Program Jeep Compass Smart keys lost via Autel IM508

Question: I have a car model 2012 Jeep Compass Sport VIN: 1C4NJCBAXCD6xxxxx, Pontiac G6 2008 (USA) Skim Key Code ( Immo Code) that is showing as an issue.  This vehicle is made in the USA.  Can you tell me if the IM608 Autel Tool will work on my vehicle?  In terms of the IMMO for lost keys, key replacement, programming of the module / remotes, read the pin for the remotes?  I think one of the keys is bad, or the module is bad.  Also, if I replace the IMMO Module can the Autel IM508 set the vin number to that new module in terms of programming the module and what are the functions of the IMMO- specifically?

I am just looking for a tool that has at least the scanner, and (25+) Service functions, MOSTLY (IMMO) inclusive.

Autel Chief engineer replied:

Please visit the official site to select product model IM508 (IMMO), Jeep (NA), compass (NA is the abbreviation for North America):

You will see Compass year, system, tested functions ( add key, all keys lost, read password, remote learning) and the last list is IMMO part replacement.


What’s more, here is one test report for your reference:


Plug Autel MaxiIM IM508 into the OBD2 port the Jeep Compass, and then turn on ignition on.


(Image is IM100, it is as the previous version of IM508 Key Programming Tool

Select Jeep -> Smart Mode


It says if it is old pre 2006 model, please give priority selection to “Manual Selection” or “System Selection”, click on “Yes”.

Establishing vehicle communication.

Select “Smart key”.


It says “Turn the ignition off and turn on the emergency flashers”.

Establishing vehicle communication.

Read out password successfully.

Click “OK”


Select “Keyless system (CAN)”.


Establishing vehicle communication.

Select “Key Learning”.


Select “Add key”.


Please place the smart key on the central lock (near the shift bar), make sure the ignition is OFF.

Make sure all wireless devices (laptops, cell phones, other fob keys) are not close to the smart key being programmed.

Make sure the doors are closed.

The procedure will add a new smart key WITHOUT erasing the programmed.

Notice: the new key must be the OEM smart key (with 4A chip) of the current model.

Here we will use Xhorse smart key.


Key number of key: 3

Click on “OK” to continue.


Finally, successfully added.


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