Program Renault LODGY All Key Lost by Autel IM508 / 608

Used Autel IM508 / IM608 to perform Renault LODGY Add & All Key Lost via OBD with no pincode needed.

Tap “MaxiIM” and then “IMMO”.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-1 (2)
Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-2 (2)

Click on “Accept” and then “Auto detect”.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-3 (2)

VIN information is acquired.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-4 (2)

Choose “UCH(Johnson Controls)” and “Yes” to confirm the vehicle information.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-5 (2)
Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-6 (2)

Choose “Immo status scan”.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-7 (2)

Choose “NO of key 1” and then “Immo learning”.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-8 (2)


You must turn off the Bluetooth function of the device and connect VCI to diagnostic tool with USB cable, otherwise the function may fail.

Choose “Key programming”.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-9 (2)

Switch hazards ON and ignition OFF.

Pin reading on process, it will take few minutes.

Please keep network stable, and then we got our pin.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-10 (2)

Insert key to match.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-11 (2)

Programming successful.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-12 (2)

Remove key. Insert next key. Switch ignition on.

Programming successfully soon.

If need more key, continue the process.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-13 (2)

Now check key to start.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-14 (2)

You can see: Number of registered key is 2.

Program-Renault-LODGY-All-Key-Lost-by-Autel-IM508-IM608-15 (2)

Alright, job is done.

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