active subscription to TOPix, so I purchased that version of the software separately. But after additional research, I installed the V134 software and it’s working just fine with WiFi turned off (otherwise it wants to try to log on and update itself). The seller stated that V134 only worked with 2005 vehicles and later, but it’s working fine with our 2004 XJR.


Review 3: successfully test 04 X350

When I bought mine, the JLR Mangoose SDD software bundled with the cable was V134, but I had been led to believe that the latest version of SDD that would work without an active TOPix subscription was V131.03, so I purchased that separately from an eBay seller based in the U.K. I later learned that V134 works fine with our ’04 X350 as long as I disconnect the computer from the Internet and reset the computer’s date to August 01, 2012 before I start the SDD program, which I’m running in a Windows XP Pro virtual machine on a Windows 7 laptop. I once let the clock creep up to November 2012 and the software functionality was disabled because “It had been too long since the software was updated.” Resetting the clock to August 2012 restored the functionality.

Review 4: successfully test 2004 XJ8

The software does run in XP mode. And contrary to the seller’s claim that it works only with cars 2005 and newer, it does work with my 2004 XJ8.

While, another user’s test result is: Thus far I can’t get SDD V138 to work with my 04 XJ8, but I’m using a different laptop and my Windows 7 64-bit running a 32-bit XP SP2 VM doesn’t want to take the Mongoose drivers.

To confirm whether JLR Mangoose really work with 04 year Jaguar, I consult in the engineer from JLR factory. He said it is true that a part of users successfully test SDD on some Jaguar from 03 to 04 year, but meanwhile some users fail to test on the same car, take the above 2004 XJ8 for example, one user successfully test, another one fail to test. Therefore, if anyone who want to use JLR Mangoose to test Jaguar before 2005year, you can have a try.

Part 4: JLR Mangoose SDD VS JLR DoiP VCI

1). JLR DoIP VCI works with new models:
Work with all Jaguar & Land Rover models after 2005 year.
Work with the models after 2017, compatible with Pathfinder software application
Work with the models before 2016, support SDD software.
* 14-16MY vehicle lines with Dolp VCI support:
* XE(X760)
* F-Pace(x761)
* F-Type(x152)
* XF(X260)
* XJ(X351)-16MY only
* Evoque(l538)
* Discovery Sport(L550)
* Range Rover(L405)
* Range Rover Sport (L494)

Pre-14MY and vehicles not detailed above will continue to use the current diagnostic system and VCls.
Replacement OBD cable is available.
DOlp VCI OBDII Replacement Cable P/N:1699200366879

2). LR DoIP VCI wins in Pathfinder:
Pathfinder …YES on diagnostic & programming, activation service offline
SDD…YES on diagnostic and programming

3). LR DoIP VCI wins in online programming :
Both SDD software and Pathfinder can be updated to the newest version in the assistance of manufactures’ engineer, and perform online programming.

4). LR DoIP VCI wins in newest software version :
SDD and Pathfinder can be updated to the newest version the same as the original one in the assistance of manufactures’ engineer.

5). LR DoIP VCI wins in Wifi connection.
6). LR DoIP VCI wins in 2 year’s warranty.


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