GM Tech2 clone program ECU with SPS in TIS2000

Here is the step-by-step instruction on programming GM (General Motors) ECUs with Tech2 scanner and SPS (Service Programming System) application in TIS2000.


Before using the SPS, make sure that the GM Tech 2 Scan Tool and the pc contain the latest software, the battery of the vehicle is fully charged, only the ignition is on power,
and all cables are connected properly. TIS2000 will not work on 2007 up GM, and software must work together with TIS2000 USB key. If you need to program Saab ECU,
you had to use Saab TIS2000 and USB dongle.

Main steps:

Step 1: Instruction for TIS2000 software

Step 2: Data request

Step 3: Data exchange

Step 4: Program ECU

Alternative Programming with “Pass Thru”

Check Programming result

Step 1: Instruction for TIS2000 software

1.Connect the Tech II to the pc.

Note: The hardware key (HWK) has to be registered prior to working with ‘Service Programming System’. To register a hardware key, the form that is enclosed with
the hardware key kit has to be filled in and sent to the address at the top. In case the form is missing, the document is also in the TIS 2000 newsletter (see icon in the
TIS 2000 tool bar). At first, the user receives a temporary code until the key is registered on the next TIS 2000 CD.

Hardware keys that have already been registered are still valid!

To register the hardware key select ‘Hardware Key Registration’ in the menu ‘Configuration’.

TIS2000 installation video guide

2.Start TIS 2000 on the pc.

3.Select the application ‘Service Programming System’ on the TIS 2000 start page.


4. On ‘Select Diagnostic Tool and Programming Process’ (picture below) screen make the desired selection for

1) the used Tech2 diagnostic tool

2) the reprogramming of an ECU that was not exchanged or the replacement/programming of a new ECU

3) the ECU location.


5.Click “Next” button to continue.

Step 2: Data Request

1) Connect Tech 2 scanner to vehicle. Power on device – “Tech 2” is displayed on the screen, then press “ENTER”.

2) Turn ignition to ON without start the engine!!!

3) Select “F1: Service Programming System (SPS)” in the main menu.

4) Press “F0: Request Info” on Tech 2.

5) If Tech 2 has already stored vehicle data they will be displayed now. In that case, Tech 2 asks you to either use the current data (hold data) or request further information from the ECU (continue).

6) For the selection of “Next” the vehicle has to be identified as requested by OBD II Scanner Tech 2.

Note: Depending on the model year and the selected model either a reprogramming of the ECU (F0: Engine) or of the TCM (F1: Transmission) can be selected.

7) During the Request Info the Tech 2 receives information from the selected device. If the ECU was replaced a “Request Info” has to be performed for the NEW unit. Since the new ECU is not programmed on delivery, the retrieved information is not complete. For that reason, TIS 2000 gives instructions as how to enter the missing vehicle data.

8) Follow the instructions on the Tech 2. Then press “Exit” on the Tech 2, switch it off and disconnect it from the vehicle.

Step 3: Data exchange

1.Connect Tech 2 to the pc, switch it on, and click on ‘Next’ on the pc.
2.Confirm VIN or, if necessary, enter correct VIN, then select ‘Next
3.Validate vehicle data and, if necessary, change with the pull-down menus
4. 9-2
5.Click on ‘Next’. Button
6. 9-2
7.A new window displays a “Summary” (follow below) with the selected data. Continue with ‘Next’. Select “Reprog” button to download the latest calibration data onto the TechII diagnostic tool.

Note: It is not possible to reprogram an ECU with the same software version.

1.The window ‘Transfer Data’ is displayed. A bar shows the progress of the download.
2.At the end of the download, a window is displayed with the request to connect the Tech 2 to the vehicle in order to finish the programming process.
3.After the closing of the SPS application the TIS 2000 start screen is again displayed. Finally, switch off the Tech 2 and disconnect it from the pc.

Step 4: Program ECU

1.Connect Tech 2 to the vehicle.
2.Switch on Tech 2 – start screen appears.
3.Turn ignition (Do not start motor!).
4.Press “Enter” in the Tech 2 start screen.
5.Select “F1: Service Programming System” in the main menu and then “F1: Program ECU”.
6.Follow the instructions on the Tech 2 screen.
7.During the download the Tech 2 screen shows the message “Programming in Progress”.
8.At the end of the download the Tech 2 shows the message “Programming was successful”. The button “Exit” leaves the program. First, turn off the ignition of the vehicle, then switch off the Tech 2 and disconnect it from the vehicle.
9.Turn off ignition for 30 seconds before starting the motor. Additional information is available in the section “Check programming”.

Alternative Programming with “Pass Thru”

In addition to the procedure described above, there is an alternative programming mode called “Pass Thru”. In that case, the data are directly downloaded from the pc to the ECU in the vehicle.

Although the Tech 2 is still needed in that mode, the data entry and the download control is done directly at the pc. Altogether, that method is faster, and it is recommended when a pc with TIS 2000 is within 3m of the vehicle.

1.Connect Tech 2 to the vehicle.
2.Connect Tech 2 to the PC switch on Tech 2.
3.Start TIS 2000 on the PC.
4.Select the icon ‘Service Programming System’ (Fig. 1) on the TIS 2000 start page.
5.Start TIS 2000 on the PC.
6.On the screen ‘Select Diagnostic Tool and Programming Process’ (See picture below) make a selection for

***Pass-Thru mode

***the reprogramming of an ECU that was not exchanged or the replacement/programming of a new ECU

***the ECU location.

Then clock ‘Next’ button.

How to solve 2009 Saab 9-3 1.9 TID non starter by GM TECH 2 ?

This post starts with the problem that 2009 Saab 9-3 1.9 tid no starter, then how to solve? Please go on reading following parts.

Car model and year:

2009 Saab 9-3 1.9 tid

General Car issue: non starter

Tool I used:

GM MDI Global TIS and GM Tech2

Trouble and what Global TIS and Car Scanner Tech2 find out:

They have read codes to do with ignition and immobilizer and found that the cim is not picking up the old or new keys in the switch he tells me that the chip in the key is not being energized so the cim can’t read the key.

Trouble analysis:

The chip in the key is read by the ignition switch, called the Ignition Switch Module (ISM). Maybe the fault lies there.

How to remove?

1.Operate/move the seats to their rearmost positions.

2.Remove the front side pieces from the floor console.

3.Remove the cover from over the gear lever housing, use 82 93 474 Removal tool in the rear edge of the cover and pull back.

4.AUT: Remove the clamp.

5.Remove the cover under the handbrake by pulling it straight out.

6.Remove the cover on the passenger side by squeezing the cover and lifting it up. Remove the compartment under the cover on the passenger side.

7.Lift up the rubber mat in the floor console storage compartment and remove the screws.

8.Remove the floor console screws; note that screws for plastic and aluminum are different.

9.Remove the sound insulation (certain cars).

10Press in the four catches (two on each long side) and press down the ignition switch module.

11.Lift up the floor console slightly and remove the ignition switch module.

12.Remove the connector; see “Connectors, handling and checking” item 1D.

13.Everything will be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end…

CRP 12X Premium Diagnose

Select [Diagnose] in Main Menu and press [OK], the screen will display Monitor Status interface as following figure


1 OBDII/EOBD Diagnosing

This option presents a quick way to check for DTCs, isolate the cause of the illuminated Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), check monitor status prior to emissions certification testing, verify repairs, and perform a number of other services that are emission-related. In Figure 5-1, press [OK] to enter system, the screen of CRP129 Premium will automatically jump to figure


Press [OK], a screen similar to Figure as follow will appear:

It mainly includes the following functions:
1. Read Codes
This option is used to identify which section of the emission control system has malfunctioned.

2. Erase Codes
After reading the retrieved codes from the vehicle and certain repairs have been carried out, you can use this function to erase the codes from the vehicle. Before performing this function, please be sure the vehicle’s ignition key is in the ON position with the engine off.

a. Before performing this function, make sure to retrieve and record the trouble codes.
b. After clearing, you should retrieve trouble codes once more or turn ignition on and retrieve codes again. If there are still some trouble codes in the system,please troubleshoot the code using a factory diagnosis guide, then clear the code and recheck.

3. I/M Readiness
I/M refers to Inspection and Maintenance that is legislated by the Government to meet federal clean-air standards. I/M Readiness indicates whether or not the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for Inspection and Maintenance testing.

The purpose of the I/M Readiness Monitor Status is to indicate which of the vehicle’s Monitors have run and completed their diagnosis and testing(as described in Chapter 2.5), and which ones have not yet run and completed testing and diagnosis of their designated sections of the vehicle’s emissions system.

The I/M Readiness Monitor Status function also can be used (after repair of a fault has been performed) to confirm that the repair has been performed correctly, and/or to check for Monitor Run Status.

4. Data Stream
This option retrieves and displays live data and parameters from the vehicle’s ECU.

5. View Freeze Frame
When an emission-related fault occurs, certain vehicle conditions are recorded by the on-board computer. This OBD2 Code Reader Scanner is referred to as freeze frame data. Freeze Data is a snapshot of the operating conditions at the time of an emission-related fault.

Note: If DTCs were erased, Freeze Data may not be stored in vehicle memory depending on vehicle.

6. O2 sensor test
The results of O2 sensor test are not live values but instead the results of the ECU’s last O2 sensor test. For live O2 sensor readings, refer to any of the live sensor screens such as Graph Screen.

Not all test values are applicable to all vehicles. Therefore, the list generated will vary depending on vehicle. In addition, not all vehicles support the Oxygen Sensors screen.

7. On-board monitor test
This function can be utilized to read the results of on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for specific components/systems.

8. EVAP System Test
The EVAP test function lets you initiate a leak test for the vehicle’s EVAP system. The LAUNCH CRP129 Premium Scanner does not perform the leak test, but signals to vehicle’s on-board computer to initiate the test. Before using the system test function, refer to the vehicle’s service repair manual to determine the procedures necessary to stop the test.

9. Vehicle Info
This option displays the vehicle information, such as VIN (Vehicle identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration Verification Number).

5.2 System Diagnosing
This function is specially designed to diagnose electronic control system of single vehicle model which includes the following systems:
● ENG (Engine)
● ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
● TCM (Transmission Control Module)
● SRS (Supplemental Restraint System)

● Before diagnosing, please make sure the diagnostic program corresponding to certain vehicle model has been installed on your CRP12X Premium.
● For vehicles manufactured by different vendors, it is possible that it has different diagnostic menus. Refer to the flowchart illustrated as below to diagnose a vehicle:


5.3 Resetting (Only applies to CRP129 Premium)
In addition to amazing & powerful diagnostic function, Code Reader Scanner CRP129P also features Oil / Service lamp reset. There are two methods to reset service lamp: Manual reset or Auto reset. Auto reset follows the principle of sending command from CRP129 Premium to vehicle’s ECU to do resetting. While using manual reset, users just follow the on-screen instructions to select appropriate execution options, enter correct data or values, and perform necessary actions, the system will guide you through the complete performance for various service operations.

Follow the flowchart shown as below to perform resetting.


5.4 Review
This function is used to review or delete the recorded DTC, Data Streams and Freeze Frame.

CGDI BMW FEM BDC key learn in the dismantling method

CGDI BMW FEM BDC key learn is in the dismantling method instead of OBD method. Then you have to know

the FEM/BDC system location, 95128 IC location, 95256 IC location and Key learning position, read the

detail in the below parts.

1.BMW FEM/ BDC installation location.


2.95128 IC location


3.95256 IC location


4.Key learning position


That’s all.

How to read MSV80 by CGDI Prog BMW Key Programmer

CGDI Prog BMW Key Programmer  is high technical products which mainly performing auto diagnosis, key programming and security maintenance. CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Key Programmer support CAS1, CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+, CAS4 /CAS 4+/FEM/BDC key programming and all key lost.


CGDI-Prog BMW MSV80 Main Function:

Auto diagnose
Security maintenance

Language: English/Chinese

Latest software version: V1.0.02

Update Online: (same manufacturer as CG100 airbag reset device)

Warranty: 1 year

CGDI Prog on OBD2TOOL support model list :

1.BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/FEM/BDC key increasing matching,KEY all lost matching,CAS computer replace,CAS3+/P4X above version can directly downgrade by OBD in 5 minus 100% safety.
2.BMW CAS4/CAS4+/Support key matching,support key all lost matching.
3.Support BMW key inspection,can check key what status in.
4.Support BMW engine computer DME replacement.

5. Support BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85 series OBD read ISN code (no need to spilt computer when matching key)

6. Support BMW key unlock.

CGDI Prog Key Programmer support BMW Model list:

13-2 13-3
How to use CGDI Prog key programmer to read BMW MSV80?

Method 1: can read directly ISN code in the car,please make sure car voltage is 12V above,directly connect OBD to operate–time about 5 minus.

Methods 2: can directly split engine computer (DME) to operate–connect diagram as follows:

MSV80/D80/D85/wiring in the experimental bench.

Note: FEM/BDC function is added to CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programming machine (Aug. 2017) ! If you device only supports BMW CAS1,CAS2,CAS3 CAS4 /CAS 4+ , you can pay for 175USD for FEM,BDC authorization.

How to Program Maserati Quattroporte 2004 All Keys Lost

A Maserati Quattroporte 2004 owner has lost all keys, straight remote key. Here is the locksmith solution on how to program a new key.

First try some OBD2 key programmers, SKP900, OBDSTAR X300, all failed. You have to remove BDM to write key.


Main steps:
1.Remove BDM

Quattroporte BDM is located under the dashboard. Open the shell, find out and locate CPU.


Xprog-M box higher version and VVDI Prog do have this cpu listed, but don’t have connection pinout. Spent a long time to analyse the CPU External alignment and finally connected it. It requires technical skills as well.

Read MC9S12 MCU eeprom via Xprog

Read eeprom data and save it.

9-3 9-4

2 Write key.

Key Programmer options: TM100,FLY FVDI2 or OBD Terminator
Example by using FLY OBD Terminator

Open Tag key tool to write key


TAG key tool has similar menu as VVDI2
Select region Europe, Quattroporte,Quattroporte,2004-9S12

Upload eeprom

TAG software will display original key data
select a unused key position

place an ID48 into coil to write key


It will generate new key data.
Re-write the new key data back to CPU.
Reinstall BDM and start key with the new chip key.



If you need to program remote ,you can enter Fiat system and follow screen prompts to program.

How to Install & Use FVDI2 Based Diagnostic software V1.7 for VAG

This blog will guide you on how to install FVDI2 software V1.7 and how to use the software to read DTCs.

Part1: Installation

O.S: Windows XP (SP2 or later) Professional Version, Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8 Professional

Insert CD and open software V1.7


Select language English and click [OK]


Click Next and Install


Installing, wait for a while…


At the end of the installation, it will pop out the interface of selecting setup language, click [OK] to continue


Then setup FVDI2 J2534 Driver, click [Next] and [install] to setup


Setup FTDI CDM Driver, click [Extract]


Click [Next]


Select [I accept this agreement] and click [Next]


Successfully setup the driver, click on [Finish]


Completing FVDI2 V1.7 software setup, click on [Finish]


Part2: Diagnosis

First of all, connect FVDI 2 with laptop. Picture shown as follow:


Right click Computer-> Manage->Device Manager->Ports(COMS&LPT)

The USB Serial Port is COM4


Then open [FVDI2 Based Software] on the desktop

Select [FVDI2] on the top menu, click VW icon and wait…


Select version V24.0 and click on [close]


Wait for a while, it is connecting to the interface


Click on vehicle selection

Select Standard scan for modules and you can choose vehicle types now


Engine Control module-> open


Read DTCs


The different between Launch CRP129 Premium and LAUNCH CRP123 Premium OBD2 Code Reader

The LAUNCH CRP123 Premium and CRP129 Premium are the new solution for car owners and services for express-diagnostics, with the maximum possibilities at relatively low cost.



For models LAUNCH CRP 123 / 129 Premium device capabilities allows read and erase error codes with explanations, read the current data on the four basic systems of the car – engine, transmission, ABS (ESP, DSC) , Airbag (SRS) , and for LAUNCH CRP129 Premium are offered additional features for programming and service intervals resetting, some basic adaptations for the main important functions and ability of diagnostic of the system EPB (electronic parking brake) / SBC (Sensotronic brake control module).


Solution CRP129 Premium is especially useful for small services, service reception points and body/repair services for express-diagnostics depending on the requirements to the level of diagnostics, and low-cost LAUNCH CRP123 Premium is suitable even for private use of individuals who have some of their own cars. Little size equipment allows to take it easily with you or express mechanic and make right on the road preliminary diagnosis. Easy and intuitive menu allows using it to anyone, even a service mechanic or private person.


LAUNCH CRP123 Premium / 129 Premium Support Car List:
CRP129 车型

If you are interesting in buy LAUNCH CRP 123 / 129 Premium, Please Link to :

LAUNCH X431 ICARSCAN VS M-Diag VS Idiag VS Easydiag

Launch X431 ICarScan for Android/IOS with  5 car software and  3 specica function software free .


Launch Icarscan is a professional automotive diagnosis tool which manufactured by LAUNCH company. This is a specially designed auto code reader.ICarScan is a smart phone based vehicle OBD2 and full sysatem diagnostic tool designed with the professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts in mind.

There are 5 reasons for you to getLaunch Icarscan :

1.Launch IcarscanBuild-in bluetooth, easily connects with Android/IOS smart phone and tablet. The device is small and portable, yet powerful enough to rival its competitors.

2.Launch Icarscanreplacement OBD2 Code Reader LAUNCH X431 IDIAG , LAUNCH X431 Easydiag and LAUNCH M-Diag. Users have the option to purchase manufacturer spceific carline software based on their needs. LAUNCH ICARSCAN Support the generic OBD, CAN bus, and proprietary protocols of over 70 car manufacturers and 2, 500 car models. 8 free brand of software for your selection:5 car line choice(fullfunction software), 3 special function software choice. If you need more other softwares, pls buy it from APP store.


3.Launch IcarscanSupport Special Functions like RESET SAS, RESET BMS, RESET BLEED, RESET BRAKE, RESET DPF, RESET ETS, RESET GEAR, IMMO & key programming, RESET INJEC, RESET OIL, RESET TPMS and so on.

4.Launch IcarscanSupport Multi-Language:English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian. You can choice the language by yourself.

5.Launch Icarscan (M-diag) Update Software Online. You can free to download any 5 software with 3 special functions in any time.


Lonsdor K518 Program Mazda3 Alexa 2017 Smart Key

Guide to add smart key and program all keys lost on a Mazda3 Alexa 2017 by Lonsdor K518 key programmer via OBD.

Key information:

Chip type: special smart card

Frequency: 433MHz

Pin code: No

Remote generation: smart key programming completed will generate remote automatically

Device to program: Lonsdor K518ISE (English version of K518)

OBD location: Under the steering wheel

19-2 19-3

1: Add smart key

Connect K518 from host with vehicle via diagnostic socket

Select Immobilizer->Mazda->Alexa


K518 read part number


Turn ignition switch to ON position


K518 identified key programmed: 2


Stick the non-registered smart key on the Start button



Automatic model please step on the pedal brake

Manual model please step on the clutch



Identify key programmed: 3


Turn ignition OFF

All programmed key must perform following operations:

Step on pedal brake, press on Start button with remote key with car logo mark and start turn IGN ON

Turn IGN OFF after 3s


Program success


1: All keys lost

Connect K518ISE host with vehicle via diagnostic socket

Select Immobilizer->Mazda->Alexa


K518 read part number

Require at least 2 keys

Turn ignition ON. If cannot switch ignition on, please press on Cancel button



Key programmed:3




Lonsdor K518ISE identified key programmed: 0


Turn ignition OFF


Hold non-registered smart key in hand


Turn ignition ON

Stick 1st smart key with logo on the Start button



Key programmed:1


Turn ignition off

Hold non-registered smart key in hand

Turn ignition ON

Stick 2nd smart key with logo on the Start button



Key programmed: 2


Turn ignition OFF

All programmed key must perform following operations:

Step on pedal brake, press on Start button with remote key with car logo mark and start turn IGN ON

Turn IGN OFF after 3s

Program success.